Sunday, January 27, 2013

8 with Kelley by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

8 with Kelley by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

This weekend was a little different.  Friday we had some fun, then I went and listened to karaoke up at Joey's.  Yesterday was a "read the book" morning followed by a record setting Providence 5.   Jacob had day two of the Denton Ryan freshman baseball team.  We won't know until tomorrow if he's made the team.  Trying not to think about it too much, since that doesn't do any good, but really hope he makes the team.  We pretty much chilled out yesterday until 8, when we went to Wade and Jen's and played cards till Midnight.  We slept in, woke up around 8 and hit the pavement shortly later.

What started out like a separate run for us turned out to be a very connected 8.  I do love running with Kelley and times like this morning where I force myself to slow down really hit the spot.  I was able to kick in a good pace the last couple hundred yards..and to be honest I've very surprised I felt that strong.  And I don't mean fast, I mean a controllable strong.

So as I write this, not knowing what today will bring and drinking a crappy banana creme flavored muscle milk, I think how stinky I must be...even the dogs aren't coming around.  Time to shower.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 3

Treadmill run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

So far so good.  Starting to feel good knowing the alcohol is out of my system.  Ran a few miles yesterday and 5 today on the treadmill.  I've been watching my food intake and if I continue to keep doing what I'm doing I'll be in good shape for the summer.

My right hip is starting to hurt.  Very odd because it's not in the front, but in the back section of the hip bone.  Not quite sure where this is coming from, but it's very uncomfortable.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 1

Ok, so after a month of drinking after work and on the weekend I'm starting Day 1 of clean living.  The only challenge I see is the trips to Wichita in Feb and Mar. Today's run was very challenging to get started.  Most parts of me just wanted to cover up and sit in the recliner.  It was my will to begin Day 1 that got me out there.  The weather was a perfect 45 degrees and the sun was out strong.  I listened to Run 2013 playlist, currently only 8 songs, and switch back to Run 2012.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 on the treadmill by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

5 on the treadmill by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Not too bad of a run on the treadmill.  Watched Weird Science on the iPad at a slow pace.  I had to run, last night we had Happy Hour for Murts departure for Singapore, today we had lunch at a steak and potato place, tomorrow I have lunch at Maggianos and tomorrow night is Happy Hour for the HP's.  Busy week, now if I can accomplish all that, my new job, and still get in 30 miles this week it'll be one hell of an accomplishment.  That's the plan.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Running Lately

5 on the treadmill by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Tonight was a treadmill run after another tough day at the office.   I mean office, because I was able to move into my new office today...four weeks into becoming a manager.  Very challenging day because I only had a Supervisor and two controllers on duty, that's down 50% of my manpower.  Because of that I was limited to just eating my quinoa and black bean salad and my wasabi flavored almonds.  They're tasty but very salty.  So fast forward a few hours where I left at 5:01.  I sat on the ramp at George Bush and the Tollway for what seemed forever and finally merged on the tollway where we moved slowly till I got up to 70 just after 121.  Hit 380 and was fine till I got near Savannah, then it took about 3 cycles of the light to make it through.  All that pain and misery and it only took 45 minutes to get home.  I promptly changed into my running clothes and hit the treadmill.  The sunsets around 6:15 so running outside wasn't an option.
So I ran the 5 miles and watched a movie on the iPad.  So glad my beautiful wife set that up for me.

Ok, so a couple days ago...Saturday, Kelley and I do the 2013 Hotcake Hustle.  I didn't blog afterwards because I had enough beers during the post race party to not really want to.  Not to mention all the other bad drinks I took in that afternoon and night.  Nothing to write home about, just letting off some steam from a very tough week.

So, Kelley ran the race together.  It was one of the best and most relaxing runs we have done together in a very long time, if not ever.  High fives back and forth along the way between us.  I ended up running a PR 46:17.  Now I look back I really wish that damn bridge wasn't there... just imagine.

Ok, ok...Biggest Loser is on.  Gotta go.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

steady run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

steady run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Just a nice steady run to beat my last 14 miler time on the greenbelt. Felt good up until the last couple miles, then I started to tighten up. Pushed it to stay on pace. The good news is when I crossed 13.1, I was only a minute behind my Dallas Half time last month.

Weight was 188 at the finish.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tempo Run

Tempo Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Was able to get in a run after work today. Felt kind of tight at the first mile but was able to keep pushing it till the end. Temps were a perfect 45F with light winds from the north. Will take tomorrow off and try to get in a long run over the weekend.

Holidays are officially over and I'm back eating healthy and drinking healthy.  I'm still tired in the evening if I'm just sitting around.  Give me a pillow anytime after 7 and there's a good chance the next couple hours go by in seconds.  My weight is around 190-191 right now.  So I'm working off the back food and drinks still.  I had a lunch with the Telecom folks and had salmon over saffron rice and veggies, jalapeƱo soup, bread...and cheese cake.  Yeah, could have done without the salmon.  :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

A good tempo run to start 2013. Temps are a brisk 38, wouldn't be so bad if the wind wasn't blowing. I ran into the wind at the beginning so pushing the last couple miles wasn't as tough.

Let's see, my weight is  down from this time last year.  This morning I woke up weighing 192.  I was down to 188 before the holiday season, I can handle 4 pounds.  I kicked off a 4th quarter of sobriety which went well.  Had some fun over the holiday season...hence the 4 pounds...but ready to jump start the period of dryness.  Work, running, and balancing family was a whole lot easier in those 4 months.  

Let see, New Years resolution.  I'm going to run 1500 miles this year and I'm going to embrace my new job and hopefully have it down to a science.