Thursday, July 30, 2009

7.20 Miles - 1:00:00 - 8:19 Avg Pace - 88F

Today's marathon training called out for a 1 hour run with 4-5 minutes total uphill time. Now I have no idea how many minutes I went uphill but I'm sure I met my quota. I can honestly say that today's run hurt. My knees and especially my quads were hurting. I lost my form and wanted to walk. If it hadn't been for my watch telling me to speed up with this annoying beep every 10 seconds I would have. Day 3 of marathon training is over and tomorrow is a day off.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3.53 Miles - 28:12 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 90F

Today's run was an easy speed day. The training plan had me do 3 miles (no given speed) and 4 x 100's with rest between each. I did my three miles at a 7:20 avg pace, 22:01 total time. I set my watch for 100m intervals with a rest being my heart rate below 140. The watch is cool because as soon as I started my rest it would count down the remaining beats before I hit 140. I ended up going to the lake since it could provide me with no traffic and be close to home. I jogged back as a cooldown.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

6.0 Miles - 47:51 - 7:58 Avg Pace - 91F

Today is the first official run day of my marathon training. Yesterday was technically day 1 however it was a rest day. So today's workout was a 6 mile run. The first two done at marathon goal pace (8:13) followed by two miles done at tempo speed (7:45), then the last two done at marathon goal pace (8:13). I figured out my marathon goal pace by using the Mcmillan Calculator. I used my half marathon time of 1:41 to get the 8:13 marathon goal pace. However, in my mind I want to train hard enough to qualify for Boston. Can it be done...probably not. But sounds like fun trying.

Friday, July 24, 2009

.42 Miles - 4:07 - 9:48 Avg Pace - 72F

Now I know how long it is up the road and back. I got out this morning to do 5 and after about a 100 yards I realized my body had nothing to why fight it. I turned around and came home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5.57 Miles - 41:43 - 7:29 Avg Pace - 88F

It's a cool 88 degrees outside this afternoon and what seemed like was going to be a long tiring run turned out to be a comfortable run. I set my 405 to pace me at 7:50 pace with the hopes of coming a little under it. Yesterday I set it for 7:55 and failed miserably. The first mile today seemed very heavy. The air is thick and I had a hard time controlling my stride and breathing. By the end of mile one I started to feel a little more comfortable. By mile 3 I was on cruise control. My splits were: 7:40, 7:43, 7:44, 7:26, 7:21 and finished the last .57 miles at a 6:35 pace.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5.00 Miles - 39:39 - 7:55 Avg Pace - 91F

I couldn't get out of bed this morning due to poor sleep last night. So instead of getting up at 4 I slept until a little after 5. My wife advised me it's raining outside so guilt automatically left the room. Today was a tough day. I had my yearly physical this afternoon so I had to go without food all day, except for a piece of dry toast for breakfast. After the 2 o'clock appointment I scarfed down a little tortilla ham wrap that Kelley made for me. I then drove home and hit a good 5 miles. I figured this would be a good chance to see how my glycogen tanks were holding up. I haven't done a long run in a while. I felt good up until the beginning of mile 5. Then it was all down hill. My splits were: 7:47, 7:46, 7:49, 7:42 and 8:31.

Monday, July 20, 2009

6.01 Miles - 47:22 - 7:53 Avg Pace - 91F

I woke up at 4am today for my morning run. While I was sitting in the driveway stretching in the peaceful darkness around me I heard a loud rumble and a saw a bright flash of lightning in the sky. It was time to go back to bed. So here I am at 7pm sweating from the miserable heat. Exhausted yet happy I got out there and turned a quick 6 miles. And I did so 20 minutes after eating dinner. Probably not the smartest thing but I wanted to get home before my family got back from the baseball games. My mile splits were 8:39, 7:42, 7:43, 7:51, 7:57, and 7:27.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

5.00 Miles - 37:12 - 7:26 Avg Pace - 81F

This morning was a nice relaxed run. The temps were in the 70's when I started but quickly warmed up. For the most part I felt extremely relaxed. My stride was a little different as well. Not sure if my stride caused me to feel relaxed or me being relaxed changed my stride. Either way it was nice. My splits were 7:42, 7:28, 7:26, 7:25 and 7:08.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

4.41 Miles - 36:52 - 8:21 Avg Pace - 102F

Well I decided against running this morning because of the blister on the back of my left heel. Well after work I decided I better get it in...feeling kind of guilty. So I got in 5.2 this evening during 102 degree temps. There was only one problem, I stopped my watch to fix my sock over my blister and forget to start it back up so I lost 3 quarters of a mile. Oh well, it was a good tempo run. Hopefully I'll get 5 to 7 in the morning, we'll see.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3.11 Miles - 22:25 - 7:12 Avg Pace - 81F

This morning I got a painful blister on the back of my left heel. I had to slow down toward the end of the run because of the pain. My cool down had me walking down Maple carrying my shoes. I got to bed late last night because of the home run derby. So after 5 hours of sleep I decided to make it a short, but quick, run. My splits were 7:12, 7:04 and 7:02. So I did get faster as I went. It's very humid out there and I could have swore I wasn't running that fast, however by my heart rate I knew I was exerting a lot of energy. The good news is my heart rate did average 164 with a peak of 183. I just need to get 7 minute flat miles down to 150 - 160 heart rate speeds.

Monday, July 13, 2009

5.27 Miles - 41:22 - 7:51 Avg Pace - 79F

Today is my first day back from vacation and for the first time at 5am I'm feeling refreshed. My resting heart rate before my run was a low 38bpm which is the lowest I've ever seen. That was taken at 4:20am as I was preparing for my morning run. Today's 5 miles seemed to take forever as I can't seem to get in a runner's groove. My mind is almost memorizing each step I make so I don't get injured running on something I shouldn't be. Not to mention hearing sounds of coyotes and many other wild animals keeps me very alert. So because of that this somewhat fast 5 miles seemed to take forever. My splits were: 8:20, 7:56, 7:46, 7:38, 7:39 and finished the last quarter mile at 7:32 pace.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

5.54 Miles - 43:55 - 7:55 Avg Pace - 78F

Today's run was very wet and long. The high humidity, 78%, had me exhausted. Not to mention today is also the local garage sale day. So I spent majority of the run dodging traffic. I'm gonna have to keep it real short today, gotta go help.

Friday, July 10, 2009

7.00 Miles - 58:08 - 8:18 Avg Pace - 88F

Today's run was a good start to losing the 8 pounds I gained while on vacation. It's currently 88 degrees outside with a "feels like" temp of 95F. I did the normal 7 mile course around Providence and realized at 10 this morning there's not a whole lot of shade out there. Perhaps tomorrow I'll try to get out a little bit earlier. For the most part the extra weight was felt in the knees for about the first mile or so. I decided to keep the pace slow just so I could finish and for the most part my plan worked. My fastest mile was an 8:08 and my slowest was an 8:23 with an average heart rate of 162.

I also started a new program online with Training Peeks. It'll allow me to track my food and training at the same time. So far it looks and works great. We'll see.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

6.22 Miles - 1:03:11 - 10:09 Avg Pace - 90F

This was yesterday's run.

Yesterday, I met up with my brother who was down for the 4th to hit a few miles. I don't think he's run 6 miles in a very long time. We ended up stopping toward the end and walking. It was nice to go out for a run with him because unfortunately we have never done it in the past, not even as kids. My brother Rick is a couple years younger than me and has been in the Marines since H.S. He made E-7 recently and he and his family are relocating to Japan for 3 years.

Our run started out at a brisk pace but slowed down to a 9 minute mile pace by mile 3. Our last mile was exactly at 13 minutes. The fasted was mile one at 8:13. For the most part my heart rate averaged 154 where as his was probably around 180. That alone makes me feel good about the shape I'm in but wishes Rick was in better shape so we could run it a little bit harder and a little bit longer.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

3.14 Miles - 20:49 - 6:39 Avg Pace - 58F

Well today was the Balsam Lake Freedom Fest 5K. It was a small race, about 111 runners, in a small quiet town. Not so quiet this weekend because of the 4th of July. The terrain up here is nothing but hills, and lots of them. Part of the course was uphill on loose gravel which didn't seem to help. My splits were 6:02, 7:05, and 6:53. Considering yesterday's 5k and the hills today I felt my time was right on. I did take two Goo's before this morning run, one 30 minutes prior and the other 15 minutes. I drank coffee with the first goo and water with the second. All in all I felt I could have gone harder toward the end. I actually took it easy to allow my heart rate to fall below 190. Not a bad morning.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

3.08 Miles - 19:48 - 6:25 Avg Pace - 60F

Today Kelley and I ran the Siren 29th Annual 5K race. We left the house this morning around 5:30 and drove the hour to get to Siren. The course was a relatively fast one with approximately 600 folks pre-registered and several going through the registration line. Kind of a small race in relation to what we've done this year but just as much fun if not more. My splits this morning were 5:59, 6:32, and 6:47. The altitude around here is almost 1100 ft where back home it's 400. Kelley and I both commented on how tough it was trying to catch our breaths. My heart rate averaged 183 bpm.

The only thing that went wrong today was the fact the timer was having issues and they couldn't get the results to download properly. Kelley and I both agree they probably couldn't get them out. They said they'd do there best and would mail off the medals and have the results online. We'll see.

Another thing for the record book, as I'm typing this Kelley is at the hospital with her mom. She fell a couple days and has had sharp pains in the middle of her back. We're thinking when she fell she broke a rib. Guess we will see.