Monday, October 24, 2016

Felt good

Well I took fish trap again to the end where the bridge should be...came back and hit the 3rd phase and found out that course is a hair longer than taking creepy road north.  It is a very brutal hilly extension to my original 5.  Legs felt strong but I worked them to the point of cramping up so I know I had to have burned some calories.  Had a little late start but it was worth picking katelyn up from tennis to take her to ROTC drill.  Even if she got a little stressed that I pulled into the wrong entrance at the High School.  Wonder if she will remember if she ever reads this... Sorry Kate  ;)

Well my weight is staying consistently at 225 at a high and 222 for a low.  Hopefully this week will be better.  Good choices...Good choices... Good choices

Sunday, October 23, 2016


I have a sore butt.  Wasn't sure if I was gonna ride this morning since I was sick all day yesterday...pollen.  But it was such a nice morning I just had to.  Weather is a cool 60F and the roads were almost traffic free.  Ended up taking fish trap up to the highway since the road is now open.  Surprised it was 7 miles round trip.  I briefly thought about heading back on the north side of providence but wanted to see what the distance was first with this route.  Next time I may hit it, or if the lake is people free I may get that in for an extra mile.  Could be a full 10 miles if I do both...or close to it.  Well, may wash and wax subi.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Manic Monday

Apparently I didn't get the memo to stay home after work...apparently it's aim for cyclist day.  Didn't get upset just tried to stay out of everyones way.  Way too tired to get into a fist fight today.  Maybe tomorrow.

Well I was in ICT last week so no riding.  This past weekend we had a bunch of folks over to celebrate Randy's birthday.  Great steaks, drinks and company.  Then we went to the goodbye party for Flexjet.  Didn't care to stay long and honestly could have avoided the whole evening.

So it's Monday and work was slow.  Felt terrible all day, just so tired from this weekend.  Looking forward to not entertaining the whole community for several weeks to come.  Just gonna lay low and ride.  My weight was 225 this morning.  I'm sure I'm still dehydrated as it'll certainly be up next time I weight in.  That's ok, I've done pretty well.