Sunday, September 30, 2012

A run with Kelley

A run with Kelley by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

It's raining this mildly cool September day.  Kelley and I got out for 6 miles in it and it was absolutely amazing out there.  If my back pain, knees and hips hadn't been bothering me I may have stayed out there with her.  Good stuff.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Am I sick? And am I about to do the Vineyard 5k

I believe so. It's allergy season and for the past few days I've been taking typical meds to dry me up and keep me as a walking zombie all day. This morning I woke up with pain in my chest which intensifies as I cough. So sneezing, coughing, runny nose... But this morning I'm pushing this out of my mind as its raining over the entire DFW area. Some would say I'm nuts but I say I'm a runner. I'll post back after the race. It's an hour drive.

Well, I finished.  So for breakfast I had two pieces of toast with Almond Butter, a cup of coffee with it and a thermos of coffee for the road.  I popped two ibuprofen and my BP pill.  I ended up running a 23:24 which is a little less than 20 seconds faster than last week.  I started in the front on this race compared to Oktoberfest.  Part of me new I shouldn't have been that close to the front but managed to keep up the first half of a mile, then I backed it off.  Ran strong up the hills and coasted on the down hills.  Was really pleased with my kick at the end, I left nothing in the tank.

Vineyard 5k

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Location:Grapevine Texas

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two days before 5k #2

Two days before 5k #2 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday is the Vineyard 5k in Grapevine, the 2nd 5k in this best of 3 I have scheduled.  I'm taking tomorrow and Friday off and hopefully I'll kick this cold in time.  Today's run was short but tiresome.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drowsy 5

Tiring 5 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Tough run today.  Looks like it's allergy season here and I've been feeling like crap all day.  I took a pill around lunch which helped the head but wore me out.  I was able to squeeze in 5 but my throat and mouth dried up and I had no water.  It doesn't help that it's 93 outside.

I'm in wiring training in Addison and we've been getting out early this week.  Trying to take advantage of the free time.

H93° L70°


    • TODAY
    • HIGH93°
    • LOW70°
    • HIGH93°
    • LOW69°
    • HIGH92°
    • LOW69°
    • FRIDAY
    • HIGH85°
    • LOW66°
    • HIGH84°
    • LOW63°

  • Tomorrow: Some clouds in the morning will give way to mainly sunny skies for the afternoon. Hot. High 93F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph.

  • Tomorrow night: A few clouds. Low 69F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph.

  • Sunday, September 23, 2012

    10 Miles

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    No bobcats, no snakes, and no deer.  Just one squirrel.  This morning started out with a couple guys in the beginning of the trail asking me which trail is for runners.  I love talking to the new folks.  I quickly explained the route and hazards and got on my way.  Started out running around 8:45 pace.  Knowing it was way too fast after running a 5k yesterday I reeled it in to around 9 flat.  From there out, every time I looked at my watch i was running an 8:45 pace so I left it alone.  Ran into the North Texas college cross country runners, man they're fast.  All in all I was very surprised at the run.  For a second....or two, I contemplated running the 12.  Glad I didn't.  I'm not ready for her yet.  On the way back around mile 9 my right knee was starting to stiffen up and swell.  A good couple stretches and I was fine.  My pinched nerve in the back was still a pain in the ass, causing me to change my stride...causing my right knee to swell.

    Saturday, September 22, 2012

    Oktoberfest 2012

    Oktoberfest 2012 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details
    Had a good run this morning.  Bobby Folsom drove over and we carpooled to Addison together.  I'm real happy with my run, I had no idea I could run under 24 this soon.  As far as drinking, it wasn't too difficult to not have one.  Bobby got through 4 and it was good seeing him have a good time.  I've been home for a couple of hours.  Kelley and Jacob are at a Denton ROTC and Katelyn is with mom.  Quiet house.  Can't seem to find anything to do.
    I have been craving extra food today.  Guess the run did wear me out.

    Location:Addison, Texas ,United States

    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    A weak couple before Sat's 5k (Oktoberfest)

    A weak couple before Sat's 5k (Oktoberfest) by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    My weight was down to 204.9 this morning.  I started at 218 just over a month ago.  Progressing well and trying not to rush things.  I'll be unable to get out for a long run for the next three weeks due to the upcoming series of 5k's.  Oktoberfest, The Vineyard Run, and Blakes Memorial 5k in Honey Grove.  Looking forward to all but the vineyard run.  That's the only free one and it's in the middle of the pack, not to mention that last hill is a bitch.   For those reading from Colorado or Kentucky then it'll be more like a small incline, but for us Texan's we call it a bitch of a hill.

    Today's run was difficult.  I have a pinched nerve, or a bad pain in my lower back.  Today is Kelley's birthday and we went out for Korean for lunch.  So between the bloating from the food and the pinched nerve it was a slow start today.  Happy Birthday sweetheart!

    Monday, September 17, 2012

    An easy couple

    An easy couple by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    A cloudy 80 degrees this afternoon.  I thought it might be possible to get 5 in, but ran out of energy early into the run.  Not to mention I followed a garbage truck through the community.  If that doesn't just stink.  Anyway, I missed my 2pm trail mix today and settled for an almond butter toast before the joy.  I'm having a work lunch and work dinner tomorrow followed by work Golf on Wednesday.  So Thursday will be my next run followed by Oktoberfest Saturday morning.  Do I run 5 on Thursday or take it light?  Not sure.  Sunday will be at the trail but who knows how far.  My weight this morning was 206.9 but after work, before my run was 205.7.  I know it's supposed to fluctuate, it's just nice to see it down.  I am starting to be able to bend over a whole lot better to tie them shoelaces.  No drinking is still working out.

    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    5 Mile Tempo

    5 Mile Tempo by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    I was supposed to do 10 today but it's raining.  I did turn a 5 miler into a tempo run which felt good.  I haven't ran that strong in a very long time.  I'm currently 206 pounds, still up 41 pounds from where I will be hopefully by this time next year.  I haven't had a drink in over a month and I think I'm starting to return to normal.  My attitude is improving.... Next week is Oktoberfest and I may be running it with Bobby, we'll see if he actually registers.

    Saturday, September 15, 2012

    Providence Garage Sale Run

    Providence Garage Sale Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    The population of our community, Providence, is over 5000. Twice a year the community holds a garage sale and each year as long as I've been running I've ventured out in the streets to take my chances of running with those hoping to get that morning bargain. It's sort of like running with the bulls in Spain, only the bulls have a sense of where they're running. Watching these people is comic and a little scary. Today was one of those days. I survived another garage sale at Providence...

    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    An Easy 4...finally cooling off

    Untitled by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    I was beat tired when I got home today but a quick power nap got me going...not to mention it's 79 degrees outside.  Summer is finally over in Texas.  It's supposed to rain tonight thru Saturday so I'm switching my long run till Sunday and just hitting a few on Saturday.  Today felt good but I'm sure I could use another nap.

    You know it's funny.  I spent all day reading some old blogs I've posted and almost everyone I've posted is so damn negative.  I mean really, is there not a day that is so freakin awesome that I want to put manly smiley faces all over the place.  Not sure why there isn't.  I suppose work, family and life is ultimately the toughest sport.


    Best run ever? DRC in 2009, that's when I broke through 1:40 in the half marathon.

    3 words that describe your running? strong, cocky, breathtaking

    Your go-to running outfit? i prefer long sleeves, just means its cool outside

     Quirky habit while running? touching my thumb to each finger as I'm running strong, it relaxes me

     Morning, midday, evening? Morning on weekends and afternoon after work.  Won't catch me out there early before work.

    I won’t run outside when it’s _____? windy...i can run in heat, cold and rain but heavy winds are depressing.

    Worst injury—and how you got over it.  Right hip pain from over training. 

    I felt most like a badass runner when _________?  I win my age group

    Next race is __________? Sept 22, 2012  Oktoberfest 5k

    Potential running goal for 2013? Hummm, tough one.  not answering it out of fear of failure....ok, fine... getting back under a 1:40 in the half marathon.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    After two days off...blah

    After two days off...blah by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Took off Monday due to an afternoon of golf and also Tuesday because I had a after hours work event. So, today I thought I'd get in a good 5 miles. Well I got in 5 miles but nothing relatively good about it. I missed my afternoon snack so I'm sure that didn't help, it was 93F outside and I was severely dehyrdrated from having Texas de Brazil last night for dinner. If you've never been there its like eating a pound of salt. Anyway...I ran.

    Sunday, September 9, 2012

    Great Weekend

    Finished hard by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Yesterday I was able to get in an 8 miler while crossing paths with a bobcat.  Today I just ran an easy few and squeezed in 20 for the week.

    Posted on Garmin
    "Just thought I'd take it easy since yesterday's 8 ended with an 8:05 final mile.  However with less than a mile to go I figured I'd stretch it out since I felt great.  I was able to turn a 7:32 the last six tenths of a mile.  Not too bad.   "

    Thursday, September 6, 2012

    Lake and back

    Lake and back by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Day 3 of 3 in this Texas heat.  Today I felt a lot better than yesterday and a little better than Tuesday's run.  Almost effortless in this heat but still glad I brought a water bottle.  Heart rate was on par with what I expected.  Almost don't want to take tomorrow off but I'm trying to manage 7 or 8 this Saturday, day after tomorrow.

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

    Easy couple in high heat...104F

    Easy couple in high heat...104F by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Just a few more days and we'll have a cold front move in...dropping the highs to 85.  Almost a 20 degree drop.  It'll be nice to get out there and run long again because in this heat there's no way.  Well for my future me, reading my posts, I haven't had a drink in 20 days and I'm down from 218 to 209 pounds in those 20 days.  My running has been going well.  I manage to draw inspiration from movies and other bloggers.  Ok for the past couple weeks I've been having 1 egg, 1 toast with almond butter, acai fruit juice (1/4 cup) and a cold coffee.  Meetings all morning and if I can squeeze in a snack before lunch I do.  If not, which has been the norm lately, a sandwich and fruit for lunch at 12.  Between 2 and 3 I have a pack of mixed nuts then come home and run.  Eat dinner 4 hours or more of bed time.  Haven't been hungry and finally the weight is coming off.  Oh, one more thing.  Lots of water...I don't get dehydrated after my run.

    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    Almost 4

    Almost 4 miles.. 103F outside by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    It's been a good few days.  Last Saturday I was able to get in 7 miles and Sunday another hard 3.  Yesterday, Labor Day, Kelley and I took off.  Kudos to you honey for the 5 and 3 that you did over the weekend.  This week the temps are a 104 each afternoon until Saturday and Sunday where it's suppose to be a high of mid 80's.  So, if I can run tomorrow and Thursday and hit this weekend hard I may get 20 in...we'll see.