Sunday, December 30, 2012

Speed Work

Speed Work 6 X 1 Minute Sprints by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

A brisk 28 degrees outside. Today I did my scheduled 5k. I'm much faster than the last time I did speed work...which was a long time ago. I targeted my second set to be my fastest and I managed to push a good 5:08 pace for that 60 seconds. Well this is probably my last run of the year. I'm hoping to get out for a long run on New Years.

Picture taken last night.  It's the end of year shot of us.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Too icy to run outside

Too icy to run outside by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

It snowed quite a bit yesterday causing the roads to ice over. Going to and coming from work was so much fun. Crazy day at work thanks to the promotion and even though I hate treadmills, it was nice to get a run in. I was pretty tight and it seemed to take forever running three miles

Monday, December 24, 2012

Double Workout by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Double Workout by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Got in a little over 5 miles around Providence then headed over to meet Kelley at the community gym. Didn't do much, cycled for 20 minutes then hit the weights for arms and abs.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Great morning for a run

Great morning for a run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Temps started out at 30F this morning and ended at a warm 55F. A good 16 mile run on a nice sunny morning to think about this past work week. For those who don't aren't familiar with the 380 greenbelt it's a State maintained trail that snakes from HIghway 380 to Lake Ray Roberts. The trail runs along a stream frequently occupied by canoes. The trail itself is home to all sorts of wild life and today all I saw were deer and squirrels. I've ran across armadillos, snakes and even one bobcat. As far as my run, it went well. I tightened up the last few miles. I went through a short audio book, a podcast and remainder of the run listening to U2.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Out of Gas

Out of Gas by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Today was 5 straight days of running and I didn't have anything left in the tank. So I took it real easy and got through it. Not quite sure if it's the 5 days personally or whatever it is in the air around here. I've felt rather fatigued all week. Oh well, I've got 5 days off starting Friday. I can relax then.... or train harder. We'll see.

Friday, December 14, 2012

After 5 days of recovery...

Garmin Connect

I didn't run yesterday, ended up going to Del Frisco in Dallas for dinner.  I had a 22oz ribeye and it must have been one of the best steaks I've ever had.  I ordered it rare as the waitress advised medium rare was a touch of pink.  Hell my medium rare has always been bloody but cooked.  Well when the steak came out there was no blood at all.  The center was rare but the meat looked as it was cured.  The outside was cooked nicely and it tasted amazing.  I need to figure out how they cook it.

Anyway, work is going crazy.  Lots of big changes happening at work.  I'm not blogging about it just in case somebody at work actually reads this stuff but I think it's exciting.  Then again, I find running a marathon exciting.

Today's run was good.  It was cloudy and a cool 52 degrees F.  My hamstrings were very tight the last little bit and as I'm typing this an hour after finishing my calfs are pretty tight.  I may just settle for creek and back tomorrow morning.  We'll see.

In regards to my weight and drinking.  I have been drinking a little but only outside the house.  I had one beer and a few glasses of wine during dinner.  It was nice coming home and not want to stay up and continue the fun.  It was time for bed.  However, I did get up throughout the night for water.  Not sure if they was the wine or the salted cured steak.  After my run this morning I was 187.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

After two recovery days

After two recovery days by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Training has resumed... I probably could have waited another couple days. I felt good out there this cool afternoon. My legs were really fatigued but my lungs felt great. Tomorrow is an off day and I may put in 5 on Friday since I'm on vacation. We'll see.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dallas Half Marathon

Dallas Half Marathon by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

It was a warm and humid morning in Dallas. Temps were around 70 from start to finish. There is probably only one word that describes my run today, cautious. About mile 6 I started to lose steam...well let me back up. Around mile 3 I went to get around a couple folks and felt sluggish. So, mile 6 started to slow down. By mile 7 I was breathing heavy and felt weak. Ended up taking a gel at the next water station and stood there while I drank 3 cups of water. After that it was slow and steady. I did walk the remaining water stops but that was pretty much it. My last half was well over 2 hours so I should stop complaining.

Tim Brown (bib: 11014)

     Gun Time: 01:52:50 Chip Time: 01:51:38

     Providence Village TX
     Half M 35-39

     Overall Place: 903
     Age: 38
     Zip: 76227
     Country: US
     Gen Place: 691
     Tot Div: 9191
     Tot Gend: 4186
     Tot AG: 655
     5K Rank: 726
     5K : 25:09
     10K Rank: 671
     10K : 50:12
     15K Rank: 838
     15K : 1:18:14
     Final 3.8 Rank: 903
     Final 3.8 : 1:51:38
     Total Pace: 8:31/M

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Shoes

New Shoes by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

New Balance 860 V3 break in run. Had to stop just once to re-lace them but not too bad. Shoes feel taller and because of that my stride seemed odd. Tomorrow I'm running 8 on the trail so we'll see how the body reacts.

Today my weight was 190.0 after work.  I think I broke through the plateau.  We'll see.  All in all everything is going well.  I'm still not consuming alcohol, however I did have a couple drink at Trulucks the other night.  I'm only blogging this as a reminder that just because I had a couple drink doesn't mean my life style has changed.  Boston here I come.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tiring but great Run

Tiring but great Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

You ever get home from work and you're so beat tired you could pass out as soon as your head hits the recliner. Perhaps you were dozing off on the way home from work. But instead of sitting you head to the closet and put on your running gear. You can't stretch too long or you'll change your mind....then you head out and and as soon as you get past the first hundred yards your body wakes up and you seem to have enough energy to run forever. That was me.... Get out and run everybody...wake up.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy 12 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Easy 12 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Got a good slow 12 in this morning.  Had only planned 8 or 10 but decided on a longer run.  It was a cool 28F when I started and 32F finish.  Gotta hurry up, Michigan Ohio State game starting in 7 minutes.  Go Blue!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trot 10K by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Turkey Trot 10K by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Had a good run this morning.  The race itself could have been a lot better.  They started the 10k off and15 minutes started the 5k race.  So at mile 4 they brought both races together.  So when we merged it wasn't with the 5k runners, it was with the 5k walkers....and there were a lot of them.  Pretty much ran on the sidewalk and the dirt outside the streets.  Regardless I was able to set a 10k PR so I couldn't be happier.  Ended up going to Whataburger afterwards with Kelley's brother Joey for our Thanksgiving meal.  Now it's time to kick back and relax.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

14 Miler by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

14 Miler by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

I haven't hit the "wall" in a very long time.  Might fault for trying to reel in a sub 8 min mile on 13.  Felt good thought, last time I ran 14 was Sept 20, 2011 according to Garmin.  But I ran it much slower.  It was cool outside with absolutely no wind and a big sun coming up.  It's gonna be a good day.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Easy Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Easy Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Today was supposed to be one of those days off but due to a big Thanksgiving potluck at work I had to get out and run.  My run today did feel good.  No major issues with the body.  I think a lot has to do with proper stretching before and after my runs.  Not to mention ibuprofen twice a day to reduce swelling.  My weight is going well, this week between 192 and 194.  And come tomorrow it'll be 90 days since I've had a drink.  I really have my sights on Boston.  Nothing will make me happier than getting that blue jacket from Boston.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tempo Run ... fast

Tempo Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Today's run felt great.  Matter of fact, I haven't felt this strong in a couple years.  This was my third straight day of 5+ miles and I didn't think I had much since yesterday's tempo run.  Turned out the cool weather and the Pei Wei lunch with Kelley was a good combination.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Back from Nassau

Back from Nassau by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

I didn't run once this past week while in the Bahamas.  I used evernote while I was there and below is my post, that way I have a back up the trip.

I arrived Nov 6th into Nassau around 1400. The trip getting here was tiresome. Kelley and I woke up around 4 and left the house about ten after 5. After getting through security I ended up walking around the airport to kill some time. We boarded onetime and the departure was about 20 minutes later than scheduled. 

We arrived into Miami at 12:20 and being in seat 35D I was challenged. I had to get off the plane, which I finally did at 12:40, and get from gate D1 to D60. There are only gates D1-D60 in the main terminal at Miami. Thankfully I found a tram and got to my gate just as the doors were closing. We departed a little late but arrived into Nassau about 20-30 minutes early. 

Customs was a breeze and I had no problems finding my shuttle which was packed. The journey to the hotel was about 45 minutes of misery. People drive carelessly on the left side of the road. The steering wheel is on the left as well. Still thanking God I didn't rent a car. 

My section, the beach tower, was the last stop. I hustled and got checked in, got to my room and set out for some food. Nothing in my tower had food available. I ended up walking forever to find a burger joint. The burger wasn't bad and the conch soup was pretty tasty. I only ate a few fries. They were large fat fries but I knew that burger was gonna cost me in calories. 

I came back to the room unpacked. Spoke with Kelley for a bit and decided to walk off that burger. I found our meeting location for the event in the casino. Kelley packed me a 20 before I left and after the airport coffee I was down to 15 bucks, all in 5's. I played three different slot machines sticking a 5 dollar bill in each one with one dollar pulls. On the third slot machine and my last pull I finally won something. I would have taken my 15 dollars back but the payout was 152 bucks. Didn't even make another pull. Cashed out and found a Starbucks. I rejoiced with pricey coffee. Kelley was amused.  

So that brings me to today, Nov 7th. I woke up at 6 this morning, showered and headed out for some picture taking. Then to Starbucks for breakfast and to the room for a chat with Kelley. It's almost 9 here and at 10 I have to be down at the casino to meet up with the events coordinator. 

Today I met up with Chris Hogas who works for MAS out in Palm Beach. After finding Milo stuck with the hotel staff we got her upstairs and set up. And after dealing with a hotel power issue we had her up and running. This afternoon went by quickly. I ended up walking around Atlantis to another hotel restaurant for dinner. Had conch fritters and a club soda. On the way back I stopped for ice cream and Starbucks. Humm, laying in bed watching a movie (men in black series) waiting for tomorrow. Kelley and the kids are eating shrimp at prairie house. 

Well the event went well. Met lots of folks and took lots of pictures/videos. Oh, and I ate some great food. Friday night I must have had 8 lobster tail halves, a dozen shrimp, and some pretty neat dessert. 
Saturday was pack up day for me. After putting Milo in its storage home I got the kids souvenirs and relaxed in my room. Currently it's Sunday morning and I've checked out. I have a little less than 4 hours till my shuttle picks me up at Coral Towers. 

Well I took an early shuttle to the airport and was able to get on an earlier flight to Miami. However I'm stuck in Miami till my 7 clock flight. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

3 miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

3 miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

I was supposed to take today off, but since I'll be out of town next week why not get another few miles in.  It's been a good week of running and I'm sure my muscles are looking forward to taking some time to heal.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

12 Miles...30 for the week

12 Miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

A pain in my right calf since Thursday's run had me a little apprehensive to run 12 today. At mile 2 it really started to tighten up and by mile 3 there was a pain shooting up my right hamstring. It was either push through it or turn around, but the thought of heading home seemed sickening. I was able to pull up on my right toes before coming down and that seems to relieve some of the pain. But as soon as I hit mile 6 it was time to stop and stretch before turning around. Sat about 5 minutes stretching and taking my goo. Started my track back and instantly had a horrible right calf pain. I almost came to a screeching halt but pushed through. While I had been stretching there was another runner with an 08 Dallas White Rock shirt starting his run. After almost stopping for my calf I looked up and saw him about a half a mile in front of me. I stepped it up to see if changing my stride would cause the pain to subside. Finally some relief but I was running an 8:30 pace. So for the next couple miles I pushed to catch up to him, which I finally did. Then I backed off because I was running out of steam. So the last 4 miles was tough, painful but rewarding. I was on the ground by the card stretching when a lady came up and asked if I was alright....

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

5 easy miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

5 easy miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Can't believe I didn't post this past weekend.  Or did I....guess I should have checked first.  Let's see, I ran the Gary Burns 5k on Saturday.  Here's a link to that run  Garmin Connect - Gary Burns.  Kelley and I woke up around 6 and headed out the door at 7 for a 20 minute drive and an 8:30 start.  The run started out typical, everyone crowded at the front, gun going off, everyone trying to run over everyone else.  The problem with the run was all the high school kids.  Too many to count with no running etiquette.  Anyway, I'm tired of ranting about it...well, not yet.  The course was too long, not 3.1 miles, more like 3.22.   It does make a difference when you've got a kick for only a 100 meters and you rely on your Garmin to judge when to kick.  Ok, now done ranting.

Today's run seemed effortless as I kept my heart rate down.  Finally running to it.  Couple things did bother me, first my ankles were really tight.  I ended up stopping to tighten my laces which seemed to help.  Second, I couldn't find my running groove.  Just kept changing stride and posture to account for ankles, knees,  and hips.   After getting to the house I rolled on the drive way and stretched....that felt great.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last run till Sat's 5k

Last run till Sat's 5k by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

It's been a bit since I posted, well without copying and pasting.  All has been going well, last weekend I completed 60 days of sobriety.  I've gone from 218 pounds to a current weight of 197 pounds since August 17th.  Work is going well... as work can go.  Couple of weeks I'm headed to the Bahamas to help out with a sales meeting.  It sounds cool, but without Kelley it'll be tough to enjoy myself especially since it's 6 days.  I hope to get it some good running when I'm not working the floor.

What else.... I have a 5k this Saturday in Frisco.  I'm from with Duane G and Garland so it'll be good to see some friendly faces.  I haven't talked to Kelley to see if she was coming to cheer me on.  Probably not since it's suppose to be 40 degrees.  We'll see.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Windy 5 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Windy 5 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Winds 18mph with gusts up to 24mph on a warm 85 degree fall afternoon. Ran out of steam the last mile. I'm going to take off tomorrow and Friday. Shooting for 12 on Saturday.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Amazing by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

It's been two months since I've had a drink.  I'm under 200 pounds as of this morning.  I ran 26 miles this week, most since Feb 2010.  I saw true color running around the lake as the sun was rising over the trees.  It's a good day.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Warm and Humid

Warm and Humid by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

A slow, sluggish and wet run up the north section of the Greenbelt.  An audio book and a single deer help me pass the time as the 73F temp and 86% humidity kept me at a sluggish pace.  Maybe next weekend I'll get in my 12.   This is the first Saturday in a month I wasn't racing in a 5k.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

weak 3 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

weak 3 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

thought about doing 5 but I had to cut it short to pickup Jacob from ROTC. Got out there and didn't have anything in me. Still lower back pain from a pinched nerve caused by golfing a few weeks ago. Just won't go away.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another 5 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Another 5 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Another 5 only this one was tough.  About mile 2-3 my legs started to get heavy and the sweat starting to pour.  A few times I thought about walking but I was consumed by an audio book which helped me get through those slow moments.  It doesn't help its almost 20 degrees warmer than yesterday.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A perfect day for a jog

5 miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Well it's been a few days since I've where to start.  I ran 5 miles today after taking off yesterday.  But I'd rather talk about this past weekend,  perhaps one of the best family weekends of the year.

I took off this past Friday from work.  Kelley and I packed up the cars while the kids were taken to school. I walked Katelyn and Kelley took Jacob.  A little after 10 I hopped in the Honda headed for Bonham.  After a fun filled hour of driving, you'd think that everyone was out to get me...again, based on the amount of cars on the road, I managed to get to Bonham.  I checked in and found the best location for the two tents.  After meeting Jarrett for lunch and a quick stop at Walmart, I returned to the campsite and waited my family to arrive.  Plenty of smiles and sleepy faces pulled in shortly later.  The cars were upacked, the tents were put up and the campfire got lit.  All in all a typical setup evening, minus the later night neighbor arrival with their barking dogs.  Oh, not to mention the cold temps that blew in...and of course let's not forget about the air mattress that was allergic to air...or whatever it was because it kept deflating.

We woke up before six, then at six, then just after six.  Neither Kelley or I wanted to get into the cold air from our warm flat air mattress.  Off I went to take a shower to return to a family of smiles and a wonderful feast to reality it was not quite like that.  But as I'm 90 and reading this, it was perfect.

Driving to Honey Grove seemed to go by quickly... Dodge City, Windom and hardly any traffic.  We arrived and checked in, cold and breezy temps awaited us as we shook hands with Brent and headed back to the car to stay warm.  My advise to Katelyn was simple, run as much as you can and walk when you need to.  Follow the course and don't finish last.  For Jacob, I was a little more specific since he's done some 5k's on his own.  Stay slow and try for about 30 minutes.  I mean come on, he's a baseball player who hasn't done a 5k in two years.  For Kelley, run hard and don't worry about the kiddos.

On your mark, get set, GO!  Jacob doesn't listen to a damn word I say.  He bolts off with the lead pack and I hold back smiling thinking about all the smart comments I planned on giving him.  Told you so, that's what you get for not listening, feels good doesn't it.  Just a few that crossed my mind.  Also up front was Brent, the race director.  I was hoping I'd give him a good run but couldn't find any of his historical times to see if I was anywhere near his speed.  He too took off with the lead pack.  I started out very strong and held back and waited for the hills and some of the "though they were fast" runners to start fading back.  About a mile I started passing people and catching up to several in the front.  I saw Brent and up ahead and started to gain some ground on him.  I made the turn and started heading back into the wind.  I lined up behind Brent and looked ahead and saw Jacob still maintaining a good speed. I was very impressed he made it this far.  Then coming around the corner was Katelyn.  She was running and looked very comfortable.  I didn't have a chance to see Kelley, which meant she wasn't far behind me.  About a mile to go I passed Brent and the guy he was chasing.  The rest of the race went great.  I was winded and I could still see Jacob in front.  He finished about 22 flat and I was a 22:23.  Kelley ran a 27:40 and Katelyn finished at 31:50.  Katelyn had a wonderful finish and was so worried that she had finished last.  She wasn't even close.  Matter of fact we all medaled.  Both kids and I finished first in our age group and Kelley finished 2nd.  Very proud of all of them.  Wish I could bottle up the moment when Katelyn got her medal, Jacob realized he beat me, Kelley was under 9 minute average and I shaved over a minute from the previous week.

The rest of the day was spent eating at Dad's and napping on his couch.  Then over to the campgrounds for some cold weather, a beautiful fire and good ol relaxing.

Female 9 to 10

Place    Name                             City              Bib No  Age   Overall         Time        Time        Pace  
 1    KATELYN BROWN                     PROVIDENCE VILLAGE   1014   10       24        31:57.6     31:57.6     10:18/M

Male 13 to 15

                                                                                               Chip         Gun  
Place    Name                              City            Bib No  Age   Overall         Time        Time        Pace  
 1    JACOB BROWN                       PROVIDENCE VILLAGE   1013   14        5        22:02.2     22:02.2      7:06/M

Male 30 to 39

                                                                                               Chip         Gun  
Place    Name                              City            Bib No  Age   Overall         Time        Time        Pace  
 1    TIM BROWN                         PROVIDENCE VILLAGE   1016   37        7        22:23.4     22:23.4      7:13/M

Female 30 to 39

 Place    Name                              City            Bib No  Age   Overall         Time        Time        Pace                                                                      
 2    KELLEY BROWN                      PROVIDENCE VILLAGE   1015   38       17        27:47.3     27:47.3      8:58/M

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A run with Kelley

A run with Kelley by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

It's raining this mildly cool September day.  Kelley and I got out for 6 miles in it and it was absolutely amazing out there.  If my back pain, knees and hips hadn't been bothering me I may have stayed out there with her.  Good stuff.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Am I sick? And am I about to do the Vineyard 5k

I believe so. It's allergy season and for the past few days I've been taking typical meds to dry me up and keep me as a walking zombie all day. This morning I woke up with pain in my chest which intensifies as I cough. So sneezing, coughing, runny nose... But this morning I'm pushing this out of my mind as its raining over the entire DFW area. Some would say I'm nuts but I say I'm a runner. I'll post back after the race. It's an hour drive.

Well, I finished.  So for breakfast I had two pieces of toast with Almond Butter, a cup of coffee with it and a thermos of coffee for the road.  I popped two ibuprofen and my BP pill.  I ended up running a 23:24 which is a little less than 20 seconds faster than last week.  I started in the front on this race compared to Oktoberfest.  Part of me new I shouldn't have been that close to the front but managed to keep up the first half of a mile, then I backed it off.  Ran strong up the hills and coasted on the down hills.  Was really pleased with my kick at the end, I left nothing in the tank.

Vineyard 5k

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Location:Grapevine Texas

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two days before 5k #2

Two days before 5k #2 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday is the Vineyard 5k in Grapevine, the 2nd 5k in this best of 3 I have scheduled.  I'm taking tomorrow and Friday off and hopefully I'll kick this cold in time.  Today's run was short but tiresome.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drowsy 5

Tiring 5 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

Tough run today.  Looks like it's allergy season here and I've been feeling like crap all day.  I took a pill around lunch which helped the head but wore me out.  I was able to squeeze in 5 but my throat and mouth dried up and I had no water.  It doesn't help that it's 93 outside.

I'm in wiring training in Addison and we've been getting out early this week.  Trying to take advantage of the free time.

H93° L70°


    • TODAY
    • HIGH93°
    • LOW70°
    • HIGH93°
    • LOW69°
    • HIGH92°
    • LOW69°
    • FRIDAY
    • HIGH85°
    • LOW66°
    • HIGH84°
    • LOW63°

  • Tomorrow: Some clouds in the morning will give way to mainly sunny skies for the afternoon. Hot. High 93F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph.

  • Tomorrow night: A few clouds. Low 69F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph.

  • Sunday, September 23, 2012

    10 Miles

    10 Miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    No bobcats, no snakes, and no deer.  Just one squirrel.  This morning started out with a couple guys in the beginning of the trail asking me which trail is for runners.  I love talking to the new folks.  I quickly explained the route and hazards and got on my way.  Started out running around 8:45 pace.  Knowing it was way too fast after running a 5k yesterday I reeled it in to around 9 flat.  From there out, every time I looked at my watch i was running an 8:45 pace so I left it alone.  Ran into the North Texas college cross country runners, man they're fast.  All in all I was very surprised at the run.  For a second....or two, I contemplated running the 12.  Glad I didn't.  I'm not ready for her yet.  On the way back around mile 9 my right knee was starting to stiffen up and swell.  A good couple stretches and I was fine.  My pinched nerve in the back was still a pain in the ass, causing me to change my stride...causing my right knee to swell.

    Saturday, September 22, 2012

    Oktoberfest 2012

    Oktoberfest 2012 by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details
    Had a good run this morning.  Bobby Folsom drove over and we carpooled to Addison together.  I'm real happy with my run, I had no idea I could run under 24 this soon.  As far as drinking, it wasn't too difficult to not have one.  Bobby got through 4 and it was good seeing him have a good time.  I've been home for a couple of hours.  Kelley and Jacob are at a Denton ROTC and Katelyn is with mom.  Quiet house.  Can't seem to find anything to do.
    I have been craving extra food today.  Guess the run did wear me out.

    Location:Addison, Texas ,United States

    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    A weak couple before Sat's 5k (Oktoberfest)

    A weak couple before Sat's 5k (Oktoberfest) by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    My weight was down to 204.9 this morning.  I started at 218 just over a month ago.  Progressing well and trying not to rush things.  I'll be unable to get out for a long run for the next three weeks due to the upcoming series of 5k's.  Oktoberfest, The Vineyard Run, and Blakes Memorial 5k in Honey Grove.  Looking forward to all but the vineyard run.  That's the only free one and it's in the middle of the pack, not to mention that last hill is a bitch.   For those reading from Colorado or Kentucky then it'll be more like a small incline, but for us Texan's we call it a bitch of a hill.

    Today's run was difficult.  I have a pinched nerve, or a bad pain in my lower back.  Today is Kelley's birthday and we went out for Korean for lunch.  So between the bloating from the food and the pinched nerve it was a slow start today.  Happy Birthday sweetheart!

    Monday, September 17, 2012

    An easy couple

    An easy couple by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    A cloudy 80 degrees this afternoon.  I thought it might be possible to get 5 in, but ran out of energy early into the run.  Not to mention I followed a garbage truck through the community.  If that doesn't just stink.  Anyway, I missed my 2pm trail mix today and settled for an almond butter toast before the joy.  I'm having a work lunch and work dinner tomorrow followed by work Golf on Wednesday.  So Thursday will be my next run followed by Oktoberfest Saturday morning.  Do I run 5 on Thursday or take it light?  Not sure.  Sunday will be at the trail but who knows how far.  My weight this morning was 206.9 but after work, before my run was 205.7.  I know it's supposed to fluctuate, it's just nice to see it down.  I am starting to be able to bend over a whole lot better to tie them shoelaces.  No drinking is still working out.

    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    5 Mile Tempo

    5 Mile Tempo by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    I was supposed to do 10 today but it's raining.  I did turn a 5 miler into a tempo run which felt good.  I haven't ran that strong in a very long time.  I'm currently 206 pounds, still up 41 pounds from where I will be hopefully by this time next year.  I haven't had a drink in over a month and I think I'm starting to return to normal.  My attitude is improving.... Next week is Oktoberfest and I may be running it with Bobby, we'll see if he actually registers.

    Saturday, September 15, 2012

    Providence Garage Sale Run

    Providence Garage Sale Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    The population of our community, Providence, is over 5000. Twice a year the community holds a garage sale and each year as long as I've been running I've ventured out in the streets to take my chances of running with those hoping to get that morning bargain. It's sort of like running with the bulls in Spain, only the bulls have a sense of where they're running. Watching these people is comic and a little scary. Today was one of those days. I survived another garage sale at Providence...

    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    An Easy 4...finally cooling off

    Untitled by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    I was beat tired when I got home today but a quick power nap got me going...not to mention it's 79 degrees outside.  Summer is finally over in Texas.  It's supposed to rain tonight thru Saturday so I'm switching my long run till Sunday and just hitting a few on Saturday.  Today felt good but I'm sure I could use another nap.

    You know it's funny.  I spent all day reading some old blogs I've posted and almost everyone I've posted is so damn negative.  I mean really, is there not a day that is so freakin awesome that I want to put manly smiley faces all over the place.  Not sure why there isn't.  I suppose work, family and life is ultimately the toughest sport.


    Best run ever? DRC in 2009, that's when I broke through 1:40 in the half marathon.

    3 words that describe your running? strong, cocky, breathtaking

    Your go-to running outfit? i prefer long sleeves, just means its cool outside

     Quirky habit while running? touching my thumb to each finger as I'm running strong, it relaxes me

     Morning, midday, evening? Morning on weekends and afternoon after work.  Won't catch me out there early before work.

    I won’t run outside when it’s _____? windy...i can run in heat, cold and rain but heavy winds are depressing.

    Worst injury—and how you got over it.  Right hip pain from over training. 

    I felt most like a badass runner when _________?  I win my age group

    Next race is __________? Sept 22, 2012  Oktoberfest 5k

    Potential running goal for 2013? Hummm, tough one.  not answering it out of fear of failure....ok, fine... getting back under a 1:40 in the half marathon.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    After two days off...blah

    After two days off...blah by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Took off Monday due to an afternoon of golf and also Tuesday because I had a after hours work event. So, today I thought I'd get in a good 5 miles. Well I got in 5 miles but nothing relatively good about it. I missed my afternoon snack so I'm sure that didn't help, it was 93F outside and I was severely dehyrdrated from having Texas de Brazil last night for dinner. If you've never been there its like eating a pound of salt. Anyway...I ran.

    Sunday, September 9, 2012

    Great Weekend

    Finished hard by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Yesterday I was able to get in an 8 miler while crossing paths with a bobcat.  Today I just ran an easy few and squeezed in 20 for the week.

    Posted on Garmin
    "Just thought I'd take it easy since yesterday's 8 ended with an 8:05 final mile.  However with less than a mile to go I figured I'd stretch it out since I felt great.  I was able to turn a 7:32 the last six tenths of a mile.  Not too bad.   "

    Thursday, September 6, 2012

    Lake and back

    Lake and back by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Day 3 of 3 in this Texas heat.  Today I felt a lot better than yesterday and a little better than Tuesday's run.  Almost effortless in this heat but still glad I brought a water bottle.  Heart rate was on par with what I expected.  Almost don't want to take tomorrow off but I'm trying to manage 7 or 8 this Saturday, day after tomorrow.

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

    Easy couple in high heat...104F

    Easy couple in high heat...104F by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Just a few more days and we'll have a cold front move in...dropping the highs to 85.  Almost a 20 degree drop.  It'll be nice to get out there and run long again because in this heat there's no way.  Well for my future me, reading my posts, I haven't had a drink in 20 days and I'm down from 218 to 209 pounds in those 20 days.  My running has been going well.  I manage to draw inspiration from movies and other bloggers.  Ok for the past couple weeks I've been having 1 egg, 1 toast with almond butter, acai fruit juice (1/4 cup) and a cold coffee.  Meetings all morning and if I can squeeze in a snack before lunch I do.  If not, which has been the norm lately, a sandwich and fruit for lunch at 12.  Between 2 and 3 I have a pack of mixed nuts then come home and run.  Eat dinner 4 hours or more of bed time.  Haven't been hungry and finally the weight is coming off.  Oh, one more thing.  Lots of water...I don't get dehydrated after my run.

    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    Almost 4

    Almost 4 miles.. 103F outside by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    It's been a good few days.  Last Saturday I was able to get in 7 miles and Sunday another hard 3.  Yesterday, Labor Day, Kelley and I took off.  Kudos to you honey for the 5 and 3 that you did over the weekend.  This week the temps are a 104 each afternoon until Saturday and Sunday where it's suppose to be a high of mid 80's.  So, if I can run tomorrow and Thursday and hit this weekend hard I may get 20 in...we'll see.

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012

    Creek and Back

    Untitled by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Not much to say, did 5 yesterday and almost 3 today.  Been feeling lousy due to allergies.  Jacob and I went to see Linkin Park a couple days ago and didn't get in till midnight.  Not much sleep that night then ran the 5 yesterday.  Popped some PM pills last night at 11 and woke up beat tired.  Feeling cruddy all day.  Hopefully it'll go away.  Still not drinking and it'll be two weeks tomorrow.  Still no cravings.  I'm hoping to have close to 20 miles this week.  As far as weight, I'm down to 211.  7 pound loss since vacation weight but still a pound up from when I started to lose weight months ago.  Hopefully it's coming off.

    Saturday, August 25, 2012

    5 Miler by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    5 Miler by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Well it was a productive week at work.  As of today I haven't had a drink in 8 days.  That includes this past Thursday at the Rangers game.  It still is pretty easy not to think about it or even want it.  I'm still waiting on the sober's high I've heard about where life is so much better without.  As of today I haven't lost any weight and certainly don't wake up in the morning thinking how happy I am.  However, it's been a short while and unfortunately I've had a head cold or allergies for the past several days.  However, I'm in no need to go back to a life of hangovers and hoping folks at work don't notice.  That part of me is over and that is refreshing.  To know I can go home after a Rangers game, speed and knowing the worst they can do is get me a speeding ticket. stress free living in my book....perhaps thats part of the high I haven't realized....till now.

    Sunday, August 19, 2012

    Has it really been 6 months

    Good Morning by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    well lots have changed since my last blog.  I did do one more half, Dallas Rock n Roll, with Lindsey, Tim and a few others from work.  Since then I've been working and for the last two weeks I've been on vacation.  This week we had both the kids birthdays.  Katelyn did Medieval Times and Jacob and his friends went to the Rough Riders game.  I also stopped drinking on Jacob's birthday.  Just had enough of the poison in my system.  I am reading a book that I really think helps, "The Easy way to Stop Drinking".  Very positive for me.  So I've officially gone two full days and can't say today, day 3, I'm looking forward to even smelling the stuff.  God help me get through this.  I can say I have a wonderful family that's behind me all the way.  I talked to Jacob about it yesterday and he was proud and wished me luck.'s time to start running.

    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    Cowtown Half Marathon

    Today was our 4th running of the Ft Worth Cowtown Marathon/Half Marathon.  I say both because my beautiful wife completed her first Marathon.  My run went well finishing in a 1:51.  Before I forget, yesterday we woke up feeling crappy from a fun night the day before.  We ran an easy two miles then napped until it was time for Jacob's baseball game.  Baseball lasted from 2 to 6 and we were home by 7.  For breakfast yesterday I had an egg sandwich, for lunch I had left over spaghetti, and when we got home we made fetucini in a white wine sauce.  We were in bed at 9pm and woke up at 4am.  Had oatmeal once we got there, about 6am.  The race started at 7.  I was in corral 1 and Kelley in 4.  We ran the race with our friend Celina.  Mom and Richard showed up and followed Kelley's progress around Ft Worth taking snapshots with my Ipad.  Also which they were using to locate her using Find My Friends App.  So that was a very quick recap of yesterday and today.  One more year and the Star is complete.

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    So it's been almost a week since my last post.  My diet wasn't too bad last week.  Did real well Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday we hit Trulucks and had a few drinks.  Friday I ended up golfing at Bridlewood and relaxed.  Took it easy Friday night.  Saturday we hit Top Golf, which was a blast, then to Buffalo Wild Wings.  That night we hit Holy Grail and Dukes in Addison.  Sunday I woke up heavy and bloated.

    However, this morning I was at 204 when I woke up.  I think I was a 205 last Monday morning.  Might need to track that to judge how my weigh in is gonna go.  So, tonight I hit 5 miles into a heavy 30 mph wind.  Tomorrow Gym, followed by my Mother In Law and Stan paying us a visit.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to go out for Lunch and Dinner. Hopefully it'll turn out.

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Well today was another weigh in.  A little different as the gal keeping track was overseas on business.  So a bunch of us got together and checked it out.  I did put on .2 lbs.  Not much to be concerned.  After losing 13.5 in January I'm sure there's a week where it just doesn't happen.  Many other gained half to a full pound since last week.  I wasn't too concerned.  I know where the calories came from and I know how to tackle it.  I've sort of said that the last two weeks but I've had so many commitments that make it difficult.  Top it off these are work commitments.  I'm not running today because I did get up at 4 this morning and hit the gym.  This two a day thing won't work for least not yet.  So I'm switching to running on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  I'm thinking that could get me as much as 19 miles.  While still doing the Gym on Tuesday and Thursday.  Friday will be my day off.  We will see how it goes this week on that schedule.

    As far as my calories, I was really low yesterday.  Somewhere around 1190, that doesn't include the 500 I burned during a 3 miler.  So I had net calories below 700.  Today is Valentines so we're going to Joey's for some pasta.  I could use the extra energy and I'm ok on the calories.  And, looking forward I have Trulucks Thursday night and a luncheon on Friday.  Really going to have to watch what I eat while getting through the weekend with some good mileage.

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Today I got up at quarter after 4 and headed to the gym.  Got in about 20 or so minutes.  Not much but was able to go through 3 sets of 5 machines at 10 reps each.  I was really hungry afterwards so perhaps I'll bring a protein shake.  Finished work and came home for a short run, creek and back.  Today's weigh in was a 205.8.  Still have a long ways to go.  I have a feeling my metabolism is going to kick in soon.

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    Thanks to the Superbowl I was able to put on 5 pounds.  Ended up eating a whole pizza and several hot wings for the game.  For last week I ate 890 calories over budget.  Tough week and to top it off I went to Pei Wei with Carl and ate an 1100 calorie salad.  Who would have thought.  I certainly don't think I'm the only contestant to flunk this past week.  We'll see for sure in the morning.  I do have plans to hit the gym in the morning to burn some more off.  Also with the hopes of revving up my metabolism that much more.

    Today's 5 miler

    Food Diary

    Sunday, February 5, 2012

    Well, I didn't do too bad in the eating department yesterday.  However I did have about 1300 calories in fun.  Ended up going to Mom and Richards for a welcome home Tyler party.  We didn't stay too late as I ended up falling asleep on the couch after dinner.  Richard made ham and mashed potatoes.  Kelley and I brought bread and a salad.  Today is Superbowl Sunday and we're planning a wonderful feast.  Starting out with a bloody mary, eggs, hash brown combo.  We'll have baked buffalo wings tonight for the game.  Perhaps I'll make more bread.  We also have cheese curds but I've decided against that until the weigh in on Tuesday.



    Saturday, February 4, 2012

    Easy three miles this morning with a cold wind from the north.  Kelley and I started out together but split up in the back section of creek.  Glad it went to the 5k course rather creek and back; got a few extra calories in there.  Yesterday's diet was disastrous and I'm sure today's won't be much better.  Last night will filled with 7 slices of homemade pizza and beam and 7's.  At least it was diet 7 up.  Today we're headed to my mom's for Tyler's welcome home party.



    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    Wore Out

    So I've been hitting the diet and exercise pretty hard for the past two and half weeks. Between that, the Half Marathon over the weekend and yesterday's Tempo run...I'm beat. Probably going to take the next two days off and recover.

      Today's Run

      Today's Food

    Tuesday, January 31, 2012

    Tempo Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Tempo Run by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Well I weighed in today and officially was 207.0, so I am down 12 pounds for the month of January. Not too bad but not good enough. Everyone else seems to be doing better. I'm thinking as long as I stay consistent I have a chance.

    Saturday, January 28, 2012

    the 10th annual Texas Half

    Lessons Learned...again. For those friends of mine eager to run their first half marathon, allow me to give you some good advise. Advise I wished I had reminded myself yesterday before running my 18th half marathon. 1) don't wear new shoes the day of the race 2) don't diet the week of the race, especially the night before the race. Eat as much as you can 3) don't go out running a 7:30 your first mile. You're not 18, 25, or even 35. Save it for the people who don't have to diet 4) don't drive your honda civic with the manual transmission if you don't follow my advise. You will stall it 3 times when your left calf cramps up 5) don't go anywhere near the Cavern the night before the race (my closest friends will understand). Finally, bring air freshener, you're car stinks terribly half way home. Today's Run

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    3.1 around town

    3.1 around town by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Had a good week last week dieting. Applied the same regiment today except for a couple setbacks. Stupid macadamias! Overall I felt good today, just a little groggy. Kelley did 20 miles on the greenbelt so I was waiting all morning for all of her texts. Great job babe. Tonight is Jacob's high school orientation.

    Food Diary

    Sunday, January 22, 2012

    5 miles

    5 miles by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    cool, humid and windy. I tried talking myself from going but my better half pushed me out the door. And of course the head wind was on my way back. It's supposed to be gusts up to 50mph but I think I may have seen 30 tops. Just glad that ones over. One more week till the Texas Half. My diet stunk the past couple days. Hoping to have it back on track today and I'm looking forward to a good weigh in on Tuesday. Today's Food Diary

    Thursday, January 19, 2012

    Day 16

    Untitled by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    A little tired from the gym yesterday but it was a nice afternoon to get a run in. Looking forward to taking tomorrow off. Saturday or Sunday will be my last long run before next weekends Texas Half. Food wise, I've been doing well these past few days. I give most of that success to not having any alcohol since Sunday...and keeping the food light. Today I splurged on Korean when Kelley and Jacob met me for lunch. He had a Dr's appt for his knee/hip injury.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Day 14

    Getting over a stomach bug it was nice to get back to work.  Stayed at my desk all day, just didn't have any energy to move around.  Was able to get some new reports for Linda cranked out so there was definite accomplishments made.  Against my better judgement I went out and got a 5k in after work.  Very cold and strong winds from the north made it extremely difficult to get to Creek but really nice coming back.  Mile 3 was a 7:39 and I averaged 8 flat for the 3.1.  I weighed in today down two pounds from last week, however it was with a new digital scale.  Everyone else lost 4 or more pounds and because of my weakness from last week I dropped from 3rd place to 5th place.

    Todays Run

    Today's Diet

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    Day 12...i think

    Untitled by cavern1996 at Garmin Connect - Details

    Last week was a diet nightmare. Totally didn't do anything that was contributing to weight loss, except for the 10k that Kelley and I did on Saturday. Today wasn't much better. Started out with cottage cheese and blueberries followed by cheesy ramen. For lunch I had potato chips.

    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    Today was the Hotcake Hustle 10K in Addison.  I ran an unofficial 50:36 and can't complain too much about the time.  Last night I made the mistake of bourbon drinks and tequila shots.  Not the brightest idea I've ever had.  Ran today's race with Kelley and a co-worker, Heather.  It was sunny and a cool 40 degrees.  The video that Kelley took was just shy of mile 5.  It was at the turn around and Kelley decided to stop running and start recording.  Thank you honey but it still wasn't necessary.  It was a great morning for a run.  

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    Day 7

    Well I made a terrible mistake today at work.  Carl was taking me out to lunch and I know how much he loves Pei Wei.  So I got online and found some low calorie dishes.  I found some really low ones and some really high ones so I settled for the middle.  I chose the Pei Wei spicy chicken dish with the chicken steamed and the rice brown.  According to the site it was 410 for the dish and 150 for the rice.  So we're having a good lunch talking about product support when I started getting full about half way though.  How can this be....I have plenty of calories available.  So I added some hot sauce and finished my plate.  Go figure I get back to work feeling like I ate a little chinese dude and brought the menu back up.  What I didn't notice the first time was calories per serving.  Then I really studied it...and found the column indicating 2 servings for my dish.  So, there goes about 1100 calories, factor is some ice tea and I was at 1200 calories.  That brought me down to a pleasant zero available.   And tomorrow is our first weigh in from the start of the challenge.

    So, I finished work and drove home.  I thought about running a quick 5 miles but chose going to the gym instead.  It was quiet up there so I did a few machines, two sets of 10 reps.  All the dumbbells and medicine balls were already being least the ones I can lift.  So I went upstairs to the cardio equipment.  Surprisingly I pushed out 30 minutes on the elliptical, 12 minutes on the stair stepper (that really sucks) and 30 minutes on the treadmill doing interval training.  For the most part I ended burning just short of what I had for lunch.  Thank God!

    I get home from the gym and on the table is spaghetti squash, wilted salad and a small portion of yesterday's meatloaf.  It was heaven....

    Food Diary