Friday, November 30, 2012

New Shoes

New Shoes by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

New Balance 860 V3 break in run. Had to stop just once to re-lace them but not too bad. Shoes feel taller and because of that my stride seemed odd. Tomorrow I'm running 8 on the trail so we'll see how the body reacts.

Today my weight was 190.0 after work.  I think I broke through the plateau.  We'll see.  All in all everything is going well.  I'm still not consuming alcohol, however I did have a couple drink at Trulucks the other night.  I'm only blogging this as a reminder that just because I had a couple drink doesn't mean my life style has changed.  Boston here I come.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tiring but great Run

Tiring but great Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

You ever get home from work and you're so beat tired you could pass out as soon as your head hits the recliner. Perhaps you were dozing off on the way home from work. But instead of sitting you head to the closet and put on your running gear. You can't stretch too long or you'll change your mind....then you head out and and as soon as you get past the first hundred yards your body wakes up and you seem to have enough energy to run forever. That was me.... Get out and run everybody...wake up.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy 12 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Easy 12 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Got a good slow 12 in this morning.  Had only planned 8 or 10 but decided on a longer run.  It was a cool 28F when I started and 32F finish.  Gotta hurry up, Michigan Ohio State game starting in 7 minutes.  Go Blue!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trot 10K by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Turkey Trot 10K by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Had a good run this morning.  The race itself could have been a lot better.  They started the 10k off and15 minutes started the 5k race.  So at mile 4 they brought both races together.  So when we merged it wasn't with the 5k runners, it was with the 5k walkers....and there were a lot of them.  Pretty much ran on the sidewalk and the dirt outside the streets.  Regardless I was able to set a 10k PR so I couldn't be happier.  Ended up going to Whataburger afterwards with Kelley's brother Joey for our Thanksgiving meal.  Now it's time to kick back and relax.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

14 Miler by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

14 Miler by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

I haven't hit the "wall" in a very long time.  Might fault for trying to reel in a sub 8 min mile on 13.  Felt good thought, last time I ran 14 was Sept 20, 2011 according to Garmin.  But I ran it much slower.  It was cool outside with absolutely no wind and a big sun coming up.  It's gonna be a good day.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Easy Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Easy Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Today was supposed to be one of those days off but due to a big Thanksgiving potluck at work I had to get out and run.  My run today did feel good.  No major issues with the body.  I think a lot has to do with proper stretching before and after my runs.  Not to mention ibuprofen twice a day to reduce swelling.  My weight is going well, this week between 192 and 194.  And come tomorrow it'll be 90 days since I've had a drink.  I really have my sights on Boston.  Nothing will make me happier than getting that blue jacket from Boston.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tempo Run ... fast

Tempo Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Today's run felt great.  Matter of fact, I haven't felt this strong in a couple years.  This was my third straight day of 5+ miles and I didn't think I had much since yesterday's tempo run.  Turned out the cool weather and the Pei Wei lunch with Kelley was a good combination.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Back from Nassau

Back from Nassau by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

I didn't run once this past week while in the Bahamas.  I used evernote while I was there and below is my post, that way I have a back up the trip.

I arrived Nov 6th into Nassau around 1400. The trip getting here was tiresome. Kelley and I woke up around 4 and left the house about ten after 5. After getting through security I ended up walking around the airport to kill some time. We boarded onetime and the departure was about 20 minutes later than scheduled. 

We arrived into Miami at 12:20 and being in seat 35D I was challenged. I had to get off the plane, which I finally did at 12:40, and get from gate D1 to D60. There are only gates D1-D60 in the main terminal at Miami. Thankfully I found a tram and got to my gate just as the doors were closing. We departed a little late but arrived into Nassau about 20-30 minutes early. 

Customs was a breeze and I had no problems finding my shuttle which was packed. The journey to the hotel was about 45 minutes of misery. People drive carelessly on the left side of the road. The steering wheel is on the left as well. Still thanking God I didn't rent a car. 

My section, the beach tower, was the last stop. I hustled and got checked in, got to my room and set out for some food. Nothing in my tower had food available. I ended up walking forever to find a burger joint. The burger wasn't bad and the conch soup was pretty tasty. I only ate a few fries. They were large fat fries but I knew that burger was gonna cost me in calories. 

I came back to the room unpacked. Spoke with Kelley for a bit and decided to walk off that burger. I found our meeting location for the event in the casino. Kelley packed me a 20 before I left and after the airport coffee I was down to 15 bucks, all in 5's. I played three different slot machines sticking a 5 dollar bill in each one with one dollar pulls. On the third slot machine and my last pull I finally won something. I would have taken my 15 dollars back but the payout was 152 bucks. Didn't even make another pull. Cashed out and found a Starbucks. I rejoiced with pricey coffee. Kelley was amused.  

So that brings me to today, Nov 7th. I woke up at 6 this morning, showered and headed out for some picture taking. Then to Starbucks for breakfast and to the room for a chat with Kelley. It's almost 9 here and at 10 I have to be down at the casino to meet up with the events coordinator. 

Today I met up with Chris Hogas who works for MAS out in Palm Beach. After finding Milo stuck with the hotel staff we got her upstairs and set up. And after dealing with a hotel power issue we had her up and running. This afternoon went by quickly. I ended up walking around Atlantis to another hotel restaurant for dinner. Had conch fritters and a club soda. On the way back I stopped for ice cream and Starbucks. Humm, laying in bed watching a movie (men in black series) waiting for tomorrow. Kelley and the kids are eating shrimp at prairie house. 

Well the event went well. Met lots of folks and took lots of pictures/videos. Oh, and I ate some great food. Friday night I must have had 8 lobster tail halves, a dozen shrimp, and some pretty neat dessert. 
Saturday was pack up day for me. After putting Milo in its storage home I got the kids souvenirs and relaxed in my room. Currently it's Sunday morning and I've checked out. I have a little less than 4 hours till my shuttle picks me up at Coral Towers. 

Well I took an early shuttle to the airport and was able to get on an earlier flight to Miami. However I'm stuck in Miami till my 7 clock flight. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

3 miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

3 miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

I was supposed to take today off, but since I'll be out of town next week why not get another few miles in.  It's been a good week of running and I'm sure my muscles are looking forward to taking some time to heal.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

12 Miles...30 for the week

12 Miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

A pain in my right calf since Thursday's run had me a little apprehensive to run 12 today. At mile 2 it really started to tighten up and by mile 3 there was a pain shooting up my right hamstring. It was either push through it or turn around, but the thought of heading home seemed sickening. I was able to pull up on my right toes before coming down and that seems to relieve some of the pain. But as soon as I hit mile 6 it was time to stop and stretch before turning around. Sat about 5 minutes stretching and taking my goo. Started my track back and instantly had a horrible right calf pain. I almost came to a screeching halt but pushed through. While I had been stretching there was another runner with an 08 Dallas White Rock shirt starting his run. After almost stopping for my calf I looked up and saw him about a half a mile in front of me. I stepped it up to see if changing my stride would cause the pain to subside. Finally some relief but I was running an 8:30 pace. So for the next couple miles I pushed to catch up to him, which I finally did. Then I backed off because I was running out of steam. So the last 4 miles was tough, painful but rewarding. I was on the ground by the card stretching when a lady came up and asked if I was alright....