Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5.58 Miles - 43:25 - 7:47 Avg Pace

Well today's run finished March with a total of 102.18 miles. I started out today feeling a little sluggish. I took a goo before hand knowing I'd need some energy. Even though I felt sluggish I felt like I was hitting a good pace. Looked at my watch and I was averaging an 8:30 min/mile. So perhaps yesterday's day off wasn't enough. I did pick up the pace the last couple miles realizing the wind was finally to my back. It was a good day to run. Not a whole lot to share other than it was fast, hard and quiet.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

7.13 Miles - 1:01:35 - 8:38 Avg Pace

It's a sunny and cloudless 55F in Providence right now. Kelley and I got out for a good 7 today. The weather couldn't have been better. My run could have though. I started out good but then about a mile into the run my left leg started to act up. It was on the back of my leg behind my knee. It was cramping up. This is the first time I remember feeling pain like this. We stopped a couple of times to stretch it out. Once because I wanted to and once because I had no choice. We had a real comfortable pace and the last mile we picked it up.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

15.01 Miles - 2:09:02 - 8:35 avg pace

Last week was warm temps, today was a blistering 35 degrees with the wind (up to 40 mph) giving us a wind chill of 26 degrees. The perfect conditions for a long run. I was a little unsure about getting out since last Sat was the race. I don't feel I've completely recovered, however I don't feel run down either.

So I drove out to the Greenbelt this morning and when I arrived I noticed two people at the start of the trail with clipboards and a barrier up. There was a triathlon going on. Not your traditional swim, bike, run but instead kayak, run then bike. There were about 120 two man teams on bikes when I arrived. Apparently the race rules stated they had to finish together. I ran across one lady who was stopped and was waiting on her husband. I ran another mile and found him walking his bike. Tough day for them.

So I started out feeling real good today and by mile 4 I started to feel tight hamstrings. I stretched as I normally do but apparently that wasn't enough. They hurt the rest of the run. I made it past the rest area and continued north another 1.5 miles before turning around. You know I felt the wind off and on heading north but didn't think it was all that bad. Guess what, it was coming from the South. When I turned around I was hit by the coldest arctic blast I've felt all winter...from the south!??? Anyway I kept going stopped a few times to stretch out my hamstrings and drink some water. Thank god I brought my fuel belt. I ended up finishing a strong 7:54 mile pace. Not bad. I was feeling it by the time I stopped.

I did go out to the trail with my camera attached to my fuel belt. It felt fine during the whole run...just a bit heavy but it didn't move around a lot. So mile 4 I pulled it out to take some pictures when I found the batteries were dead....wouldn't turn on. Oh well, between the fuel belt, camera, ipod, heart monitor, spy belt I must have had 5 lbs of gear on. What don't kill you will only make you stronger....it better.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

4.31 Miles - 36.07

Today's run was tougher than Tuesday. Maybe I had too many sweets at work today and maybe I just drank way too much water. I just didn't seem to have much energy. These are the times your supposed to listen to your body right...suppose I'll take tomorrow off and hopefully get in 8 this weekend. That'll give a little over 80 for the month which is on track for the 1000 mile year.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

5.48 Miles - 42:50

It's been 3 days since my last confession, I mean post, and I have to say today's run was spectacular. Temps were 72F when I ran at 4:30 pm around Providence. I normally don't feel this good after a Half Marathon. I ran the first mile at a conservative 8:21 pace just to see if I was going to fall apart. I then hit a 7:56, 7:41, 7:19, 7:41, followed by the last .48 miles at a 7:59 mile pace. The last half mile or so was tough as my legs were starting to feel real heavy. Total calories burned 720, average pace 7:49, and average heart rate 167. Not too bad. Tomorrow will most likely be a gym day. I've got to get my core built up. I also need to look at getting into a track somewhere nearby for some speed work. Kelley talked to someone who came by work stating Little Elm's old H.S. has an open track. I'll have to check it out.

FYI, for the record Kelley and I decided last night against Detroit. I'm going to make San Antonio my first marathon. It's a Rock n Roll marathon so I think it'll be very cool. Having live bands every mile is going to Rock.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

12.93 Miles - 1:53:57

Grasslands Trail Run
Today was the 2009 Grasslands Trail Run in Decatur, TX. It was our first trail run and our second half marathon together. It took about an hour to get out to Decatur from our house. It was still pitch black when we arrived at the trail. We had to walk the road with only Kelley's cell phone for light. We picked up our packet and headed back to the car to attempt some rest. At 7am they started the Ultra 50 mile run and then at 7:30 started the Marathon run. Ours was an 8am start. The start had no guns or horns just a "Go" from the race director. We started off heading down a trail to where our car was parked. From there we went from running 6 people wide to running behind each other. Every now and then there was a way to get around the person in front. Matter of fact Kelley had a more strategic way around and soon was barely within sight. Finally I was able to catch some ground and ran up beside her. I eventually made my away around the pack she was running with and hustled to move up. Below you'll see my course splits...you can see how slow mile 1 went. Going through the course there were a lot of downhill and uphill running. For about a mile we ran through fine sand. Ever ran in sand? Not fun. There were only 3 water stops with water and what looked like Gatorade...didn't taste like it though. I stuck with the electrolyte drink each stop. For majority of the 13 miles I felt like a deer jumping from one spot to another winding through the trail. There were very little places along the course to actually get a comfortable pace. I stared down at the ground the entire time. The last half mile was the worst. It was a steady incline with hills along the way. So every 40 yards there was a hill up, back to a steady incline. There were about 10 or so of these hills. I had absolutely nothing in me when I finished, reminding me of my first half. They passed out medals at the finish line. The unofficial results was 1:53 and I finished 36th. Kelley had an awesome run finishing at 2:08 and finishing 76th. She asked me after the run if I'd do it again. Seven hours later I'm still deciding.

Today does mark my 250th mile of the year. 750 more to go.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

3.10 Miles - 26.26

Kelley and I got out this morning for a good paced 5K. The weather was nice at 50F and not a cloud in the sky. It's spring break in Providence but you wouldn't know it. During the day there really isn't that many people around as I'd expected. Of course, why would people take a week off and not go anywhere...except for me. My mother-in-law and her boyfriend are in town for a visit.

We started out this morning a little harder than we should have been, a 7:30 mile pace. We took the rest of the first mile easy followed by a slower second mile at 8:50. Kelley kicked it in the last quarter of a mile with rounding the last mile at 8:38. Average pace for the day was 8:31.

Also, I'm on pace for my most miles in a week record. The half marathon on Saturday will put me at 31 miles.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5.3 Miles - 44:38

Well it's a warm 55 degrees this morning in Dallas. I was able to get out for a good tempo run. Probably the last until after Saturday's Half Marathon at Grasslands. I may get out for a couple slow miles Thursday.

Today's run was around Providence, down to Doc Sanders road and back. I changed my settings on my Forerunner to record each mile as a lap. I was able to not only look at my pace but each mile time. My strongest was the last mile at 7:55. Nothing too hard, I did have to stop once to stretch out my right knee. If felt fine afterwards.

Today's Run at Garmin Connect

Monday, March 16, 2009

10.10 Miles - 1:22:26

Another day late post. This run is Sunday's. - Well after the 5K yesterday I called Archie up to see how he did in his Tri. We got to talking and found out he and Jamie were gonna do 10 on the Denton Rail Trail. How could I resist. These two are crazy fast. So through the mud we went. It was a decent run, I had absolutely nothing left in me the last couple of miles. I wore my fuel belt which weighed me down but more than anything my left hip and my right knee were killing me. My fault for not stretching longer. This run did give me a chance to run with my new sunglasses. I popped in the orange lenses since it was still overcast and it's amazing what light they bring out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

3.1 Miles - 21:05

I'm a day late getting this blog out. Yesterday was the St Patty's Day 5K in Dallas, Tx. It rained 3 days before the run and had isolated sprinkles the morning of the run. The roads were wet and it was about 45 degrees outside. I met up with Nathan and Celina when they showed up and just before the run I got to see our friend Amanda. Even though I got to the front of the race early there were plenty of runners and walkers who squeezed on ahead of me. So, as soon as the gun blasted I found myself trying to squeeze through everyone. It only upsets me because I was really trying to break 21 minutes and I failed. It's the only excuse I can provide. However, I did break my PR by 41 seconds. That's not bad considering no speed work in my training. All in all it was a good run, lots of great people, and lots of good beer.

I ended up finishing 111th overall out of 2,128 people. In my age group I finished 14th out of 223.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3.05 Miles - 22:00

Today was a treadmill day due to all the rain. I meant to get out yesterday for a good 12 but it started sprinkling as soon as I got out of Providence. It's been raining ever since. I felt really solid today. I'll try and get a couple miles in tomorrow and hit St Patty's day 5k hard. I'm really pushing to break 21 minutes, however setting a PR is fine with me. Well not much to report other than I ran on a treadmill.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

10.52 Miles - 1:34:02

Kelley and I ran together this nice 67 degree morning. Can't say I was enthused as she was toward the end of the run. I ended up taking the short way home. Perhaps I'm still not rested after the half last weekend, perhaps I'm tired from the hard 6 yesterday or the 16 for the week. Either way, the concrete pavement through the neighborhood was tearing my hips up. That coupled with lack of sleep and water I had no energy today. I had it...just not my usual. I've got less than a week before the 5k and I'm debating on whether or not to take it easy since I have a half the following week. Also what about training this week...do I take it easy or hard. The sun will be setting at 7:30 this week, thanks to the time change last night, so I'll have more time to run after work. Not sure.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

6.2 Miles - 48:17

Well I didn't have much time this morning for a long run. Katelyn had her soccer game at 9. I started out a quarter after 7 for an hour run. I decided to time a 10K and see if I could run race pace. I haven't run the greenbelt trail in forever it seems. I did end up beating my fastest 10k time but not by much. All in all it was a good run. Temps were very warm. I didn't have any breakfast this morning which was evident on mile 3. I kind of ran out of steam. Course I was running 6 min mile pace for the first couple miles. It was inevitable. I've got one week before the St. Patty's 5k off of Greenville Ave. Can't wait to try and break my PR.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

6.35 Miles - 52:43

Well today was the first run of the year in the heat. It reached up in the 80's today with a nice 75 while I was out running. My legs are still sore from the half last Saturday and my neck is starting to heal. I started out quite slow and finished hard averaging 8:18 mile pace. Afterwards I sat in my office looking at my stats and I couldn't stop sweating. I nice break from the cold but in a way I'm already missing it. The last time I ran in the heat I couldn't run more than a few miles. I hope my body doesn't shutdown like it did last year. I'm still 35lbs lighter than this time last year so I have an advantage. We'll see.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4 Miles - 33:11

Well after suffering for two days resting after the half, and suffering all day from a pinched nerve, I set out for an easy jog. As soon as I push start on the Garmin and made one step I had the worst pain shoot from my neck to my leg. I actually stopped, turned around and was closing to walking in the house before I changed my mind. So I pushed start again and headed off for an easy run. It felt good for the first couple of miles, minus the neck, until suddenly I felt my legs getting heavy. I didn't get any water or shot blocks before the run so I felt the energy fading away. I finished up the run at a very slow pace. The good news is my legs now hurt worse than my neck.

I'm glad I got out for a few miles. I was starting to get a little edgy from being deprived of the road.