Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5.01 Miles - 38:21 - 7:39 Avg Pace - 73F

My start today was a little on the slow side. After the first mile, 8:16, I started to pick up the pace a little bit. The weather was cool and my knees didn't hurt near as bad as they did yesterday. However, I didn't seem to have any spring in my step. Matter of fact it seemed like I had no idea on how to run. I appeared and felt very awkward. Toward the last few miles I was able to pick it up. I wanted to get my heart rate up to the 170's which posed a very big problem. It wasn't until Mile 5 that I got my heart rate over 165. Mile 3 was done at 7:46, 4 was at 7:11 and the 5th mile was done at 7:05. My heart did peak at 188 but only because the last 31 feet I was at a 5 min flat pace. Oddly, I didn't feel like I was running fast.

Monday, September 28, 2009

7.48 Miles - 1:00:07 - 8:01 Avg Pace - 77F

Two days after my 17 miler my schedule had me run an hour. I didn't mind it today because my knees are still a little sore. It sure beats fast mile repeats. Anyway the 7 miles took me through essentially all of my community, and twice in a few sections. The temperature is a nice 77F and the sun is really starting to get lower and lower everyday. Soon we'll be setting our clocks back and hour and embracing the cool weather. As I'm writing this I'm contemplating my running, my future in running and where it'll take me. Currently, like I said, my knees are sore and while I'm typing this "Running the Sahara" is playing over the second monitor. Last night Kelley and I sat in bed watching TV, the 2008 Ironman was playing. They had folks out there for 15 to 16 hours competing and looking at majority of them you wouldn't think they were the type that could swim 2 miles, bike 100 and then run a full marathon. Maybe thats why they do it. Why do I do it....? Hell why does anyone. I think for the most part we're all a bit competitive and love the challenge. For me that's the basics of who I am. But what's going to happen after the Marathon. Sure I've got Boston on my mind but perhaps there's more to it than Boston. Maybe Boston is not "the goal" but one of many I need to have to keep me passionate about my running. Who knows.

Today's run goes out to my wonderful wife who got me into the painful sport....thanks. Take care of that knee honey.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

17.16 Miles - 2:24:27 - 8:25 Avg Pace - 60F

This morning was my first Saturday long run, moving it from my training program Sunday schedule. All in all it worked out real well. We got to bed late last night due to Jacob's doubleheader but I woke up feeling somewhat fresh and ready for a long run. I hit the greenbelt where along the way I encountered what looked like the UNT Cross Country team. They were on there way back and they were hoofing it. Other than that just a few bikers and a couple deer. It was good to get out for a long run. The only pains I felt during the run, which was just about all of it...as well as now, is knee pain.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

5.09 Miles - 40:06 - 7:53 Avg Pace - 67F

Today is my 150th post this year, and I'm feeling better than ever. Today's easy 5 miles at 7:53 pace was very promising going into the fall. All the hard running through the 100 degree temps may actually pay off. Today's pace which looks quick on paper had an average heart rate of 149bpm with a max of 168. That 168 was on the last 452 ft. My heart rate didn't break 160 until the latter part of mile 5 just before the finish. Tomorrow is my day off and Saturday I'm doing an easy 17.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8.52 Miles - 1:09:18 - 8:07 Avg Pace - 65F

Today's tempo run was short by 3 miles but short on purpose. I am no longer following my schedule. I am going to concentrate on getting my long runs in on Saturday morning. If I run once a week so be it. I will do my best to follow the schedule to a point that I know I can hit my long runs. It doesn't do me any good to bust ass all week trying to get my miles in just to come up short on my long day.

Today I did a half mile warmup followed by 2 miles at 8:03 avg pace then 3 x 2 mile repeats done at : 15:35, 15:08 then the last at 13:40. The last two miles was an average pace of 6:50. I felt good as the temps were extremely cool...to a point I almost got cold.

Monday, September 21, 2009

5.05 Miles - 40:20 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 83F

Today was supposed to been a day off. However, since I failed to complete the entire 16 miles yesterday I felt obligated to get some in today. The first mile was extremely tough. My knees and legs felt rubbery as if I had never walked or ran a step in my life. By mile 2 that started to fade and was replaced by stinging sweat in my eyes. The rest was downhill until the last mile which started to really slow me down. I have to get my head in the game. I only have one more full month of training and I have yet to run more than 14 miles.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

12.11 Miles - 1:45:28 - 8:42 Avg Pace - 87F

Today's run was supposed to be a 16 miler, however due to lack of water stations on the new trail I couldn't go on any longer. I ended up driving out to Plano where I ran the the Chisolm and Bluebonnet Trails. I finished my 4th water bottle at around mile 9 so by the time I got to my car I was a little dehydrated. The sweat starting drying up and my hat was turning a chalky white. It was time for me to stop. The plan was to drink my accelerade then get back out and finish the remaining 4 miles. Looking at the time it was already 12:30. Nobody should be running in Texas at noon. Not to mention I wanted to hurry up and get home because today is my beautiful wife's birthday - Happy Birthday Kelley. You are my world. Well I have to hit the running hard this week. I need to get my long runs in. According to the schedule I have a 17 miler next week. I was thinking that perhaps I'll do my long runs on Saturday for now on. That way I can get out there at 7, instead of 10:30.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2.88 Miles - 25:18 - 8:47 Avg Pace - 71F

Yep, it's 71 degrees outside and raining. I was supposed to hit 3 miles but the roads were slick and I didn't want to risk it. Besides, I have a 5K race this Saturday. I'm probably going to take off tomorrow. I've only got 4 x 1 mile repeats on the books. I don't see a point. I'm going to stay inside today and enjoy the soft rain outside.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

11.07 Miles - 1:33:30 - 8:26 Avg Pace - 77F

Cool temps tonight after 4 days of rain. I ended up running through the neighborhood as the trail was too wet. Tonights run was 2 miles at GP, 3 x 2 miles at Tempo, then 3 miles at GP. I failed to complete the run shorting myself by 1.19 miles. I got a bit dehydrated running out of water during the last two mile repeat. Oh well, it was a tough run and I got through 11 miles of it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

10.0 Miles - 1:28:06 - 8:48 Avg Pace

Well so much for my long 16 mile day. It's raining in Dallas, matter of fact it's been raining all weekend, and I ended up going to the gym at the clubhouse. One nice thing before I get to all the frustrating items, they have brand new equipment on the first floor and managed to put monitors in front of the 3 new treadmills. Okay, now the rant. The treadmills are 2 feet from the wall in front of you so your staring at sheetrock. Two, the monitors are 2 feet above the treadmills. There's just no way to see it while your running, perhaps walking. Three, there's no ceiling fan above the treadmills. Four, you can only do a max of 1 hour. Five, you have to stop to take a drink of water. There's no official cup holder, just an area to put your bottle but god forbid if you jar the machine cause it'll come crashing down. It didn't happen to me but it has in the past. Five, I couldn't stop sweating. I had to stop every now and then to wipe myself and my machine down so I didn't look like I just took a shower on the thing.

I'm frustrated cause I'm not putting in the miles I"m supposed to be. I have 34 miles for the week which isn't bad but I missed Tuesday's run and failed short by 6 miles today. That's 10 miles not accounted for in my week.

Thank god it's football season.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

5.10 Miles - 41:20 - 8:07 Avg Pace - 80F

Today's easy 5 miles through the cool streets of Providence couldn't have been more rewarding. There was a light sprinkle through the humid community which dripped across my face like a warm summers dew. Ok, I've been helping my son with his English homework. Today's run was easy in comparison, it did rain and it's officially over. Time to have some fun. Cheers!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

9.02 Miles - 1:15:12 - 8:20 Avg Pace - 80F

Tonights training run was a scheduled 80 minutes at no particular pace. The trail was soggy this evening thanks to a line of thunderstorms that ran through Dallas on my way home from work. As I sat on my bed pondering whether or not I would run I kept reminding myself that I was off tomorrow and couldn't take another 2 days off this week. So I forced myself up and out the door. I only ran into 1 snake this evening. Why is it they just sit in the middle of the trail??? They've never tried to strike me but then again I'm far enough away when I scoot around them.

Well my son just came in to tell me the football game is on. It's the first game of the season, Pittsburgh vs Tennessee.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9.62 Miles - 1:19:14 - 8:14 Avg Pace - 93F

Today's run was what I had not done yesterday thanks to a work function. So instead of doing my normal 3 miles and 6 x 100's I drove out to the trail and did the following:

.5 Mile warmup
2 miles at race pace - 8:10 avg
2 miles at tempo - 7:38 avg
2 miles at tempo - 7:34
3 miles at race pace - 8:27 avg

The three miles was supposed to be faster but I just didn't have it in me. It's allergy season in North Texas and I'm wondering if my body isn't drained from fighting it. Even though I feel fine, I'm not fine during the runs. Perhaps it's time to start popping the vitamin C. Anyway, it was good to finish the run and not quit like the last time I was out there. Trust me I wanted to.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

6.55 Miles - 55:19 - 8:26 Avg Pace - 80F

This morning run was absolutely ridiculous. I should have stayed home and rested. We ended up going to families yesterday for labor day party. We ate a lot, drank a lot and played a lot of volleyball. My left knee got scraped up pretty good going for the volleyball during the last game. Now we get to this morning. It's hot outside, I'm dehydrated, and I'm sore. I was supposed to do 15 miles. So much for my long run.

5.00 Miles - 37:05 - 7:24 Avg Pace

This was yesterday's run.

I started out feeling very relaxed yesterday morning. I spent all morning drinking coffee and working on the computer, which is why I couldn't get the blog out. I remember half way through the first mile I was calm and running steady. My watched showed me at a 7:30 pace. I've been running in the 6's for the 5K's and high 7's for everything else. I decided to try and hit a mid to low 7 average. My mile splits were: 7:32, 7:24, 7:33, 7:21 and 7:12.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

10.71 Miles - 1:30:12 - 8:25 Avg Pace - 86F

Today training run was a 5 minute warmup, followed by 80 minutes ( at no given pace) then a cooldown jog. I ended up slowly running the warmup getting in .55 miles in those five minutes. The 80 minute run was hell. No matter how I broke it down so it appeared easier, 2 x 40 minute runs, 8 x 10 minute runs, ect....it wasn't. I didn't do too bad running 9.6 miles in those 80 minutes. I had to stop twice during the run. Once for a deer and once for a snake. I was obviously impeding on their turf. The final cooldown was .57 miles and it took me 5:12. Tonights run finished a tough series getting in 25 miles in three days. Tomorrow is a day off then I have 5 Saturday and 15 Sunday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3.67 Miles - 30:08 - 8:12 Avg Pace - 92F

Today was an easy 3 miles with 6x100m sprints. I did my three miles in and easy 23:09 (7:43 avg) then finished the 100 meter sprints in the following times: 26.96, 24:29, 23:76, 23:79, 22:82, 22:39. For the most part I got faster as I ran them. However, even the last one at 22:39 was only at a 5:21 mile pace. There was a time in my life when I could run a whole mile in 4:20. Now I can't even sprint a 100 meters at that pace. Who would have thought it 17 years ago. Well, we'll just have to see if I can get back to the 4 min miles.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9.69 Miles - 1:19:26 - 8:12 Avg Pace - 89F

Today's marathon training was a little on the painful side. For some reason my knees and feet were really taking a beating. Day 1 of week 6 contained the following intervals:

1. 5 min warmup jog
2. 2 miles at Goal Pace - I ran it in 16:34 (8:17 Avg)
3. 2 miles at Tempo Pace - I ran it in 15:32 )7:46 Avg)
4. A 60 second rest.
5. 2 miles at Tempo Pace - I ran it in 15:26 (7:43 Avg)
6. A 60 second rest.
7. 3 miles at Goal Pace - I ran it in 24:35 (8:11 Avg)

So all together it wasn't a bad run. Warm and humid with a cool breeze. I don't feel myself getting any faster. Just slower. Maybe it's in my head.