Saturday, October 31, 2009

2.69 Miles - 19:47 - 7:21 Avg Pace - 52F

This mornings run was quick but short. Tomorrow I'm doing the DRC Half Marathon so I figured a hard/fast run to get my heart rate up and muscles warm would be a good idea. The first mile was a comfortable 7:43 then I picked up the second to 7:10 and finished the last .69 miles at a 7:04 avg pace. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor today but I felt like I averaged about 170. My chest and head felt a little congested but all in all it was a good warmup.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3.1 Miles - 23:53 - 7:42 Avg Pace - 68F

Why is it that I feel out of shape? I'm huffing and puffing pushing a slow 7:40 pace while my legs feel like they've just figured out how to run. Granted I had to water or gels or any energy before the run but geez it was only a 5k. Was it the wind, was it a long day at work....this half marathon on Sunday is more important than I thought. It's a test to see how good of shape I am in.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5.45 Miles - 41:49 - 7:40 Avg Pace - 63F

This morning I woke up and signed up for the DRC Half Marathon. The race is this Sunday around White Rock Lake in Dallas. My training plan has me running 13 on Sunday so I figured why not. The DRC was my very first half marathon which I did last year with a time of 2:04:12.

Today's run was the first day of my taper. The plan had me running 3 x 1 mile and 3 x 800m. I took a 30 second break in between the miles and a minute in between the 800's. My quads are extra sore from the pounding. Nike's are running out of steam.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

20 Miles - 2:56:37 - 8:49 Avg Pace - 68F

Well it's 68 now but it was in the 40's when I started this mornings 20 miler at 8:39am. Not a bad run through the community. I ended up do three laps around Providence which is much better than my original plan of running every street. At least this way I didn't have to think too much about which way to go. Each lap brought me by the house where I was showered in Accelerade, Water and Support. Thank You Kelley, Jacob and Katelyn. And to my surprise on the second trip by the house Kelley was stretching and had her gear on. She ran the last lap with me which was absolutely amazing. Thank you honey and sorry you got stung by the wasp....again. Today was also the day I broke past 1000 miles for the year, crossing off my first of three goals for 2009.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

5.71 Miles - 46:17 - 8:06 Avg Pace - 55F

So everyone knows I've had to take the week off due to an infection. After my 4 miler last Saturday I started having body aches and ended up with a fever for a couple of days. It's Thursday now and I'm finally feeling ok to get out. So on my first day what happens, it gets really cold and windy. I felt ok during the run. My legs started to stiffen up early with almost a weird pain in my left foot. Nothing too difficult to run through though. I'll probably take it easy tomorrow and really hope to get a long run in Saturday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

4.01 Miles - 32:41 - 8:09 Avg Pace - 52F

It's a cool sunny 52 this morning as I got out for 4 miles after a night of celebrating with Kelley. As my neighbor puts it, I had a touch of the cocktail flu this morning. Because of that I couldn't get my heart rate down. Regardless how fast or slow I ran my heart rate hovered around 167. I also woke up to body aches, which I might add, I still have. Could it be the flu shot I got 5 days ago....geez I hope not. I hate to miss the scheduled 19 miler tomorrow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

10.79 Miles - 1:31:45 - 8:30 Avg Pace - 64F

Today's marathon training was 1.5 hours at a slow steady pace. I couldn't have run any harder if I wanted, I put all my energy just staying on the road and finishing. The temps were chilly and the wind was colder. Today's run marks a little over 46 miles in 6 days, with 26 of it being in the last three days. It's good that I can get the miles in but I've yet to do a long run, 20+. I'm supposed to do a long run Sunday with 4 miles on Saturday. We'll see.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3.15 Miles - 26:01 - 8:15 Avg Pace - 79F

It's hot and humid outside as the sun is finally coming out after almost 3 weeks of grey. It's a humid 85% as I tackled 3 miles after yesterdays tough 13 miler. I was looking at my training plan and this week is the toughest week of the training series. Which means that if I can't make this week count, and finish it all, then I have no hope of running San Antonio, well at least finishing respectably. Tomorrow is 90 minutes, Friday is off, Saturday is 4 and Sunday is 19. I'll probably swap Saturday and Sunday. It's supposed to be a cool 46 Saturday morning. We'll see what happens. Right now my knees hurt and didn't seem to have any energy as was evident by my heart rate. Running an easy pace I quickly got into the 160's after just a mile.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

13.1 Miles - 1:46:53 - 8:09 Avg Pace - 67F

Today's run was 2 miles at Goal Pace, 4 x 2 Miles at Tempo, then 3 miles at Goal Pace. For the most part it was an easy run, keeping my heart rate at an average of 160bpm. My heart rate started to climb as the run progressed due to know water or electrolytes for fuel. Can't say I really needed it until I hit mile 9. I past the water fountain and battled through it so I could get my body depleted of all glycogen...assuming this is still the way to build up your tank. If not...then perhaps I just did it for the misery. As I'm typing this my feet are probably the sorest of the body. My knees and quads were hurting the most during the run. We'll see which hurts the most when I decide to get out of this chair.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 Miles - 1:19:58 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 52F

Another cool morning and this time there was rain....well rather
mist, which felt really good. Today's 10 miles was faster than
yesterday's run by a little over a minute. I wore my Nike's today
over yesterday's Saucony's and my legs feel a whole lot better today.
Guess Kelley was right...again...time for new shoes. That will have
to wait a little while. I still have my Nike's. Well it's extremely
cold outside and just as cold if not cooler in my office. So time to
cooldown...or warmup...however you wanna put it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 Miles - 1:21:28 - 8:08 Avg Pace - 58F

Well it's a very cool and cloudy morning over Providence. It's rained almost every day for the past two weeks and it was supposed to be sunny and cool today. According to my plan I was supposed to get out for 18 miles. Because the trail is flooded I decided to get 10 in today and 10 tomorrow. According to all the magazines you read a back to back long run should be as effective as one long run, minus the chance of injury. We'll see. Next week I really have to try and get 20 in for my long run. If I can do 20 a month before the run I'll feel a whole lot better about my current condition.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3.17 Miles - 24:12 - 7:38 Avg Pace - 68F

Today's easy run turned into fartlek training. I was scheduled for 3 miles and 6 x 100's but instead did 3.1 with speed intervals. My miles were 8:12, 7:30, and 7:17 with an average heart rate of 150bpm. It started raining the last .5 miles and it sure did feel good.

Monday, October 5, 2009

10:39 Miles - 1:24:09 - 8:06 Avg Pace - 68F

Today's run was 2 miles at MGP and 4 x 2 Miles at Tempo pace, with 2 minutes of recovery in between. My first 2 miles done much faster than Goal Pace was a 15:22. Then I had the following 2 miles, 15:11, 15:25, 15:35 and 15:22. For the most part my average pace was a 7:40 but you factor in the 7 minutes of recovery it tends to slow the overall average down. My heart rate averaged out at 155 with a running average of about 160. Considering it's been almost a week since I've gotten out to run this was a good training day.