Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5.00 Miles - 41:03 - 8:12 Avg Pace - 54F

My hip seems to be holding up, but now it's my knees. Not sure what's going on, I don't have that many miles on my shoes. Perhaps I'm running too slow. Yesterday it snowed, today it's sunny and in the 50's. I hope to get anther 5 in tomorrow then a long run Saturday. Today was a long day and I'm feeling it. Motivation seems to be on the low side as we come up to the New Years. I have next year's goals already figured out. Just gotta get through this week.

Monday, December 28, 2009

5.08 Miles - 41:35 - 8:11 Avg Pace - 42F

I read something last night, as soon as you get home get changed and get outside to start your run, as quick as you can. This will keep you from wanting to change your mind. Pretty much what I did. Once I change clothes I'm pretty much committed to a run. It was a long day at work and somewhat nice to get on the road for another 5. I've only done back to back runs 3 times since October. Running tomorrow will be nice, however we're expecting a couple inches of snow around 6pm. We'll see. Well, after talking my Aunt on the phone trying to get her to figure out an Ipod Touch I've completely neglected my family....sorry guys. Blog done.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

5.26 Miles - 43:12 - 8:13 Avg Pace - 27F

I did something this morning I have never done. A simple "one thing" that made running this morning extremely enjoyable, despite being 27 degrees with a very cold wind. That one thing allowed me to keep my mind off of running and put my mind in a place far far away from this world. A simple audio book. Kelley had bought Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie on Itunes and I immersed myself into the story this morning. For a year now I've been running to music or to my own footsteps drowning myself in self improvement. It was nice to get away this morning.

How do I feel? Frozen, my knees are killing me and I can't wait to tell Kelley I signed our whole family up for a running group, The Plano Pacers. She's gonna kill me.

Monday, December 21, 2009

5.16 Miles - 40:10 - 7:47 Avg Pace - 55F

After yesterday's 14 miler and staying up all night coughing I didn't think I was going to get out for a run. However, after stepping on the scale I felt motivation which I hadn't felt in a really long time. Although I probably shouldn't have pushed it with a cold and weary legs I'm glad I did. It was nice to get a fast run in, although my heart rate never got over 180...and that was during a 7:33 mile. Tomorrow I'll probably venture out to the gym for a little cross-training after work. Once I get some weight down I'll probably slow down on the days. One thing I'm going to do differently this go around is less work out days while concentrating more on my long runs. I was too burnt out by Sunday on my last program to really get my long run in. I need the long run, and lots of them.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

14 Miles - 2 hours and change - 34F

My Garmin died after the turn around today so I was unable to catch all my stats. For the most part I was averaging 8:45 pace and felt somewhat comfortable doing it. You see I caught the cold this past Tuesday. It's primarily above my neck so I don't see it being too harmful to run. Perhaps I shouldn't have done 14 but it's less miles than what I wanted, which was 20. It was tough, I past the 3 mile mark and I really tried to talk myself into turning around. I think it was my bodies plea for help. So I changed the song on the ipod into something a little more upbeat and that was the end of that. This week has been the week of catching up. Finally finished wrapping up the last episode of Steve Runner's podcast, Phedippidations. Finally getting back into running. After looking back over the last 30 days I really think I have the Marathon Blues. It's very difficult to find the motivation, this morning it came to me. Perhaps it's time.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

13.24 Miles - 1:38:12 - 7:25 Avg Pace - 45F

Today was the Dallas White Rock Half/ Marathon. It was almost a perfect day to run, minus the fog which seemed to feel real wet half way through. I started out a little on the slow side but by mile 3 I was close to running in the 6's. My hip started to bother me around mile 7 but seemed to fade by mile 9. I can't complain, I ended up setting a personal record by 10 seconds over DRC on Nov 1st. Considering I haven't run but a handful of times this month I'm very pleased with my results. I was able to control my breathing very well, saying hello and thanks to several police officers and fans. Congrats goes out to Joan, who ran her first Marathon, Kelly Folsom and Celina Romney and everyone else running for Team Tyler.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

.94 Miles - 7:16 - 7:46 Avg Pace - 43F

Today's jog was just a stretch for tomorrow's Half. My legs and hip felt pretty good but realizing this is only my 9th run in 30 days. My hopes for tomorrow are simple: have fun and try to run around 1:45. We'll see. This morning I have to pick up my race packet.

Monday, December 7, 2009

4.25 Miles - Treadmill

The weather was too dismal to get out for a run tonight after work. I don't mind the cold but when it's misting and 36 degrees it's probably not a good idea. I haven't logged a run since last week and I'll tell you why. Thursday I went to the Dr and turns out I have hip bursitis. He gave me a shot of cortizone and it left me in quite some pain for a couple days. Saturday morning I tried to get out for a run, making it to the end of the street before turning back. The pain in my hip was to sharp. Instead I went to the gym and rode 6 miles or so on the stationary. Yesterday, Sunday, I went back to the gym and did 5 miles on the bike and did 4 miles on the treadmill....I didn't feel too bad. My left hamstring is now extremely tight, as my right was a month ago. My hip started to hurt after pushing the last minute, lengthening my stride.

So that brings us to today, I did another 5 miles on the bike followed by 4.25 mile run. I ran at an 8 min mile average pace with spurts as high as 6:30, all at 1 degree incline. I didn't feel too bad until the end where I could feel the hip start to spasm. Either way, not too bad. Tomorrow if the weather is better I'll get outside for a run.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5.36 Miles - 42:50 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 37F

Today was the first day of snow for Dallas and it was cold and windy. By 10 this morning the snow had stopped and temps started to warm up. I had expected it to get warmer, however by the time I got home it was back in the 40's with a wind chill in the upper 30's. So, what do you do when it's that cold outside. You put on shorts and go for a run. My hip started to hurt a little around mile 2.5, a short stretch seem to help it out. All in all I was real pleased with the run. The only downside was it's getting dark real early. I'll have to figure out how to get home faster. Tomorrow is a doctors appointment with a sport guy. We'll see what's going on with my hip.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009 San Antonio Marathon Home Video

2.10 Miles - 20:15 - 9:40 Avg Pace - 60F

Kelley and I got out for an easy recovery run this morning. Nice short run to work out some of the aches and pains. It's a cloudy, muggy day here in Dallas which is a direct relationship to how I feel. After a few minutes of googling I believe what I have is hip bursitis. It's clearly and inflammation of the joint because it only hurts as I work the joint. Icing it alleviates just about all of the pain. So with ice, motrin and tons of stretching I'm hopeful that I can heal in time for Dallas Whiterock Half. Kelley is still having issues with her knee. I'm advising we both go see a sports physician in hopes of getting our pains diagnosed properly.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

11.76 Miles - 1:38:08 - 8:20 Avg Pace - 50F

Feels good to get a long run in again. It would have been better if not for the pain in my right hip. I'm really going to have to figure out what's going on with it. After a few miles I get a pain as if my leg bone is going to pop out of my hip. I can stop and stretch it and it'll feel better for a mile or so. I don't seem to have a problem running through it and even afterwards it's not painful to walk on. Today I tried different strides to see which felt better and clearly the shorter strides were less painful. I've been off it for a couple weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Maybe tomorrow I'll try stretching it longer before I start my run.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

5.16 Miles - 40:52 - 7:55 Avg Pace - 35F

Happy Thanksgiving! Today's run was my second since San Antonio. I did feel pretty comfortable out there, except for the last mile. I started to sweat and then I really got cold so my form was a bit irregular. Can't type too much today, gotta get ready to host turkey day.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

2.67 Miles - 21:33 - 8:05 Avg Pace - 56F

This was my first run since last Sunday's Marathon and I know feel my muscles are made of memory foam. The first half mile my body mimicked the posture and stride I had from the end of the marathon. It was truly ugly. After about a 1/2 mile I stopped to stretch my hips and was able to get more comfortable. My second mile was done in 7:44. I felt strong for the most part but did have some minor aches and pains. When I stopped at the house my legs were warm and I could really feel the muscles twitching. I will probably take tomorrow off then Monday or Tuesday get a 5 miler in. Last night I signed up for 2 more races, both Half's. The Dallas White Rock in Dec and the inaugural Rock N Roll Dallas Half Marathon in March.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

26.2 Miles - 4 hrs 25 minutes - 10:00 Avg Pace - 80F

Today was the San Antonio Marathon. It was my first marathon and definitely not my last. I had a blast this morning. My time was slower than I wanted but it's very difficult to judge your first marathon. I had great expectations of going out there and running a 3:30, but as I crossed mile 13 it occurred to me that with the very warm temps and high humidity, along with cramping calf muscles, I realized that it's not about 3:30, it's about running 26.2 miles. Like I said I had so much fun meeting new people and seeing them feeling the same pain I was in. There's something said about that. I'm thankful that I didn't set any records and was able to enjoy myself and the company of others. I think in due time I'll break the 4 hour barrier and even perhaps qualify for Boston. But right now, I'm a Marathoner.

Monday, November 9, 2009

2.70 Miles - 20:49 - 7:42 Avg Pace - 72F

Today was supposed to be a day off, however I couldn't risk not running and seeing how I felt. My right hamstring has been tight since the half and quite honestly I haven't been giving it any attention. Today I went out stronger than I should have but it felt real nice to stretch it out. Bout the last half mile my hamstring was tightening up. Seemed like the harder I ran the better it felt, however there's no way I can keep a sub 7 min mile pace this Sunday. I'll take tomorrow off and finish Wednesday with another 3 or so.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

6.84 Miles - 56:46 - 8:17 Avg Pace - 56F

Today started out as a beautiful, sunny and cool morning. Not a cloud in the sky and hardly any wind as I stretched it out before hitting start on my GPS. I felt strong during the start but held back because I knew it had been 4 days since my last run and I didn't want to hurt myself. As I hit mile 2 I started running into a south wind from out of nowhere. Within minutes the entire sky was a smoky gray and kind of took the fun out of running this morning. All in all I was fine but I had one major problem that caused me to stop twice, my right hamstring. I have never felt it this tight before. I'll clearly have to stretch it as often as I can this coming week.

Today we're heading out to my cousin's wedding in McKinney. Congratulations Aaron and Tessa.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

5.42 Miles - 43:30 - 8:01 Avg Pace - 66F

Today's 5 miles wasn't a bad first day back since setting my PR in Sunday's Half. My right knee has a nerve that kept getting in the way during turns which was very annoying...slightly painful. I could tell I still didn't have a full tank but none-the-less I did feel comfortable. Today was also the first day with a new pair of shoes, Saucony Hurricanes, so my body was trying to adjust. The shoes are a little firmer than previous Omni 8's but I'm thinking that'll help them last longer. Today's fastest mile was Mile 4, 7:32.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

13.22 Miles - 1:38:20 - 7:26 Avg Pace - 50F

Today I did my second DRC Half Marathon. The weather was a cool 45F with 0 wind when we started. The temps did warm up a bit but nothing too warm. I got to the race around 6:45 this morning after having to catch a bus to the race from the parking lot. There were about 4000 runners who participated and this years course had a new start point...hence the 13.22 miles. It was a little longer than a traditional half according to my Garmin. Anyway, I ended up finishing 207th overall and 24th in my age group. I also set a PR today so all in all it was a great race.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

2.69 Miles - 19:47 - 7:21 Avg Pace - 52F

This mornings run was quick but short. Tomorrow I'm doing the DRC Half Marathon so I figured a hard/fast run to get my heart rate up and muscles warm would be a good idea. The first mile was a comfortable 7:43 then I picked up the second to 7:10 and finished the last .69 miles at a 7:04 avg pace. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor today but I felt like I averaged about 170. My chest and head felt a little congested but all in all it was a good warmup.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3.1 Miles - 23:53 - 7:42 Avg Pace - 68F

Why is it that I feel out of shape? I'm huffing and puffing pushing a slow 7:40 pace while my legs feel like they've just figured out how to run. Granted I had to water or gels or any energy before the run but geez it was only a 5k. Was it the wind, was it a long day at work....this half marathon on Sunday is more important than I thought. It's a test to see how good of shape I am in.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5.45 Miles - 41:49 - 7:40 Avg Pace - 63F

This morning I woke up and signed up for the DRC Half Marathon. The race is this Sunday around White Rock Lake in Dallas. My training plan has me running 13 on Sunday so I figured why not. The DRC was my very first half marathon which I did last year with a time of 2:04:12.

Today's run was the first day of my taper. The plan had me running 3 x 1 mile and 3 x 800m. I took a 30 second break in between the miles and a minute in between the 800's. My quads are extra sore from the pounding. Nike's are running out of steam.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

20 Miles - 2:56:37 - 8:49 Avg Pace - 68F

Well it's 68 now but it was in the 40's when I started this mornings 20 miler at 8:39am. Not a bad run through the community. I ended up do three laps around Providence which is much better than my original plan of running every street. At least this way I didn't have to think too much about which way to go. Each lap brought me by the house where I was showered in Accelerade, Water and Support. Thank You Kelley, Jacob and Katelyn. And to my surprise on the second trip by the house Kelley was stretching and had her gear on. She ran the last lap with me which was absolutely amazing. Thank you honey and sorry you got stung by the wasp....again. Today was also the day I broke past 1000 miles for the year, crossing off my first of three goals for 2009.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

5.71 Miles - 46:17 - 8:06 Avg Pace - 55F

So everyone knows I've had to take the week off due to an infection. After my 4 miler last Saturday I started having body aches and ended up with a fever for a couple of days. It's Thursday now and I'm finally feeling ok to get out. So on my first day what happens, it gets really cold and windy. I felt ok during the run. My legs started to stiffen up early with almost a weird pain in my left foot. Nothing too difficult to run through though. I'll probably take it easy tomorrow and really hope to get a long run in Saturday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

4.01 Miles - 32:41 - 8:09 Avg Pace - 52F

It's a cool sunny 52 this morning as I got out for 4 miles after a night of celebrating with Kelley. As my neighbor puts it, I had a touch of the cocktail flu this morning. Because of that I couldn't get my heart rate down. Regardless how fast or slow I ran my heart rate hovered around 167. I also woke up to body aches, which I might add, I still have. Could it be the flu shot I got 5 days ago....geez I hope not. I hate to miss the scheduled 19 miler tomorrow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

10.79 Miles - 1:31:45 - 8:30 Avg Pace - 64F

Today's marathon training was 1.5 hours at a slow steady pace. I couldn't have run any harder if I wanted, I put all my energy just staying on the road and finishing. The temps were chilly and the wind was colder. Today's run marks a little over 46 miles in 6 days, with 26 of it being in the last three days. It's good that I can get the miles in but I've yet to do a long run, 20+. I'm supposed to do a long run Sunday with 4 miles on Saturday. We'll see.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3.15 Miles - 26:01 - 8:15 Avg Pace - 79F

It's hot and humid outside as the sun is finally coming out after almost 3 weeks of grey. It's a humid 85% as I tackled 3 miles after yesterdays tough 13 miler. I was looking at my training plan and this week is the toughest week of the training series. Which means that if I can't make this week count, and finish it all, then I have no hope of running San Antonio, well at least finishing respectably. Tomorrow is 90 minutes, Friday is off, Saturday is 4 and Sunday is 19. I'll probably swap Saturday and Sunday. It's supposed to be a cool 46 Saturday morning. We'll see what happens. Right now my knees hurt and didn't seem to have any energy as was evident by my heart rate. Running an easy pace I quickly got into the 160's after just a mile.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

13.1 Miles - 1:46:53 - 8:09 Avg Pace - 67F

Today's run was 2 miles at Goal Pace, 4 x 2 Miles at Tempo, then 3 miles at Goal Pace. For the most part it was an easy run, keeping my heart rate at an average of 160bpm. My heart rate started to climb as the run progressed due to know water or electrolytes for fuel. Can't say I really needed it until I hit mile 9. I past the water fountain and battled through it so I could get my body depleted of all glycogen...assuming this is still the way to build up your tank. If not...then perhaps I just did it for the misery. As I'm typing this my feet are probably the sorest of the body. My knees and quads were hurting the most during the run. We'll see which hurts the most when I decide to get out of this chair.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 Miles - 1:19:58 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 52F

Another cool morning and this time there was rain....well rather
mist, which felt really good. Today's 10 miles was faster than
yesterday's run by a little over a minute. I wore my Nike's today
over yesterday's Saucony's and my legs feel a whole lot better today.
Guess Kelley was right...again...time for new shoes. That will have
to wait a little while. I still have my Nike's. Well it's extremely
cold outside and just as cold if not cooler in my office. So time to
cooldown...or warmup...however you wanna put it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 Miles - 1:21:28 - 8:08 Avg Pace - 58F

Well it's a very cool and cloudy morning over Providence. It's rained almost every day for the past two weeks and it was supposed to be sunny and cool today. According to my plan I was supposed to get out for 18 miles. Because the trail is flooded I decided to get 10 in today and 10 tomorrow. According to all the magazines you read a back to back long run should be as effective as one long run, minus the chance of injury. We'll see. Next week I really have to try and get 20 in for my long run. If I can do 20 a month before the run I'll feel a whole lot better about my current condition.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3.17 Miles - 24:12 - 7:38 Avg Pace - 68F

Today's easy run turned into fartlek training. I was scheduled for 3 miles and 6 x 100's but instead did 3.1 with speed intervals. My miles were 8:12, 7:30, and 7:17 with an average heart rate of 150bpm. It started raining the last .5 miles and it sure did feel good.

Monday, October 5, 2009

10:39 Miles - 1:24:09 - 8:06 Avg Pace - 68F

Today's run was 2 miles at MGP and 4 x 2 Miles at Tempo pace, with 2 minutes of recovery in between. My first 2 miles done much faster than Goal Pace was a 15:22. Then I had the following 2 miles, 15:11, 15:25, 15:35 and 15:22. For the most part my average pace was a 7:40 but you factor in the 7 minutes of recovery it tends to slow the overall average down. My heart rate averaged out at 155 with a running average of about 160. Considering it's been almost a week since I've gotten out to run this was a good training day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5.01 Miles - 38:21 - 7:39 Avg Pace - 73F

My start today was a little on the slow side. After the first mile, 8:16, I started to pick up the pace a little bit. The weather was cool and my knees didn't hurt near as bad as they did yesterday. However, I didn't seem to have any spring in my step. Matter of fact it seemed like I had no idea on how to run. I appeared and felt very awkward. Toward the last few miles I was able to pick it up. I wanted to get my heart rate up to the 170's which posed a very big problem. It wasn't until Mile 5 that I got my heart rate over 165. Mile 3 was done at 7:46, 4 was at 7:11 and the 5th mile was done at 7:05. My heart did peak at 188 but only because the last 31 feet I was at a 5 min flat pace. Oddly, I didn't feel like I was running fast.

Monday, September 28, 2009

7.48 Miles - 1:00:07 - 8:01 Avg Pace - 77F

Two days after my 17 miler my schedule had me run an hour. I didn't mind it today because my knees are still a little sore. It sure beats fast mile repeats. Anyway the 7 miles took me through essentially all of my community, and twice in a few sections. The temperature is a nice 77F and the sun is really starting to get lower and lower everyday. Soon we'll be setting our clocks back and hour and embracing the cool weather. As I'm writing this I'm contemplating my running, my future in running and where it'll take me. Currently, like I said, my knees are sore and while I'm typing this "Running the Sahara" is playing over the second monitor. Last night Kelley and I sat in bed watching TV, the 2008 Ironman was playing. They had folks out there for 15 to 16 hours competing and looking at majority of them you wouldn't think they were the type that could swim 2 miles, bike 100 and then run a full marathon. Maybe thats why they do it. Why do I do it....? Hell why does anyone. I think for the most part we're all a bit competitive and love the challenge. For me that's the basics of who I am. But what's going to happen after the Marathon. Sure I've got Boston on my mind but perhaps there's more to it than Boston. Maybe Boston is not "the goal" but one of many I need to have to keep me passionate about my running. Who knows.

Today's run goes out to my wonderful wife who got me into the painful sport....thanks. Take care of that knee honey.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

17.16 Miles - 2:24:27 - 8:25 Avg Pace - 60F

This morning was my first Saturday long run, moving it from my training program Sunday schedule. All in all it worked out real well. We got to bed late last night due to Jacob's doubleheader but I woke up feeling somewhat fresh and ready for a long run. I hit the greenbelt where along the way I encountered what looked like the UNT Cross Country team. They were on there way back and they were hoofing it. Other than that just a few bikers and a couple deer. It was good to get out for a long run. The only pains I felt during the run, which was just about all of well as now, is knee pain.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

5.09 Miles - 40:06 - 7:53 Avg Pace - 67F

Today is my 150th post this year, and I'm feeling better than ever. Today's easy 5 miles at 7:53 pace was very promising going into the fall. All the hard running through the 100 degree temps may actually pay off. Today's pace which looks quick on paper had an average heart rate of 149bpm with a max of 168. That 168 was on the last 452 ft. My heart rate didn't break 160 until the latter part of mile 5 just before the finish. Tomorrow is my day off and Saturday I'm doing an easy 17.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8.52 Miles - 1:09:18 - 8:07 Avg Pace - 65F

Today's tempo run was short by 3 miles but short on purpose. I am no longer following my schedule. I am going to concentrate on getting my long runs in on Saturday morning. If I run once a week so be it. I will do my best to follow the schedule to a point that I know I can hit my long runs. It doesn't do me any good to bust ass all week trying to get my miles in just to come up short on my long day.

Today I did a half mile warmup followed by 2 miles at 8:03 avg pace then 3 x 2 mile repeats done at : 15:35, 15:08 then the last at 13:40. The last two miles was an average pace of 6:50. I felt good as the temps were extremely a point I almost got cold.

Monday, September 21, 2009

5.05 Miles - 40:20 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 83F

Today was supposed to been a day off. However, since I failed to complete the entire 16 miles yesterday I felt obligated to get some in today. The first mile was extremely tough. My knees and legs felt rubbery as if I had never walked or ran a step in my life. By mile 2 that started to fade and was replaced by stinging sweat in my eyes. The rest was downhill until the last mile which started to really slow me down. I have to get my head in the game. I only have one more full month of training and I have yet to run more than 14 miles.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

12.11 Miles - 1:45:28 - 8:42 Avg Pace - 87F

Today's run was supposed to be a 16 miler, however due to lack of water stations on the new trail I couldn't go on any longer. I ended up driving out to Plano where I ran the the Chisolm and Bluebonnet Trails. I finished my 4th water bottle at around mile 9 so by the time I got to my car I was a little dehydrated. The sweat starting drying up and my hat was turning a chalky white. It was time for me to stop. The plan was to drink my accelerade then get back out and finish the remaining 4 miles. Looking at the time it was already 12:30. Nobody should be running in Texas at noon. Not to mention I wanted to hurry up and get home because today is my beautiful wife's birthday - Happy Birthday Kelley. You are my world. Well I have to hit the running hard this week. I need to get my long runs in. According to the schedule I have a 17 miler next week. I was thinking that perhaps I'll do my long runs on Saturday for now on. That way I can get out there at 7, instead of 10:30.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2.88 Miles - 25:18 - 8:47 Avg Pace - 71F

Yep, it's 71 degrees outside and raining. I was supposed to hit 3 miles but the roads were slick and I didn't want to risk it. Besides, I have a 5K race this Saturday. I'm probably going to take off tomorrow. I've only got 4 x 1 mile repeats on the books. I don't see a point. I'm going to stay inside today and enjoy the soft rain outside.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

11.07 Miles - 1:33:30 - 8:26 Avg Pace - 77F

Cool temps tonight after 4 days of rain. I ended up running through the neighborhood as the trail was too wet. Tonights run was 2 miles at GP, 3 x 2 miles at Tempo, then 3 miles at GP. I failed to complete the run shorting myself by 1.19 miles. I got a bit dehydrated running out of water during the last two mile repeat. Oh well, it was a tough run and I got through 11 miles of it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

10.0 Miles - 1:28:06 - 8:48 Avg Pace

Well so much for my long 16 mile day. It's raining in Dallas, matter of fact it's been raining all weekend, and I ended up going to the gym at the clubhouse. One nice thing before I get to all the frustrating items, they have brand new equipment on the first floor and managed to put monitors in front of the 3 new treadmills. Okay, now the rant. The treadmills are 2 feet from the wall in front of you so your staring at sheetrock. Two, the monitors are 2 feet above the treadmills. There's just no way to see it while your running, perhaps walking. Three, there's no ceiling fan above the treadmills. Four, you can only do a max of 1 hour. Five, you have to stop to take a drink of water. There's no official cup holder, just an area to put your bottle but god forbid if you jar the machine cause it'll come crashing down. It didn't happen to me but it has in the past. Five, I couldn't stop sweating. I had to stop every now and then to wipe myself and my machine down so I didn't look like I just took a shower on the thing.

I'm frustrated cause I'm not putting in the miles I"m supposed to be. I have 34 miles for the week which isn't bad but I missed Tuesday's run and failed short by 6 miles today. That's 10 miles not accounted for in my week.

Thank god it's football season.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

5.10 Miles - 41:20 - 8:07 Avg Pace - 80F

Today's easy 5 miles through the cool streets of Providence couldn't have been more rewarding. There was a light sprinkle through the humid community which dripped across my face like a warm summers dew. Ok, I've been helping my son with his English homework. Today's run was easy in comparison, it did rain and it's officially over. Time to have some fun. Cheers!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

9.02 Miles - 1:15:12 - 8:20 Avg Pace - 80F

Tonights training run was a scheduled 80 minutes at no particular pace. The trail was soggy this evening thanks to a line of thunderstorms that ran through Dallas on my way home from work. As I sat on my bed pondering whether or not I would run I kept reminding myself that I was off tomorrow and couldn't take another 2 days off this week. So I forced myself up and out the door. I only ran into 1 snake this evening. Why is it they just sit in the middle of the trail??? They've never tried to strike me but then again I'm far enough away when I scoot around them.

Well my son just came in to tell me the football game is on. It's the first game of the season, Pittsburgh vs Tennessee.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9.62 Miles - 1:19:14 - 8:14 Avg Pace - 93F

Today's run was what I had not done yesterday thanks to a work function. So instead of doing my normal 3 miles and 6 x 100's I drove out to the trail and did the following:

.5 Mile warmup
2 miles at race pace - 8:10 avg
2 miles at tempo - 7:38 avg
2 miles at tempo - 7:34
3 miles at race pace - 8:27 avg

The three miles was supposed to be faster but I just didn't have it in me. It's allergy season in North Texas and I'm wondering if my body isn't drained from fighting it. Even though I feel fine, I'm not fine during the runs. Perhaps it's time to start popping the vitamin C. Anyway, it was good to finish the run and not quit like the last time I was out there. Trust me I wanted to.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

6.55 Miles - 55:19 - 8:26 Avg Pace - 80F

This morning run was absolutely ridiculous. I should have stayed home and rested. We ended up going to families yesterday for labor day party. We ate a lot, drank a lot and played a lot of volleyball. My left knee got scraped up pretty good going for the volleyball during the last game. Now we get to this morning. It's hot outside, I'm dehydrated, and I'm sore. I was supposed to do 15 miles. So much for my long run.

5.00 Miles - 37:05 - 7:24 Avg Pace

This was yesterday's run.

I started out feeling very relaxed yesterday morning. I spent all morning drinking coffee and working on the computer, which is why I couldn't get the blog out. I remember half way through the first mile I was calm and running steady. My watched showed me at a 7:30 pace. I've been running in the 6's for the 5K's and high 7's for everything else. I decided to try and hit a mid to low 7 average. My mile splits were: 7:32, 7:24, 7:33, 7:21 and 7:12.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

10.71 Miles - 1:30:12 - 8:25 Avg Pace - 86F

Today training run was a 5 minute warmup, followed by 80 minutes ( at no given pace) then a cooldown jog. I ended up slowly running the warmup getting in .55 miles in those five minutes. The 80 minute run was hell. No matter how I broke it down so it appeared easier, 2 x 40 minute runs, 8 x 10 minute runs, wasn't. I didn't do too bad running 9.6 miles in those 80 minutes. I had to stop twice during the run. Once for a deer and once for a snake. I was obviously impeding on their turf. The final cooldown was .57 miles and it took me 5:12. Tonights run finished a tough series getting in 25 miles in three days. Tomorrow is a day off then I have 5 Saturday and 15 Sunday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3.67 Miles - 30:08 - 8:12 Avg Pace - 92F

Today was an easy 3 miles with 6x100m sprints. I did my three miles in and easy 23:09 (7:43 avg) then finished the 100 meter sprints in the following times: 26.96, 24:29, 23:76, 23:79, 22:82, 22:39. For the most part I got faster as I ran them. However, even the last one at 22:39 was only at a 5:21 mile pace. There was a time in my life when I could run a whole mile in 4:20. Now I can't even sprint a 100 meters at that pace. Who would have thought it 17 years ago. Well, we'll just have to see if I can get back to the 4 min miles.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9.69 Miles - 1:19:26 - 8:12 Avg Pace - 89F

Today's marathon training was a little on the painful side. For some reason my knees and feet were really taking a beating. Day 1 of week 6 contained the following intervals:

1. 5 min warmup jog
2. 2 miles at Goal Pace - I ran it in 16:34 (8:17 Avg)
3. 2 miles at Tempo Pace - I ran it in 15:32 )7:46 Avg)
4. A 60 second rest.
5. 2 miles at Tempo Pace - I ran it in 15:26 (7:43 Avg)
6. A 60 second rest.
7. 3 miles at Goal Pace - I ran it in 24:35 (8:11 Avg)

So all together it wasn't a bad run. Warm and humid with a cool breeze. I don't feel myself getting any faster. Just slower. Maybe it's in my head.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

10.00 Miles - 1:21:03 - 8:06 Avg Pace - 80F

It was a little tougher than normal to get out of the house this morning. The training plan has me doing 10 today. Uncertain about my pace I drove to the greenbelt and started out on the slow side. I felt extremely comfortable with my quick but short strides. My average heart rate today was 155 with a max of 170. So my pace was calm but quick enough to turn three miles under 8 min pace. My slowest mile, mile 8, was done at 8:18 and the fastest, mile 7, was at 7:50. The rest were in between.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

3.10 Miles - 20:16 - 6:31 Avg Pace - 64F

Today's marathon was supposed to be a 5K race, however I didn't have time to sign up for a race. Instead I ran my own 5K race around Providence. With splits of 6:30, 6:33, 6:29 this was my best 5K run in a long time. I've ran some faster times but nothing this consistent. Had I had a bunch of people to race against and folks cheering on the side I know I would have set a PR.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

5.13 Miles - 41:03 - 8:00 Avg Pace - 90F

Today's marathon training was a 5 minute warmup, 4x800m Sprint Intervals with 800 meter jog in betweeen and finally a 5 minute cooldown.

I had the following times:
5 minute warmup - .56 miles
1st 800m - 3:31
2nd 800m - 3:20
3rd 800m - 3:17
4th 800m - 3:16

In between each 800 I had to jog 800 meters as a cooldown. The times were:

1st cooldown 800 - 4:24
2nd cooldown 800 - 4:32
3rd cooldown 800 - 4:27
4th cooldown 800 - 4:15

The cooldown at the end was .56 miles done in 4:37 at an 8:14 pace.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3.44 Miles - 27:31 - 8:00 Avg Pace - 99F

Today's speed run wasn't so bad except for the heat. I ran a fast but easy 3 miles in 22:33 (7:31 avg) followed by 4x100m sprints...done at 27, 25, 25 and 24. My average heart rate for the whole run was 156 with a max of 175.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5.55 Miles - 51:20 - 9:15 Avg Pace - 98F

I ran the following this hot Tuesday evening:

10 minute warm-up run
4 x 100m strides
4 x 1200m at 7 - 7:30 min/mile pace with 600 meter recovery jog/walk in between

My 1200 meters were done in 5:21, 5:26, 5:30 and 5:31. I jogged between my first and second set but had no choice but to walk between the 2nd and 3rd set. My body didn't feel right. I was weak and extremely hungry. When I left the house the family was just sitting down for dinner. I think that mentally hurt me tonight. My fault for getting home from work so late. I did end up cutting some of my run short. I didn't finish my recovery 600 meters after the last 1200 meter run. Oh well. I need to rest.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

14.05 Miles - 2:01:18 - 8:38 Avg - 84F

Today was a great run at the Greenbelt. Temps were in the low 80's with great cloud cover and a cool breeze. With a descent pace and a lower than normal heart rate I sustained a great tempo up until the last mile. Until the last mile my heart rate had averaged about 145 with the highest being 167 however after the last one my max was 196. With a mile left to go I shot out of the gates and ran a strong 7:06 mile with the last.25 mile done at sub 5 minute pace. Even with the fast pace on the last mile my heart rate averaged 147.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

5.00 Miles - 38:44 - 7:44 Avg Pace - 68F

I got in my scheduled 5 miles this morning. It was cool but humid. Gotta do 14 tomorrow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

8.5 Miles - 1:10:00 - 8:14 Avg Pace - 100F

That's right, it was a 100 degrees outside this afternoon when I started my run. Today's marathon training was a simple 70 minutes. I can't remember the last time I ran for time but today wasn't so bad. It's a little difficult when you're doing an out and back. You certainly don't want to get back to your car with time to spare. I ended up going 36 minutes one way and 34 minutes back. My watch congratulated me on finishing it within 25 yards of the car so I planned it correct. The heat was brutal but I was grateful I decided to run at the greenbelt where there is little direct sunlight that gets through the plethora of trees. I am looking forward to tomorrow's day off.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3.54 Miles - 28:57 - 8:10 Avg Pace - 99F

Well it's a hot one out there. Today's training run was a 3 mile run, which I did in 23:10 (7:43 avg) followed by 5 x 100m sprints. 26.14, 25:93, 24:96, 24:70, 22:78. This beat last last weeks time by almost a minute. My max heart rate was a 175 so not too bad. I never once felt like I pushed it too hard, even during the sprints. Looking down the training schedule it's gonna get tough. One day coming up I have to do a 2 mile run, 4 x 2mile's, then a 3 mile run. That's gonna hurt.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

8.69 Miles - 1:12:26 - 8:19 Avg Pace - 93F

Today was a tough practice. It was 2 miles at goal pace, 4 x 1mile at tempo, then two miles at goal pace. I did my first two miles at 15:41 (7:50 per mile), then the intervals at 7:36, 7:38, 7:43, 7:40. My last two miles I ran a 16:05 (8:02 Avg Pace). My total average was 8:19 but that included the one minute breaks in between miles. I was fortunate because I had great support at the trail. Kelley, Jacob and Katelyn were exploring and hiking while I was out sweating it up. It was a tough run but sure glad I got it done.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

12 Miles - 1:44:17 - 8:41 Avg Pace - 84F

Today was my scheduled long run. And after yesterday's hard 5 miles it turned out be be a slow one. I can actually say I enjoyed today's run even though I felt tired and sluggish. I only stopped three times, two for drink and gel, and once at the half way where I cooled off. Today was also the second time I've done a long run without music. I had taken with me but there's wasn't enough charge to have it the entire run so I left it in the car. That's too bad because for some damn reason "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was stuck in my head and I have absolutely no reason why. I don't even own that song. It was a good run and I'm glad it's over. I can't wait till my base gets built back up again.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

5.01 Miles - 38:33 - 7:42 Avg Pace - 86F

After two days of not running I got out for my scheduled 5 on the trail. I started out a little faster than I should have but I felt way too good to conserve my energy. My first mile was a steady 7:17. A lot of that was motivation to pass a group of 4 on bikes. My second mile I slowed up to a 7:32. The rest were 7:55, 8:10, and finished off with a 7:36. I can definitely tell the speedwork and core training is really starting to pay off. Now I just have to build my base back to where it needs to be. The training plan is tough and honestly I was supposed to run 70 minutes on Thursday...I just didn't have it in me. Today finished the week off with 29.34 miles It's probably a good thing I didn't do those 70 minutes. I've only been running 17 to 20 a week and it may have been too much of a bump. I think they say no more than 10% increase a week. It's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3.54 Miles - 29:29 - 8:19 Avg Pace - 93F

Today's marathon workout was a 3 mile run with 5 x 100m sprints. I did my three miles in 23:28, avg 7:52 mile. So a nice easy run. My 100m's were 25, 26, 23, 25 and 23. In between I rested until my heart rate was below 140. It was a nice speed day, minus the heat of course. Tomorrow's run is supposed to be 70 minutes. Geez, they never told me marathon training was so difficult.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8.79 Miles - 1:15:20 - 8:34 Avg Pace - 87F

Today was mile repeat day. I went out to the greenbelt to do this one. I started off with a 5 minute warm up at an easy 9:43 mile pace. Then I hit 2 miles at race pace. I did well running the two miles at 16:22, 8:11 avg pace. Just a little faster than race pace, which I'm predicted about an 8:13. Now comes the hard part, 4 each 1 mile repeats at tempo pace, which should be around 7:45 to 7:55. In between each one I had a 1 minute break. My first mile I clocked a 7:26. Second mile, 7:40. Third mile, 7:55 and the last mile was a 7:57. I rested another minute then started the last two mile which is done at race pace. I was a bit slower clocking at 17:15. The first mile at 9 flat and the second at 8:15. It was a good finish. The average pace for the whole day has me at 8:34 but that also includes the one minute breaks. I don't think I get extra credit for staying on my feet the whole time. I wanted to pass out a couple times. Once when the deer jumped right in front of me and the second when I came across a huge snake in the middle of the trail. I ended up turning around and used the first 4 miles of the greenbelt for the training run.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

12 Miles - 1:42:57 - 8:34 Avg Pace - 83F

Today feels like the first day of the new season. This mornings 12 miles was the longest I've ran since May 31st. For the past couple months I've focused on my short game and I could tell from this morning that I'm a little out of shape. When I got to the trail at 9:30 this morning there was a guy just finishing his run. I asked him how the trail was...he said hot and long. I asked how long he ran and he told me 20. I told him nice job and he walked away trying to cooldown. So I started off my run and by the time I got to the half way mark on the trail I felt as if I couldn't go on. I stopped at the rest area and finished all my water bottles, filled them back up and stretched a little in the shade. I had made that 6 miles at an 8:16 avg mile. I did have goo with me but I chose not to have it until I was closer to the end. So I started back and at mile 6.6 I stopped and goo'd up. I ended up starting a couple more times for water and stretch out but for the most part I felt really good. There's a strange feeling when your out on a long run and your body runs out of energy...and you keep going. It's painful yet rejuvenating at the same time. All in all I did real well. My last 12 miles on May 31st was done at 1:52. I did run .12 miles longer on that run but I was 10 minutes slower. So considering that I feel my two months of speedwork is already paying off. I just have a lot of work to do getting my glycogen storage tank built back up.

So as I finished the trail there were a group of riders getting ready. One came up to pay his 5 dollars and asked how the trail was...I said hot. He asked how far I ran and I told him I did 12 miles. He said nice job and went on his way.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

4.00 Miles - 32:02 - 8:00 Avg Pace - 92F

Today's run was a simple 4 miles. I say simple but it's really hot outside. My heart rate was just a bit too high which was either from the pizza I ate an hour before the run or all the beer from last night. This morning I got my state park pass so I can finally get back out to the trail. So tomorrow's 10 or 12 miles will be out there. Gotta go recover.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

3.15 Miles - 25:21 - 8:02 Avg Pace - 108 F

So I went out for my hour run after work this afternoon. Last Thursday I managed to squeeze in 7.2 in that hour. So today I felt I'd set my Garmin to pace against that time. I started out pretty strong considering I was weighted down by my 4 bottle fuel belt. I normally don't take a drink until mile 2 but for some reason I felt I'd take it easy today since it's warm. By mile 3 I had gone through 3 bottles and decided to turn around and head back home. There was absolutely no wind and It was by far the hottest temps I've ever felt out there. I get home and check the temperature on It's only 90 degrees with a feels like 108 degrees. I've never seen an 18 degree delta between actual and feels like temp. Humidity was 71%. Thank god I turned around.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3.41 Miles - 27:22 - 8:01 Avg Pace - 95F

There's a storm coming into our community and I was able to get my workout in. I was pelted by sand, stones and branches during tonights run. The wind must have hit gusts of 40 mph plus. Can't say it was much fun. The entire run going north I had my eyes just about completely closed. Oh well, there's my pitty party.

So I did 3 miles at an easy 23:26, 7:48 Avg Pace. Then I hit 4 x 100's resting in between. My rest was simply to get my heart rate below 140. It wasn't too hard to do considering my heart rate never got over 170. Tomorrow's run is gonna be an hour long.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

6.0 Miles - 48:00 - 8:00 Avg Pace - 99F

Man it's a hot one out there. Today was the first day of week 2 of my 20 week marathon training program. I did a 2GP, 2T, then 2GP. (Goal Pace - Tempo) I was two seconds off from last weeks time so no real loss. I actually felt pretty strong out there until the last couple miles, and that was only because the heat was really getting to me. I did have my four bottle fuel belt with me. Without it I'm certain I would have had a heat stroke. It'll be real interesting to see how I'm running once it starts to cool off in a couple months.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2.89 Miles - 24:33 - 8:29 Avg Pace - 73F

So much for getting out for 8 miles today. I felt real good until I went around the lake. The sun and humidity hit me and I somehow lost my entire form. After I lost the form I lost the I went home. I got 20 miles in for the week. I'm off tomorrow and then have to hit the miles hard.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1.69 Miles - 10:30 - 6:12 Avg Pace - 84F

This morning was the rained out Lewisville Toll 5K. We got there around 6:40am and watched the first wave start there 5K race. We met up with Bobby, Alex, Johnny and Jamie this morning. At about 20 minutes after 8am the race was stopped due to weather in the area. They cattled us off the bridge to our cars where we sat until 10:30. From there the race was still canceled but the walk was still on. Kelley and I ended up jumping onto the bridge near our car, which was about a 1/4 mile further up from the rest of the runners. As we sat there talking with some of the volunteers I could see the walkers coming our way. In the front was the North Texas Tri folks. So I joined up with Alex, Johnny, Bobby and Jamie and we headed up the bridge. It was nice to run with these guys. They're all finishers of the half ironman Kansas run. We finished the run/walk and headed home. Kelley and I stopped off at Raphaels for some beer and Bloody Mary's. What a morning!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

7.20 Miles - 1:00:00 - 8:19 Avg Pace - 88F

Today's marathon training called out for a 1 hour run with 4-5 minutes total uphill time. Now I have no idea how many minutes I went uphill but I'm sure I met my quota. I can honestly say that today's run hurt. My knees and especially my quads were hurting. I lost my form and wanted to walk. If it hadn't been for my watch telling me to speed up with this annoying beep every 10 seconds I would have. Day 3 of marathon training is over and tomorrow is a day off.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3.53 Miles - 28:12 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 90F

Today's run was an easy speed day. The training plan had me do 3 miles (no given speed) and 4 x 100's with rest between each. I did my three miles at a 7:20 avg pace, 22:01 total time. I set my watch for 100m intervals with a rest being my heart rate below 140. The watch is cool because as soon as I started my rest it would count down the remaining beats before I hit 140. I ended up going to the lake since it could provide me with no traffic and be close to home. I jogged back as a cooldown.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

6.0 Miles - 47:51 - 7:58 Avg Pace - 91F

Today is the first official run day of my marathon training. Yesterday was technically day 1 however it was a rest day. So today's workout was a 6 mile run. The first two done at marathon goal pace (8:13) followed by two miles done at tempo speed (7:45), then the last two done at marathon goal pace (8:13). I figured out my marathon goal pace by using the Mcmillan Calculator. I used my half marathon time of 1:41 to get the 8:13 marathon goal pace. However, in my mind I want to train hard enough to qualify for Boston. Can it be done...probably not. But sounds like fun trying.

Friday, July 24, 2009

.42 Miles - 4:07 - 9:48 Avg Pace - 72F

Now I know how long it is up the road and back. I got out this morning to do 5 and after about a 100 yards I realized my body had nothing to why fight it. I turned around and came home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5.57 Miles - 41:43 - 7:29 Avg Pace - 88F

It's a cool 88 degrees outside this afternoon and what seemed like was going to be a long tiring run turned out to be a comfortable run. I set my 405 to pace me at 7:50 pace with the hopes of coming a little under it. Yesterday I set it for 7:55 and failed miserably. The first mile today seemed very heavy. The air is thick and I had a hard time controlling my stride and breathing. By the end of mile one I started to feel a little more comfortable. By mile 3 I was on cruise control. My splits were: 7:40, 7:43, 7:44, 7:26, 7:21 and finished the last .57 miles at a 6:35 pace.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5.00 Miles - 39:39 - 7:55 Avg Pace - 91F

I couldn't get out of bed this morning due to poor sleep last night. So instead of getting up at 4 I slept until a little after 5. My wife advised me it's raining outside so guilt automatically left the room. Today was a tough day. I had my yearly physical this afternoon so I had to go without food all day, except for a piece of dry toast for breakfast. After the 2 o'clock appointment I scarfed down a little tortilla ham wrap that Kelley made for me. I then drove home and hit a good 5 miles. I figured this would be a good chance to see how my glycogen tanks were holding up. I haven't done a long run in a while. I felt good up until the beginning of mile 5. Then it was all down hill. My splits were: 7:47, 7:46, 7:49, 7:42 and 8:31.

Monday, July 20, 2009

6.01 Miles - 47:22 - 7:53 Avg Pace - 91F

I woke up at 4am today for my morning run. While I was sitting in the driveway stretching in the peaceful darkness around me I heard a loud rumble and a saw a bright flash of lightning in the sky. It was time to go back to bed. So here I am at 7pm sweating from the miserable heat. Exhausted yet happy I got out there and turned a quick 6 miles. And I did so 20 minutes after eating dinner. Probably not the smartest thing but I wanted to get home before my family got back from the baseball games. My mile splits were 8:39, 7:42, 7:43, 7:51, 7:57, and 7:27.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

5.00 Miles - 37:12 - 7:26 Avg Pace - 81F

This morning was a nice relaxed run. The temps were in the 70's when I started but quickly warmed up. For the most part I felt extremely relaxed. My stride was a little different as well. Not sure if my stride caused me to feel relaxed or me being relaxed changed my stride. Either way it was nice. My splits were 7:42, 7:28, 7:26, 7:25 and 7:08.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

4.41 Miles - 36:52 - 8:21 Avg Pace - 102F

Well I decided against running this morning because of the blister on the back of my left heel. Well after work I decided I better get it in...feeling kind of guilty. So I got in 5.2 this evening during 102 degree temps. There was only one problem, I stopped my watch to fix my sock over my blister and forget to start it back up so I lost 3 quarters of a mile. Oh well, it was a good tempo run. Hopefully I'll get 5 to 7 in the morning, we'll see.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3.11 Miles - 22:25 - 7:12 Avg Pace - 81F

This morning I got a painful blister on the back of my left heel. I had to slow down toward the end of the run because of the pain. My cool down had me walking down Maple carrying my shoes. I got to bed late last night because of the home run derby. So after 5 hours of sleep I decided to make it a short, but quick, run. My splits were 7:12, 7:04 and 7:02. So I did get faster as I went. It's very humid out there and I could have swore I wasn't running that fast, however by my heart rate I knew I was exerting a lot of energy. The good news is my heart rate did average 164 with a peak of 183. I just need to get 7 minute flat miles down to 150 - 160 heart rate speeds.

Monday, July 13, 2009

5.27 Miles - 41:22 - 7:51 Avg Pace - 79F

Today is my first day back from vacation and for the first time at 5am I'm feeling refreshed. My resting heart rate before my run was a low 38bpm which is the lowest I've ever seen. That was taken at 4:20am as I was preparing for my morning run. Today's 5 miles seemed to take forever as I can't seem to get in a runner's groove. My mind is almost memorizing each step I make so I don't get injured running on something I shouldn't be. Not to mention hearing sounds of coyotes and many other wild animals keeps me very alert. So because of that this somewhat fast 5 miles seemed to take forever. My splits were: 8:20, 7:56, 7:46, 7:38, 7:39 and finished the last quarter mile at 7:32 pace.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

5.54 Miles - 43:55 - 7:55 Avg Pace - 78F

Today's run was very wet and long. The high humidity, 78%, had me exhausted. Not to mention today is also the local garage sale day. So I spent majority of the run dodging traffic. I'm gonna have to keep it real short today, gotta go help.

Friday, July 10, 2009

7.00 Miles - 58:08 - 8:18 Avg Pace - 88F

Today's run was a good start to losing the 8 pounds I gained while on vacation. It's currently 88 degrees outside with a "feels like" temp of 95F. I did the normal 7 mile course around Providence and realized at 10 this morning there's not a whole lot of shade out there. Perhaps tomorrow I'll try to get out a little bit earlier. For the most part the extra weight was felt in the knees for about the first mile or so. I decided to keep the pace slow just so I could finish and for the most part my plan worked. My fastest mile was an 8:08 and my slowest was an 8:23 with an average heart rate of 162.

I also started a new program online with Training Peeks. It'll allow me to track my food and training at the same time. So far it looks and works great. We'll see.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

6.22 Miles - 1:03:11 - 10:09 Avg Pace - 90F

This was yesterday's run.

Yesterday, I met up with my brother who was down for the 4th to hit a few miles. I don't think he's run 6 miles in a very long time. We ended up stopping toward the end and walking. It was nice to go out for a run with him because unfortunately we have never done it in the past, not even as kids. My brother Rick is a couple years younger than me and has been in the Marines since H.S. He made E-7 recently and he and his family are relocating to Japan for 3 years.

Our run started out at a brisk pace but slowed down to a 9 minute mile pace by mile 3. Our last mile was exactly at 13 minutes. The fasted was mile one at 8:13. For the most part my heart rate averaged 154 where as his was probably around 180. That alone makes me feel good about the shape I'm in but wishes Rick was in better shape so we could run it a little bit harder and a little bit longer.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

3.14 Miles - 20:49 - 6:39 Avg Pace - 58F

Well today was the Balsam Lake Freedom Fest 5K. It was a small race, about 111 runners, in a small quiet town. Not so quiet this weekend because of the 4th of July. The terrain up here is nothing but hills, and lots of them. Part of the course was uphill on loose gravel which didn't seem to help. My splits were 6:02, 7:05, and 6:53. Considering yesterday's 5k and the hills today I felt my time was right on. I did take two Goo's before this morning run, one 30 minutes prior and the other 15 minutes. I drank coffee with the first goo and water with the second. All in all I felt I could have gone harder toward the end. I actually took it easy to allow my heart rate to fall below 190. Not a bad morning.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

3.08 Miles - 19:48 - 6:25 Avg Pace - 60F

Today Kelley and I ran the Siren 29th Annual 5K race. We left the house this morning around 5:30 and drove the hour to get to Siren. The course was a relatively fast one with approximately 600 folks pre-registered and several going through the registration line. Kind of a small race in relation to what we've done this year but just as much fun if not more. My splits this morning were 5:59, 6:32, and 6:47. The altitude around here is almost 1100 ft where back home it's 400. Kelley and I both commented on how tough it was trying to catch our breaths. My heart rate averaged 183 bpm.

The only thing that went wrong today was the fact the timer was having issues and they couldn't get the results to download properly. Kelley and I both agree they probably couldn't get them out. They said they'd do there best and would mail off the medals and have the results online. We'll see.

Another thing for the record book, as I'm typing this Kelley is at the hospital with her mom. She fell a couple days and has had sharp pains in the middle of her back. We're thinking when she fell she broke a rib. Guess we will see.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6.5 Miles - 49:28 - 7:37 Avg Pace - 55F

Today was a nice cool morning and I took advantage of it by squeezing in 6.5 miles at a solid comfortable pace. The only pain I felt was on my right ITB which was due to me not stretching it beforehand. I circled around Amery stopping to see John, then headed down the school road, coming back by Ray's workplace then back up the golf course road. It was a good run, except for nearly getting eaten by geese, nearly getting run over by a car and all the funny looks from the old timers.

My mile times were 7:43, 7:52, 7:46, 7:30, 7:25, 7:34 and rounding the last half mile at a 7:18 pace.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

5.07 Miles - 39:25 - 7:46 Avg Pace - 84F

Well it's already a hot Saturday morning. Having to sleep in from a night of patio partying with friends. Today was my first run with the Nike's and they feel absolutely wonderful, no more knee pains. The pace was a little fast for the heat causing my heart rate to climb to almost 200 toward the end...196 to be exact. My mile times were: 7:44, 7:38, 7:57, 8:07, 7:32. I finished the last 380ft at a 5:59 avg pace, or 10mph. Today is supposed to hit 101 degrees at 5pm. We'll just be getting home from Jacob's double header, which starts at 1. It's gonna be a hot one.

FYI, I finished the week with 29.88 miles.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Shoes

Well today, after tearing up my knees again, I went to Run On and bought some new shoes. I ended up trying on the New Balance, Sauchony Omni 8 and a pair of Nike's. I ended up really liking the feel of the Nike Structure Triax 12. So while under sad circumstances I say goodbye to my Sauchony Omni 7's.

6.00 Miles - 47:57 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 73F

Well it's a very humid morning here in north Dallas. I hit what felt like a hard 6 but something just doesn't feel right in my stride or pace this early in the morning. It's also hard to judge speed running in the dark with a headlight on. Not to mention that it took till mile 4 for my knees to stop aching. It's unfair to say it's completely my shoes fault since I had no knee issues last week. I do feel now that it's the morning runs, don't get me wrong my shoes have almost 400 miles on them. It's time. My slowest mile was my cool down at 8:25 and my fastest mile was the last one at 7:41. I progressively got faster each mile, not one slower mile that the previous one.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

7 MIles - 57:15 - 8:10 Avg Pace - 75F

A hard 7 miles in this morning. Could have been easier if I had an ounce of energy. I got in exactly 6 hours asleep. It was a little easier getting out of bed this morning compared to yesterday. Before the run I had a peanut butter/ honey wrap and a glass of water which I thought would give me enough energy for the run. It may have helped at mile 6 and 7 but I had nothing the first 5 miles but pain in my knees. Tomorrow I'll have to try an energy gel before hand to see if that will help. The crazy newspaper guy was out this morning. I did see a couple folks running back in creek village, I saw them yesterday but didn't make mention of them. I actually saw them at the exact same place as yesterday. What a coincidence.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

5.77 Miles - 44:39 - 7:44 Avg Pace - 72F

Heat is the #1 killer to a good run, and that is why I'm up at 4:30 this morning. I can no longer tolerate an afternoon run. I'd rather face the "what's a stop sign" paper guy, a couple cars, and what appeared to be a dog in the middle of the road but turned out to be the layout of water from a nearby sprinkler. The stars were out this morning and it was a very peaceful run. It kinda reminded me of a dream. My mind was absolutely calm with nothing to think about which seemed to pass the time rather quickly. Normally I've got work, family, and day to day issues to go over during a run but not this morning. Today was all about me and for the first time in a long time I got my pace where it should be with a surprisingly low heart rate, topping at at 170, averaging 156. The only thing I need to work at is my energy level. Toward the last mile I could feel my legs getting heavy. I did have one shotblock with some water before hand but maybe something a little more next time.

I have to get ready for work. I hope it goes well today...I'm still groggy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

6.04 Miles - 54:32 - 9:01 Avg Pace - 82F

Happy Father's Day to all those pops reading today's blog. Even though it's only been 4 days I've felt like I haven't run in forever. Today's run was very slow. My legs didn't seem to want to warm up, and never really did. I had thoughts of going longer, at one point I wanted to challenge myself to a 21 miler. That was my excuse for running so slow. So I kept my pace slow, my heart rate down and convinced myself I'd run extra long. That is until the point I got near the house. I just cant seem to run long near my home. I need that out and back course through the woods, cool air, and some tunes. So I spent the last two minutes of the run convincing myself to stop. Maybe my body is telling me something. I did take Friday off from work because I was spent from Thursday...instead of taking it easy I did take Jacob to Six Flags for a father son day. Friday we slept in and I took Katelyn to the Jonas Brothers concert. I don't care much for the band but it was wicked seeing the new Cowboys Stadium. It was truly majestic inside. I'd consider it one of the wonders of the world.

Well here's to a great day and a great cool down.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5.51 Miles - 44:12 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 87F

It's 8 o'clock at night and still 87 with a heat index of 96F. Today's run was the same course as yesterday and I finished a whole lot stronger this time around. Perhaps it was the few degrees cooler temps or the fact I ran after supper. I definitely don't consider this a good run but it's nice not to feel as terrible as I did yesterday. Oh yeah, I had two bottles on my fuel belt today...much better.

My calfs are really sore for some reason, however it didn't seem to effect the run. Perhaps it was the massage Kelley gave them before hand.

I just know one thing...I have to get faster.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5.51 Miles - 44:55 - 8:08 Avg Pace - 93F

It's HOT outside! I could probably stop there and folks reading will know what kind of run I had today. Don't let the 93F temp fool you because the current heat index is 97 degrees. For those not familiar with a heat index it's the temperature with humidity...similar to the wind chill. Basically how hot it feels. I will not go out again unless I have my fuel belt or unless its a.m. I've got to rest.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

5.38 Miles - 42:03 - 7:49 Avg Pace - 72F

Today was a little different of a course. I jogged over to the lake and hit mile repeats. My warm up mile was a 7:59, followed by a 7:06, then an easy 8:08, followed by a 6:47, then cooled it off with a 8:26. I did sprint the last 1/4 mile. I jogged home from the lake at a easy 9:24 pace. I seemed to have a lot of energy today which is typical for after a race. I usually don't feel it until 2 days after a run, of course maybe that's because I should be taking it easy after a race instead of pushing it. Who knows. Anyway, I ran today and that's all that matters.

Today's run goes to several friends of mine participating in the Kansas Half Iron man. Good luck, Archie, Jamie, Johnny, Bobby and everyone else who made the drive from Denton.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

3.11 Miles - 20:05 - 6:28 Avg Pace - 78F

Today was the 2009 Dadfest 5K in Richardson, TX. It was the 16th consecutive year of the race and our first attempt. We were in the 9-10 year age group since Jacob is 10 years old. I ended up running a 20:05 which was 21st overall and Jacob ran a 26:05 and finished 145th overall. We all had a blast this morning collecting several freebies from all the supporting vendors. The weather was warming up when we left but the race conditions were almost perfect for a Texas spring. My splits this 5K were 6:02, 6:33 and 6:56. In the beginning there was a steady steep descent coming out of the park and then we spent two miles circling the park while climbing uphill at a steady grade. That made it very difficult to keep that hard pace. I had a good kick at the end meaning I conserved a little too much energy, however my heart rate was pushing 105% of max. Today also ended a trilogy of 5K's for me. It was a good test of strength going into the summer season.

As for my son, who I am very proud of, he had a heck of a finish and ran the whole race without stopping. It must have had something to do with the new Asics we got him last Thursday. We look forward to doing this race in the future with a definite father / daughter team once Katelyn gets a couple years older.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6.35 Miles - 50:47 - 7:59 Avg Pace - 90F

Very rare is it for me to have my first mile be my fastest mile. Today was almost one of those days. My second mile was one second faster than my first mile, followed by pain and agony. I felt good starting out, perhaps it was the shot blocks talking because as soon as I hit mile 3 my legs started to get heavy and my heart rate starting to steadily climb up to 175. I decided to slow down to the 8:30 pace to try and get my heart rate down. I got it down to 169 before I turned a corner and started running into the wind. Without increasing my speed my heart rate jumped back up to 175. From there the rest of the run was all about just finishing. I did have a good last .35 miles with a 7:02 pace. The high heat really takes a lot out of you. I'm not fortunate to run in the mornings...well I could but I'd rather not get up and face the morning community traffic in the dark. They're crazy enough when the sun's up. We all know how they are with a cup of coffee in one hand while trying to wipe the sleep out of there eyes with the other...all while trying to avoid me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

5.74 Miles - 44:12 - 7:42 Avg Pace - 75F

Today was a recovery jog turned tempo run. I printed up my pace calculator and based on yesterday's 5k time my easy run should be 7:56 to 8:26 pace. No worries, I also tried a new stride based off how my wife runs and what I read in runners world...yeah I should have listened to you last year honey. The new stride is a shorter quicker stride. I don't think it would have been this easy to run it last year but with me getting in shape it's comfortable.

Also some exciting news, based on yesterday's 5K, the calculator says I should run a marathon in 3:14:39. That'll get me to Boston. Not saying I will try to qualify for Boston on my first marathon but it sure would be nice. If I keep my training right and don't peak too early I may have a chance.

Today's run was quite windy from the south and I hit the one hill we have in our community rather hard. It felt great this morning.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

3.1 Miles - 19:58 - 6:28 Avg Pace - 75F

Today was the Susan G Komen Cure for Cancer run and surprisingly took 1st place in my age group. I finished 15th overall and 10 out of the male runners. So not a bad day. My time was a little slower than last week which I credit to Winnipeg and last week's run being a tad short. Knowing I did back to back 5K's under 20 minutes is definitely progress. Today my first mile was clocked at 6:02, then 6:29, then 6:45. Not too bad but I have a lot of room to improve. It was a good day and there was a huge turnout of runners, teams, sponsors and spectators.

Also, today marked my 500 mile mark, actually 503.08. I'm half way of hitting my 1000 mile mark.

Friday, June 5, 2009

2.69 Miles - 20:13 - 7:31 Avg Pace - 84F

Today was a descent paced jog/run after work to get stretched out for tomorrow's Susan G. Komen Race for Cancer. I gained about 6lbs while I was in Winnipeg and needed today's run to sweat some of it off. I don't expect to bump near any PR's tomorrow but if I can get under 21 minutes, hopefully closer to the lower 20's I'll feel good going into next week's 5K.

Couple things to post on today. My stomach is a little uneasy after all that flying and driving around this week. Kelley's home cooked meal tonight gave it instant satisfaction so I'm real hopeful on tomorrow's outcome.

Second, today's little run got me that much closer to 500 miles for the year. Matter of fact I now currently sitting at 499.94 miles. If I had known I was 6 hundredths of a mile from my half year goal I would have got it today. Tomorrow for sure.

Finally, tomorrow I'm going to run for a work colleague of mine. Brian Glass, who is our Bombardier Team Captain, is a cancer survivor. I just found out today and apparently he has had 37 surgeries to keep him going. I wasn't aware of this prior to today. Also my Uncle Joe is a cancer survivor. I'll be thinking of both of them and the ones we've lost to the disease tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5.00 Miles - 42:09 - 8:26 Avg Pace - 39F

I'm in Winnipeg Canada this week for a business trip. It's a beautiful city with many historical landmarks of which I got to run by this morning. I woke up at 5am this morning with the sun just starting to come up. After a night out with the guys at Standard Aero I felt it would be great to get out for a run, site see and clear my head. I couldn't tell you any of the streets or even which direction I ran. I'll sync up my garmin when I get home on Thursday.

In regards to last night, we ended up going for a walk to this restaurant about a mile from the hotel. Not sure what it's called but they had an excellent ribs and chicken combo. I had a very nice Cab to compliment the food and it was outstanding. Today we have classes and meetings setup. I hope to get out again tomorrow and run. We'll see.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

12.12 Miles - 1:52:15 - 9:15 Avg Pace - 86F

I was hoping to get out for a 15 miler but I settled for 12. Ok, I didn't really settle for 12 because I had no choice. My body used up it's entire supply of glycogen storage around mile 5. Yesterdays hard 5K definitely took a toll on my body. I survived on jelly beans and energy gels to get me through the wall. The last 4 miles felt just like the last few miles of a 20 miler. Perhaps this is the best way to increase my glycogen storage without putting in the long miles. Perhaps if I try that again I take more than a 4 bottle fuel belt. Also one alarming thing I found out today. My fuel belt doesn't fit me any more. With the belt as tight as the velcro will allow it's still loose around me. If I continue to loose weight, or mass around the midsection, I'll have to consider getting another belt.

Another big lesson today, run early and wear sunscreen.

FYI, today finished up May which set my new record for amount of miles in a month. 109 miles. Woo hoo

Saturday, May 30, 2009

2.98 Miles - 19:22 - 6:29 Avg Pace - 78F

Today was the Savannah 5K run and as you can tell it was a little over a 10th of a mile short. My goal was to break my PR of 21:05 and I literally destroyed it today. Even if you add in the 10th it would have been well under 20 minutes. I'm still going to put it down as a 5K since it was a race. So today I have set my new PR of 19:22 for a 5K. My goal is still to break into the 18's which definitely seems doable after this morning. I have 5K's coming up next weekend and the weekend after. I was well rested for this one so I don't think I'll be setting any records but I'll use them for great speed training.

Also for the first time since the Army I ran a 5 minute mile, 5:56 to be exact which was mile 1. My Garmin clocked mile 2 at 6:35 and the last mile was in 6:49. Well it's certainly time to celebrate.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

2.76 Miles - 20:45 - 7:31 Avg Pace - 84F

Today is the last run of the week before Saturdays 5k. I wanted to run really slow but found my knees to still be aching after Tuesdays speed workout. So I stepped it up a little bit which caught me into something I haven't done in a while. While running I started to kick my legs backwards so the back of the foot nearly touches the rear. This seemed to propel me a whole lot faster while keeping a descent heart rate. Now granted my legs got tired after a while and I finally settled back down to a normal stride. It puzzles me, is this how I used to run back in high school. Or is this the stride coach advised me not to do. I can't remember. If this is a good thing then I'm definately on my way back to an 18 min 5k. Guess we'll see.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Winning Workout Combos at Runner's World

Winning Workout Combos at Runner's World

5.59 Miles - 47:06 - 8:25 Avg Pace - 79F

It's amazing how good 79F feels after a week in the 90's. Todays run was just an easy 5 after yesterdays speed work. I have a 5K in 3 days so I'm trying to take it easy. My last couple miles I did get below 8 min mile pace but most were right at 8:45 to 9 minutes. It felt really good today for some reason. Other than my knees which are still arguing from yesterday I think I have a great chance at breaking 21 minutes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3.99 Miles - 33:50 - 8:28 Avg Pace - 90F

Today was a speed day at the track. Instead of doing 6 x 1000m interval runs I did 4 x 800m runs. I meant to do 6 but with the high temps it made it very difficult. Today I ran with my ten year old son who is training for the 2009 Dadfest 5K. There we will both run a 5k and they'll combine our time for a group time. I also took it easy today because I have the Savannah 5K coming up this Saturday. Tomorrow I'll try to get 5 miles in and then rest up until race day.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

3.1 Miles - 21:20 - 6:52 Avg Pace - 79F

Because of Jacob's baseball tournament there was no time to get a long run in today. We ended up waking up at 5am to get down to Grapevine for their 8 o'clock start. They ended up winning so our second game isn't until 3 this afternoon. So we decided to come home and relax instead of hanging out at the ball field for 4 hours. Because of the triplet 5k's coming up I decided to test myself and see where I'm running a 5k today. It felt extremely uncomfortable running I had no energy. I found myself pushing really hard the first 1/2 of the run. On the back 1/2 I ended up relaxing a little bit, slowing down and resting my arms. I ended up speeding up without even realizing it and finished with a solid 6:07 mile pace. I don't see any reason why this coming Saturday I don't break 21 minutes.

Friday, May 22, 2009

5.51 Miles - 40:28 - 7:20 Avg Pace - 79F

Tonight was supposed to be a day off but instead hit a fast 5.5 miles through the neighborhood. I stopped in at our local running store "Run On" and bought a bunch of gels and shot blocks. I really can't remember the last time I took an energy gel before a training run. Maybe that's what I've been missing all this time. Today I tried a new brand called Boom! Well the packages says Carb BOOM! Energy Gel. I had the Apple Cinnamon flavor and it states no Artificial Flavor. It actually tasted very good going down. I slammed a glass of water afterwards and started my stretching. My first mile was a solid 7:39 followed by a 7:25, 7:27, 7:14, 7:13, and the last .51 miles at a 6:46 pace. My max heart rate was 188bpm which is a 100% for my body. Happy Running to all and especially to my wonderful wife who will be running a 10K tomorrow in Arlington. I, on the other hand, will be taking my son to his baseball tournament. Good luck and wish I was there.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

6.76 Miles - 52:48 - 7:48 Avg Pace - 84F

My title is getting a little longer starting today. Not sure why I never included temps before. Tonight's run was a little harder than yesterday, same course just a little faster. I felt strong going into mile 5 and even when I backed off to conserve energy I was still pushing sub 8 min miles. Perhaps my extra energy came from the Korean food I had for lunch, lots of rice, the ice tea before hand, or the jelly beans. It felt good. I've missed running in the 7's for the past few weeks. Gotta go eat some dinner. Kelley made burgers.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

6.77 Miles - 54:24 - 8:02 Avg Pace

It's a warm 81 degrees out this afternoon and after yesterdays blurry speed day I hoped to squeeze in an easy 5. After mile one I changed it to a medium 7 with a hard finish at the end. I think...or I know I could have run harder if my arms were so tired and tight. Either way I was able to stretch them out every now and then which seemed to help. Today I signed up for the Susan G Komen run on June 6th. I'll be part of my company team, Team Bombardier. There's about 35 or so of us participating in the run/walk 5k so I'm looking forward to it. That will give me a 5k for 3 Saturdays in a row. Now if that isn't speed work. Well I'm keeping it short. My 6 year old daughter isn't feeling well. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

7 Miles - 1:00:14 - 8:36 Avg Pace

Today was my speedworkout at the middle school. I managed to do a mile warmup and 6x1000m runs at above race pace. My slowest 1000 meters was at an 6:58 min/mile pace and my fastest was a 6:24. I didn't change my watch to metric so I did .62 miles as my 1000 meters. In order my 1000 meter times were: 3:58, 4:03, 4:06, 4:19, 4:18 and 4:15. In between each 1000 meter run was a .36 mile cooldown jog averaging about 4 minutes each. It felt real good out there, temps show to currently be 79 degrees with a 10kt wind from the south.

Today I signed up for the Savannah 5K run on May 30th. Hopefully this speed work and all the two-a-day's will have paid off. I don't expect to do great but descent. This run is just a build on my current training.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2.87 Miles - 20:12 - 7:02 Avg Pace

This morning Kelley is participating in the community garage sale, and what do you know it's raining outside. Well sprinkling right now but nothing but red on the radar heading our way. So I decided to get out for a couple miles. I felt really good at the start so I decided to run a descent pace. By the end of mile 1 I was short on breath but toward the end of mile 2 my breathing was calm and I was running hard. I wanted to get out for more miles but the rain is making it tough.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

7.17 Miles - 58:13 - 8:07 Avg Pace

It's a warm 82 degrees this evening and fortunately it was a quiet evening around Providence. I got a good 7 miles in today after missing yesterdays workout due to Jacob's baseball game. His collar bone isn't quite healed but we allowed him to play. His doc says as long as he doesn't do any repetative motions he'll be fine. He did wonderful last night. Anyway, tonights run felt extremely slow and long. I had two miles under 8 minutes and the rest were as high as 8:26. It was odd because I felt really strong but couldn't keep my heart rate down. The last 4 miles my heart rate was over 180bpm. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3.97 Miles - 32:58 - 8:17 Avg Pace

Today was a speed day and the workout was a 1 mile warmup, 3 x 1000m runs at tempo pace, with 1/2 mile cool down jogs in between runs. I was supposed to do 6 and a mile cooldown but because I was not smart enough to remember my water bottle AND the fact the winds were blowing 40 mph I decided to cut it off at 3. Could I have done more if I had water, probably not. This is the second speed day and the wind killed me. Last Tuesday I also did 3 x 1000meter runs. Comparing the times I was much faster last week. Kelley and I are also on week two of two-a-days. Yesterday morning and this morning we did abs and last night we did upper body. Tomorrow morning will probably be upper body or lower body. We'll see.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

11.89 Miles - 1:36:41 - 8:08 Avg Pace

Today is Mother's Day so I thought I'd give my wife a break from me for a bit. I headed out to the greenbelt around 10 this morning. Temps are a cool 60 degrees with dark grey clouds everywhere. The greenbelt is looking very green and thick these days. There's 4 sections to the greenbelt, two where you running inside a thick forest and two where you're out in the open. I'll need to remember to bring my camera next time. The only draw back to todays run was the water. It's rained so much here in north texas recently so there's still small portions of the greenbelt where I had to get off the trail and into the tall grass. I really hope I didn't run into any poison ivy. Guess we'll see. My pace was really good throughout the run and I felt stronger than I have in the past week. I was able to pick up the pace at the last couple miles finisheding about 7 min mile pace.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

4.66 Miles - 40:22 - 8:39 Avg Pace

Kelley and I got out for an easy 4 miles. Weather was nice, cloudy but cool. We started out toward the lake this time. Making a loop around the lake then over to creek village and back home. There was a few people outside today doing yard work but I only remember seeing one or two other runners. Tomorrow I'm considering running on the trail if it doesn't rain tonight...we'll see.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

5.52 Miles - 44:57 - 8:08 Avg Pace

Outside temps 84 with 77% humidity....tough afternoon to put some miles in. I started out a little slower than normal with a 8:22 mile and seemed a little stronger than I have all week. Not enough to run any faster but enough energy to have form while maintaining a slower pace. Even toward the end of the run I had no more to give and as a matter of fact I took the last 50 yards or so as a cooldown. I've yet to have a training day with an actual cool down. Perhaps it's a good time to start.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5.74 Miles - 46:18 - 8:04 Avg Pace

I'm exhausted. Between the core workouts in the morning and yesterday's speed work I'm exhausted. I had intended on doing 7 this afternoon but because of the 80 degree temps and almost 100% humidity I just didn't seem to have it in me. This is a little on the discouraging side. How am I supposed to train when it hits 110 when I cant run with these temps. I dont' have much to say tonight other than I've got to work harder. Also, there's a chance I may run the 10K with Kelley on Memorial Day. It depends if Jacob has a baseball tournament. I'd love to hit a 10K right now.

4.55 Miles - 36:43 - 8:04 Avg Pace

This is a catch up blog from yesterday. Speedwork

Well today was my first day of speedwork since I've started running. I managed to get in 3ea 1000m intervals with a 1/4 mile rest in between intervals. The rest was not walking but a slow jog. It felt good up until the 3rd one. I was supposed to do 6. Below is the garmin results of the speedwork. FYI, I did do a mile warmup with Jacob. The track at Navo Middle School isn't your typical spongy track but a rock track. Not certain how to explain it but they're small red rocks. However because of the recent rain it wasn't too bad to run on. I hope to do speed work every Tuesday.

Also, Monday morning Kelley and I started two-a-day's. We're doing core workouts in the morning and running in the afternoon.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

6.79 Miles - 52:01 - 7:40 Avg Pace

Well this morning was a much better run than the other day. I didn't feel all that strong but I had my form and my tempo back. My first mile was not my typical 8 to 8:20 pace but instead a 7:38. My slowest mile was mile 4 at 7:47. The humidity this morning was tough and for a few minutes I felt a light mist in the air. I was hoping it start pouring rain but it never did. My problem today was strictly weakness. As I was running I wanted badly to slow down but I never gave in..which led to a high heart rate, pushing 180 to 190 the last 3 miles. When do you sacrifice speed for heart rate??? Considering this isn't a long run I felt I should keep pushing it. However, I know my tempo runs should be at a 170bpm pace. Maybe I'm still recovering from last Saturday's race. We'll see next week how things work out. Either way, I need some speedwork and fast. I have to get out of this 7 minute pace drill and get down to the 6's quick if I intend on getting an 18 minute 5k time.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

5.40 Miles - 45:32 - 8:26 Avg Pace

It's currently 81 degrees and muggy here in north Dallas. Today's run has probably been the worst of the year. I had absolutely no energy tonight, running slow with a higher than normal heart rate, averaging 170 bpm. Not certain why I'm running so slow. Perhaps to soon since the race but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering my 5 on Tuesday. Perhaps it was all the sugar I had today, mostly in snickers form. Perhaps it's been the ab work out Kelley and I started a couple days ago. Maybe all the above. Either way, it's been a long while since I felt this tired.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

5.5 Miles - 42:13 - 7:40 Avg Pace

Well my first day back felt really good. It's cloudy and 75F at 6pm in north Dallas...with high humidity. My first mile was a decent 8:02 warm up followed by 4 miles between 7:35 and 7:40. My fastest miles being mile 5 (7:35) followed by mile 3 (7:37). I will be taking tomorrow off so I can try and get 7 in on Thursday. That will conclude April with approximately 96 miles. The only thing that will set me back is the weather. It's supposed to be raining all week. As of today I've got a total of 377 miles for the year which is about 70 miles short of 2008 totals. Giving me a cushion of about 57 miles...given I need to run 80 miles a month to achieve my 1000 for the year goal. I'm definitely on target.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

1:41:21 - 13.2 Miles - 7:40 Avg Pace

Well I just completed my 5th Half Marathon posting an official time of 1:41:26. We were up this morning at 4am and out the door (of the tent) at 4:30. We got to the football field and shortly later I waved goodbye to Kelley, Jacob and Katelyn as I headed to the shuttles to get bussed to Centennial Park. We arrived shortly before 6 and found myself consumed by all the runners. There were projected to be around 35K total. My starting corral was 4th and I jumped to the front to get a good start. Something I wasn't able to do at Cowtown. I had a good talk with a couple of guys, one from Alabama and one from Jersey. There was a local lady in our group wearing a wonder woman costume and after I started I passed someone in a full bear costume.

I don't have a whole lot to comment on the run except Hilly. These were the most hills I've run since training in High School. As I'm writing this my knees, hamstrings and quads are really in pain. I'll write more once I get the official race results and my garmin synced up at home.

Garmin Connect Player

Friday, April 24, 2009

In Nashville - 1 Day to race day

Well we got here Thursday around noon after staying the night outside of Little Rock, Forrest City I believe was the name of the town. We're camping at the KOA in Nashville along Music City Road. It's a couple miles from Opryland Hotel. The KOA is currently hosting one tent group, us and 200 of the priciest motor homes you've ever seen. Tomorrow is a early day for us, we're expecting to be up around 4:30 and on the road by 5. I have to hydrate today as much as possible. It's hot and humid and it's only 9am.

Monday, April 20, 2009

5.6 Miles - 43:18 - 7:43 Avg Pace

I can't remember the last time I ran on a Monday, but who couldn't today. Today was the 113th Boston Marathon and my fav's Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher both finished 3rd place.

Well also today my left foot hurt terribly during work. However, hardly any pains at all during my run. My left shoe laces were not tight and that seemed to help.... and hurt. Because of loose laces on the left side I felt lop sided during my run. This caused the right side of my body to feel tight. Mainly my hip and chest. I ended up working out all the kinks but I'm starting to settle in a stride that's comfortable but very tiring. I'm gonna have to slow it down a bit in order to hit my mark in Nashville.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

2.86 Miles - 21:23 - 7:28 Avg Pace

After last nights 30oz porterhouse steak with my brother in law, who had his 30oz steak hours after 4 plates of Chinese food, I was set to burn some of that meal off. I woke up this morning feeling good but as soon as I got on the road my left foot was killing me. My last run day I tied my laces too tight and by the end of that run I was in agony. Today my foot just hurt. I ended up making it to the end of the street and coming back home for some ice. After about 20 minutes I decided to try again with my laces extremely loose. I started out ok and found out the pain would come and go. When it was present it was very painful, probably a 9 on the pain scale. But after a few seconds I couldn't feel anything. It bounced back and forth like this the whole run. I finished the last mile at 6:53.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

7 Miles - 53:52 - 7:41 Avg Pace

Got home from work today and thought real hard about not running. Thanks to Kelley and the kids for giving the motivation to get my workout in. Starting off I wasn't sure if I'd do 5 or 7 miles but I realized shortly into it that I seemed to have a considerable amount of energy, given my hard run yesterday. So I ran the 7. The wind was much stronger than it was yesterday coming out of the south east. I pretty much had the wind to my back the first half of the run and right into the second half. I ran today's 7 a little over 1 minute faster than yesterday, and I honestly don't think I could have run any harder. Nor have I ran this hard all year.

It's suppose to rain the next few days. I'm taking a break. I'll have to work in 6 or so Saturday if it's cleared up.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7.01 Miles - 54:53 - 7:49 Avg Pace

Today's run comes just three days after my 21 miler Saturday. I started out slow. I've read about muscle memory and today I had the opportunity of feeling it which was right where I left off Saturday, stiff right knee and tight left hamstring. The good news is about 3/4 of a mile into it I started to relax and by the 4th mile I was under 8 min mile pace. Mile 7 was completed at 6:59 pace. Apparently the pasta lunch accounted for the quick finish. Today's course was my typical 7.1 miler except I cut off part of the new section making a clean 7. It worked out better this way as I was able to run hard all the way down maple finishing just short of the end of the street. It worked out better cause I was forced to walk back up Maple to the house.

I felt really good today, except for the first bit of the run. I desperately need some speed work. Two solid months and perhaps I can be in the high 5 min mile range. We have 10 days until Nashville. My goal is a 1:43, two minutes faster than my fastest half. I'd love to see me break 1:40 but I don't want to rush it or get discouraged. Two minutes off seems realistic at this point. The only thing I have to help is Kelley and I started at the back of the entire starting pack in Ft. Worth. If I can start toward the front in Nashville I should shave the time I wasted trying to get around people. We'll see soon enough.