Saturday, January 31, 2009

8 Miles - 1:05:37

Today marks the last run for January. I woke up feeling extremely groggy which I chalk up being the result of over training. So I'm going to take next week really slow. Today I went up to the Greenbelt trail and did the north section. Along the way I passed what looked like a HS CC team in training. Kind of odd for January. The oldest guy, I assume the coach, had a Dallas White Rock shirt on. Felt good to see fellow runners on the trail. I'm really looking forward to the spring time. Just not a whole lot of folks out at 9 in the morning running.

So I ended the last day of January with an 8 mile run with an average pace of 8:12 min/mile. Notable stats - Average speed was 7.3 mph and top speed was 10.1 mph for 1.2 minutes. Try that on a treadmill.

So for the month of January....

Friday, January 30, 2009

5 Miles - 49:29

Today's gym run was a little tougher than previous runs. Maybe it was that 23oz Porterhouse I had for lunch. What was I thinking?? I started out slow and ended slow. Average pace was 9:54 cause I ended up walking the last tenth of a mile. Maybe I've pushed January harder than I should have. Maybe I just need to toughen up. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I plan on running 8 on the north section of the greenbelt.

Todays run goes out to someone I've never met but gave me some encouraging words. He goes by KrisWheeler on Thanks Kris wherever you are.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5.42 Miles - 45:04

It was another treadmill day. Today was a rough day driving to and from work due to all the ice on the road. It was nice to finally go my pace, even if it was on a treadmill. Considering my poor 2 miles the other day it was nice to turn some miles at a quick page. Average pace was 8:18, I had to stop a couple times for water thanks to the hot gym. I finished the last 3 minutes between 9.5 and 10.5 mph.

Today's run is to my good friend Derek who was let go from the company yesterday. If you're reading this you still owe me that 12 on the greenbelt.

Monday, January 26, 2009

2.01 Miles - 17:34

Well I'm obviously still beat since Saturday's run. I went to the gym today, Lifetime Fitness, and hit the weights somewhat hard. Mostly arms and back. By the time I made it to the treadmill my heart rate was at a solid 110bpm. I jumped on and at about mile 1 I found myself gasping for air. I ended up walking for a bit and easing back into the run to finish 2 miles.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

20.02 Miles - 3:02:34

Well what started out to be a 12 mile run turned out to be a tough 20 miles. Prior to today my longest run in my life had been the half marathon, 13.1 miles. Which by the way I did twice and both times I cramped up so bad the last mile there was no way I could have gone any further. As I got to the Greenbelt, 380 side, and started running though the 30 degree frigid temps I started to think perhaps I'll go a couple miles longer today. Nothing tremendous, my heart rate was hovering about 150bpm and my pace just at 8:30 a mile...and I was freezing. Freezing to the point that I had no pain, just numbness. So I got to 428 rest area and kept running north with the hopes of making two more miles and turning around. That would have given me a solid 16 mile run. Well as I got to the point where I should have turned around I got to thinking, it's only two more miles to 455...and the last mile through the woods is amazing. So, confused by the cold air, I pressed on and ran to Hwy 455. As I crossed over the bridge to make my stop my Garmin yelled at me...10 miles completed. I stopped for a few minutes to stretch and eat some jelly beans. I was down to 2 bottles of water left on my fuel belt. Well I started running back to 423 and noticed my quads getting sore and my hamstrings tightening up. So for the next 4 miles I ended up stopping twice to stretch. I was running through pain I've never felt before. So that brings me to the last 6 miles from 423 to 380. Halfway down my legs were on fire, passing through mile 15, 16, 17. Just a few more miles of pure agony. I did stop quite a bit to stretch it out. No need to injure myself. Finally I noticed the end of the trail. My garmin yelled at me...20 Miles completed. I hobbled to the car and spent the next few minutes trying to figure out how I was going to get my 5 speed Civic home. Should have got the automatic.

I owe this run to my good friends Derek and Archie. Derek who didn't show up to run 12 with me. Hope you get feeling better. Archie who keeps inspiring in-shape old man who is training for a Half Iron-Man...and they think I'm crazy. And my wife Kelley who always inspires me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 Miles - 40:16

I got off work a little later than usual tonight so I was unable to go outside for a run.  Instead I hit the gym treadmill for a run.  Tonight I wore my Garmin footpod on my shoe so I was able to wear my watch and record my stats.  All in all I didn't expect 5 miles out of it, just a 40 minute run.   I set the treadmill for 7.5 mph which calculated out to be 7:59 min/mile pace.  Below is a copy of my graph from the run.

If you look at the graph you can see the sharp dip down in the middle. That's me getting my ipod headphones wrapped around my neck and I had to slow down. Don't ask.

Monday, January 19, 2009

3.01 Miles - 26:00

Well I never made it to Lifetime today so I ended up going to the community gym.  Not a bad thing but tonight I had to wait in line for just about everything.  I'm writing tonight so I obviously got back on the treadmill.  I ended up doing interval training for 3 miles.  I ran my first mile at about 8.0-9.0 mph then increased it to 10.5.  I ran there for about as long as I could stand then I slowed it down to 3.4 mph for an easy walk.  I don't think I walked for more than tenth of a mile.  So as my distance increased so did my walking.  I still managed an average of 8:30 minute per mile pace with all that walking.  Not a bad run considering I did work my stomach and arms before I got on the treadmill....pretty much to muscle failure.  Signing off, tomorrow I hope to get in 4 to 5 miles around Providence....hopefully.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

3.01 Miles - 24:05

Well it was supposed to be a recovery day after yesterday's race, but I couldn't help's 65 degrees outside.  I ran a quick 3 mile route around Providence which turned out to be a little faster than I originally intended.  My average page was 7:59 per mile.  I was limited on time since Kelley had to be at work, and I'm glad.  I had to stop and stretch down at Creek Village.  My right shin was getting a little sore.  After stretching I eased back into it and finished strong.  

Tomorrow is a Gym day.  I printed a 7 day trial membership to Lifetime Fitness as my 7 day trial at L.A. Fitness ended last Wednesday.  There's a huge one on Preston on my way home from work so I'm looking forward to it.  Hopefully I'll keep off the treadmill and do some circuit training.  We'll see.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

9.3 Miles - 1:13:53

Well it was a chilly morning, not so much from the temps, but the wind.  I ended up wearing a long sleeve tech shirt, shorts, no gloves and no ear warmers which ended up being a good call.  We started at 8:30 this morning.  There were 1360 runners, 632 runners doing the 15K and 622 runners who ran the 5k.  I ended up finished 112th with a ending time of 73 minutes and 53 seconds.  My 5K splits were: 25:08, 24:55, and 23:50.  According to the Garmin my heart rate was stable at an average of 173 bpm with an average pace of 7:51 per mile.  My heart rate peaked at 200 bpm at the end but I finished the last 1/4 mile at about 5:30 mile page with the last 100 meters just under 5 minute per mile pace.  You have to love all the cool stats you can obtain these days.  For the most part I concentrated on my heart rate.  I know once I get over 185 bpm I'm close to burning out.  Also, this was my first race without my Ipod.  I really don't think I'll ever race with it again.  I was able to focus on my breathing, pace and heart rate instead of what song was on or coming up.  I'll wear it for practice but not races.  So without boring everyone to death any longer on details I'll close up.  Right now I'm having a glass of wine celebrating.  My goal was to average 8 min miles or less.  Success!

Big kudos to Kelley for finishing 177th with a time of 1:19:23.  This was her longest race and our first race together.   I can't imagine doing another race without her.  She's absolutely amazing.

The race results can be found here: Run On

Here is the link to my Motion Based Results

Friday, January 16, 2009


Well tomorrow Kelley and I wake up around 5am and set out for White Rock Lake to run the Too Cold to Hold 15K run.  It'll be our first race together so we're both psyched.   We're sitting in my office arranging music, setting up the GPS and trying to pass the time.  For me it's been a rough week.  I last went to the gym for weight training on Monday and ended up tweaking my left knee a bit.  It doesn't hurt anymore so I'm quite hopeful that I'll be able to run hard tomorrow.  I took the week off from running for two reasons.  First, my knee.  Second, it's the week of a race so I must taper.  Normal tapering rules state you continue to run as per schedule however you cut the distance down substantially.  For me I use it as an excuse to take a week off.  It's a good time for me to catch up on where I'm at and where I'm headed.  Just to make sure my current running is on track with my 2009 goals.  Well, I've got to get ready for some good ol fashion laying around.  

I'll report my run results tomorrow sometime.  Wish us luck!

Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Miles - 24:05

Well once again I walked into the gym to simply lift weights and what do you know I found myself running on the treadmill. I just can't seem to stay motivated on the weights. They're boring if you ask me. When I'm out running I get this whole inner peace thing where I can free my mind and forget about everything. I can't do that lifting weights. I find myself counting reps, picking machines, setting up different workouts for different muscle groups...blah blah blah. I know it's completely necessary to strengthen up to build speed but there's got to be a better way. Needless to say, I did 3 miles at a very fast pace on the treadmill. I used it as a speed work out. I can't do speed days here at Providence, because of the concrete roads and I definitely wont consider them on the trail. So that's my excuse for jumping on the treadmill. I'm addicted to nothing.

FYI, I was doing some leg weights and I did something to my left knee. I'll have to ice it down and give it a rest.

Also, a good friend Lacy Roberts started running today. She ran 2.68 miles and it's awesome. Lacy if you're reading this I started running last January. It took me almost 4 months to break through running 2 miles non-stop. I didn't get over three miles until June. Make sure you have plenty of ice in the house for those aches and pains. And most importantly, make sure you've got the right shoes. Any doubts, goto Run On and get fitted. You'll be amazed.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

8.05 Miles - 1:08:11

Today was my last "long run" before next weeks 15K at White Rock.  All in all it felt good considering yesterdays 5 mile at almost race pace.  I started out a little slower than normal, about 8:45 mile pace.  My legs didn't feel too strong.  Then at mile 1 I was passed by a kid wearing a 2007 High School Cross Country shirt.  It quickly reminded me how things were when I was his age, which brought on a little anger.  Anger that I was getting old and at the fact I was slower than him.  So what did I do, changed my Ipod song to something a bit faster and cranked up the run.  I probably owe that kid for the kick in the butt.  

So as I got down to the 4 mile mark where the rest area is at Lake Ray Roberts I couldn't stop thinking about getting some water from the fountain.  Kelley had told me I think a couple times that I needed to take water.  I took my typical sports recovery drink but didn't figure I needed my fuel belt for water during the run.  So as I got to the rest area it dawned on me that this side doesn't have the fountains.  Let's just say the anger I had earlier in the run was quickly replaced by a panic attack.  I took out my gels I carried with me, popped them in my mouth and set back to finish the last 4 miles of the trail.  The trip back was uneventful.  I listened to my favorite podcast, Phedippidations, for the first two miles which took my mind off the run and the lack of fluids.  Finally at the last 2 miles I switched back to some hard core music and finished hard.   It was a great run and you wouldn't believe all the people out today.  It's great to see!

Here's a link to todays run.  I'll dedicate today's run to a good friend of mine, Derek Jones.  Because he probably didn't run today and wished he had.  

Below are a couple pics of the 428 rest area where I started my run today. It's the half way point for the entire Greenbelt trail.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

5.29 Miles - 42:10

What a run! I ended up going to the Greenbelt for a 5 mile run this morning. It was about 30 degrees outside with winds up to 25 mph.  It was my first chance of really running out in the cold this winter.  It's been rather warm up until this point.  Considering I've got a 15K next Saturday, where it's supposed to be about 30 degrees when we start, I felt it was necessary to see how my lungs and clothing perform in the cold.  I wore a pair of Nike Fit running pants, a long sleeve tech shirt, winter hat and gloves.  Once I got past mile 2 my hands started to warm up. Until that point they were frozen solid.  So I ran to the park bench on the trail, which is about 2.58 miles from the start.  I stopped and stretched for a bit then headed back.  On the way back I probably averaged a 7:30 mile pace finishing off the last .75 miles at about a 6:30 mile pace.  All and all it was a great run.  

Click here to see the motion base results

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

4.82 Miles - 39:15

January 6th - Today's run was quite difficult as the temps were around 44 with a wind gusting up to 16 mph.  I really don't mind the cold temps but I can't stand running in the wind.  For the most part I stayed pretty warm in the shorts and long sleeve tech shirt but I could not keep my hands warm.   I have a nice pair of brooks running gloves that I really didn't think I needed before I walked out of the house.  So I finished just short of 5 miles.  I remember looking at my watch the last mile and I was hovering between 6:30 and 7:15 min/mile pace.  Not quite certain if I was running so fast because I felt good or was it my brain freezing and wanting to get back inside.  You never know.  

Here is a link to my run through  Tim's Jan 6th Run

Below is a pic of my run this evening through the community I live in, Providence.  

Monday, January 5, 2009

1.5 Miles - 10:40

January 5th - After a long day at work and an even longer time driving home, thanks to the rain and 32 degree temps outside, I went to the gym.  When I started this blog I told myself it wouldn't be about lifting weights, swimming, or anything but pure running.  Well after lifting about 20 minutes I found myself running on a treadmill.  Go figure...  Certainly that's got to count for something...even that little mile and a half run.  So sitting at the supper table after my workout I asked Kelley her thoughts on the treadmill.  She said something wonderful "every workout big or small, related or not related to actual running, goes toward improving my running abilities."  I wont mention my 20 minute swim yesterday or the curls from today, but wow did that 1.5 miles jacked up to 9.5 mph on the treadmill feel good.   

On a side note, I think I lost my mind today.  No comments please!  A few folks at work started a pool on losing weight.  The bet is you must lose 10% of your weight by March 30th.  The losers have to buy all the winners lunch that afternoon.  Now it seems like a silly bet, spend 3 months dieting and working out just to end up pigging out for a free lunch.  But as I sat there I considered my options.  Even if I don't lose all the weight, every pound off is worth every cent I'd spend on their lunch.   So, I got weighed in at work.  A total of 192 lbs with all my work clothes on.  I obviously wear a lot of work clothes or the scale was off because as soon as I got home I jumped on my scale....184.0 lbs.  Well, regardless of what I really weigh I've got to lose 19.2 lbs according to their scale in a mere 12 weeks.   I've been trying to lose weight for some time.  I started really running last July and weighed a total of 205 lbs.  I've been sitting at 185 lbs for about a month and a half.  So any little motivation shouldn't hurt.  Now the key is to lose the weight without losing energy.  Wish me luck!

So as I'm sitting here listening to Eric Clapton and enjoying a nice Merlot I'm going to log off saying "Cheers to my mile and a half run!"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

7.99 miles - 1:13:00

January 3rd - Kelley and I dropped the kids off at a neighbors and went out to run the back half of the 380 Greenbelt.  For those who aren't familiar with the 380 Greenbelt it runs from Hwy 380 stopping at FM428 and continuing on and ending at FM455 just outside of Lake Ray Roberts.  A picture of the map is listed under my favorites.

So we started out running north on the trail.  The trail on this side of 428 isn't near as smooth as the 380 half.  At mile 3 the trail finally reached the forest which was a very nice site.  From there we did the last mile crossing over a long bridge before stopping at the rest area.  We stopped for about 10 minutes before heading back which if I had my car I would have jumped in it and drove home.  On the way back we made a stop at the 2 mile marker for some water.  At that time Kelley and I finished the last 2 miles at our own comfortable pace. According to the watch I finished the last mile at about a 7 min/mile pace.  Not too shabby. 

5.97 miles - 47:11

January 1st - Ready to kick off 2009 I called a friend of ours, Archie, from my son's baseball team.  We hadn't run together in the past but Archie is a solid Triathlete.  Archie not only wanted to run but called a couple of his Tri buddies, Jamie and Johnny, out to join us.  We ran the first section of the 380 Greenbelt. It was a simple out 3 and back with a finish time of 47:11 and a total of 6 miles.  Average Pace was 7:52.  My last 10k was done at 48:41 last November so as you can see we were moving.   It was a good run and look forward to catching up with these guys in the future.  I'll obviously need to improve to keep up.

My Schedule

Last year I spent majority of the time running to improve from the prior months.  Having the Garmin stats it's easy to catalog runs by months.  So I would usually run just to beat last months total distance.  In doing so I put in a lot of miles Aug, Sept and Oct which on average was about 75 miles a month.  However, I do feel just before my first Half Marathon, Nov 2nd, that I had over worked myself.  I had really bad pains in my hip joints where the leg attaches.  So after that Half I reduced my total distance and started to swim.  Not to mention the cold weather started to hit North Texas so indoor swimming was a great way to stay somewhat warm.

So for this year my schedule will be:

Monday - Gym 
Tuesday - Run
Wednesday - Swim
Thursday - Run
Friday - Swim
Saturday/Sunday - One day will be a day off and the other will be a long run, 8+ miles. The schedule will be based on how I feel and the weather.

In regards to how far or how long a work about will be, that will depend on the weather and sunset.  It currently gets dark in Dallas aroun 5:20 pm and I don't get home from work until 4:50 to 5pm.  

My Commitment

As my family and I stayed up to celebrate the New Year I made a commitment to complete 1000 miles and 4 half-marathons in 2009.  I use a Garmin Forerunner 305 to track my miles and stats.  For 2008 I finished a total of 442.53 miles.  I only had 65 miles the first 6 months of the year.  Knowing that I do feel the 1000 miles is an obtainable and realistic goal.  I finished my first half marathon last November at the DRC Half at a time of 2:04, followed by a second half at The Rock with a finish time of 1:54.

This is my attempt to keep track of my thoughts, pains, runs and races for the year.