Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bike Riding

Garmin Connect

Not a bad ride.  Supposed to be a night off but I had enough energy from the drive home to push a workout.  Pretty drained throughout the ride and I know I'll be hurting tomorrow.  Suppose to do 8 tomorrow at the greenbelt....ugh.  That's gonna be tough.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Well, do I change the title of my blog to "used to run"?  Went to the doc last Wednesday and he basically stated my running days are over and I need a new hip.  Short and sweet.  I have scheduled a second opinion with one of the finest doctors in Dallas, Aug 4th.  The doc was able to give me a shot in the hip which was absolutely brutal however seemed to make things a bit better.

Friday, July 3rd we went and bought mountain bikes...our (well definitely my) new hobby.  We've ridden just a few times and I'm starting to get more comfortable on it.  However the farthest we've ridden has been 6 miles and only on the streets of Providence.  Hopefully this Friday we can get up to the greenbelt.  It's flat but at least it's gravel.

Here's to new challenges and starting over again.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Since my last post I haven't ran but once.  Something happened in December that caused pain and discomfort in my left hip.  Even today the pain is pretty bad.  I have seen plenty of doctors and chiropractors throughout the year.  Last week I had an MRI done and all I got from the nurse was osteoathritis and excessive fluid in the hip.  I see a hip specialist this coming Wednesday.  I really hope my running career isn't over but with everything I've read online... I need to find a new hobby, maybe biking.  Who knows...

Well I'm at work and I'm about to load 14 passengers on a private jet...once it arrives from California.